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This page gives you access to the various websites I have created to share nautical and other historical information from my own research and that of friends. Resources can be accesed via the links at the top of the page; an overview of the content is provided further down the page. The banner at the top of this page was created from a photo of the Normandy Landings in June 1945. Much of my research has been carried out in honour of the members of the Merchant Navy who served and, in many cases lost their lives, during WW2. Those that served on Arctic convoys have only recently got the recognition they deserve by the award of the Arctic Star and grudging agreement by H.M. Government to allow the award of the Russian Ushakov medal for bravery. Sadly too late for most of them who have already 'crossed the bar'

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8 August 2014: Geoff Topp postcard collection added - access it via the button on the left.

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Section Description of Content
The Allen Collection A collection of over 5,000 photos of ships that was put together by a father and son over a period of 60 years. The site is organised by shipping company and includes a brief history of each company represented in the collection.
Athenia The history of the 1923 ship Athenia that was sunk by a German submarine on the day Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939 and the aftermath.
Battleships The history of many British and Commonwealth Battleships and Battle Cruisers written by Steve Woodward
Court Line The history of all Court Line ships including photographs, facts and figures and service history.
Geoff Topp Postcards Collection of postcards illustrating the docks and ships of Liverpool, Birkenhead and area formerly published on the MerchantNavyOfficers.com website.
Nautical Links A collection of links that have proven useful in researching ships. They are grouped into sections covering historical shipping, ship photos, the shipping of specific regions, WW1 and WW2 including WW2 convoy routes, information about National Maritime Museum research guides and miscellaneous nautical links.
Recollections Recollections of ex-seamen and others with particular reference to WW2 and featuring a large section about Stan Mayes.
Ship Histories Histories, facts and figures about various ships of interest - particularly those referenced in other Benjidog websites such as Recollections.
Tower Hill A history of Tower Hill with many historical maps, full details of the Merchant Navy memorials to those lost in two world wars with "No grave but the sea", the Falklands Campaign memorial and the memorial to people who were publicly executed at Tower Hill.

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