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Welcome to Benjidog Nautical Resources

This page gives you access to the various websites I have created to share nautical and historical information from my own research and that of friends.

Click HERE to get more information about what is available on each website, and planned future additions.

The banner at the top of this page was created from a photo of the Normandy Landings in June 1945. Most of my research has been carried out in honour of the contributions made by members of the Merchant Navy during WW2 who even now fail to get the recognition they deserve - although there has been a little progress with the eventual agreement to award medals to those who served on Arctic convoys.

I have been gradually updating the website using the latest coding standards to enable its use with the latest generation of web browsers and to simplify maintenance. Only the Battleships section still needs updating and this will be completed over the Winter of 2012/13 after which I can focus on new content.

Website Owner: Brian Watson - Click here to email me
Site Created: 2007 Front Page last Updated: 24 February 2013

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