Legal and Copyright

Written Material

If you wish to use text from this website on another site, you are welcome to do so as long as you acknowledge this site as the source and provide a link to it. Plagiarism (claiming the work of others as your own) is both loathsome and degrading.


The source of images used on this site are acknowledged wherever possible and links provided to the source. Some images have been provided to me by other people and these have been used with permission or in good faith.

In general:

  • Few people object to photographs being used for research or educational purpose.
  • Photographs may not be used for any commercial purpose without the approval of the copyright owner. It is the responsibility of anyone wishing to use any photograph from this site for commercial purposes to establish the copyright position BEFORE using it.
  • If anyone can demonstrate that they own the copyright of any photograph on this site and they object to its use given the limitations stated, please contact the site owner and it will be removed.