Hannington Court (1954)


Introduction to Hannington Court (1954)

The name Hannington Court was used by Court Line for three ships:

Hannington Court (1954) was part of Court Line’s post-WW2 building programme. She had a working life of 22 years - most of which was under Indian ownership. She was broken up in 1976. I will refer to her simply as Hannington Court on the rest of this page

Image 1: Hannington Court. This photo shows her under construction at Bartram & Sons at South Dock Sunderland in 1954. [1]

Hannington Court

Basic Data

TypeCargo ship
Registered owners, managers and operatorsCourt Line Ltd.
Managers Haldin & Co. Ltd. London
BuildersBartram & Sons Ltd
YardSouth Dock Sunderland
Country UK
Yard number342
Official number186168
Signal lettersN/K
Call signN/K
Classification societyN/K
Gross tonnage6,266
Net tonnage 3,467
Length476 ft
Breadth62 ft
Depth27 ft
Engines6 cylinder 4-stroke cycle single-acting (4S.C.SA) “B&W” oil engine
Engine buildersJohn G Kincaid & Co. Ltd
PropulsionSingle screw
Speed12.5 knots
Cargo capacityN/K

Image 2: Hannington Court. The date and location are not known. [2]

Hannington Court

Career Highlights

19 Jul 1954Launched
Dec 1954Completed
9 Dec 1954Trials completed
1963Sold to Jayanti Shipping Co. Ltd Bombay India and renamed Ghandi Jayanti
1967Management transferred to Shipping Corp of India Ltd
1974Renamed Ghandi
Apr 1976 Arrived at Universal Shipbreakers Ltd. Bombay to be broken up

Service History

Hannington Court was built as part of Court Line’s new building programme started in 1952.

I have not been able to find out any further information about her service history apart from the changes of names and ownership as described in the Career Highlights section.

Image 3: Hannington Court. The date and location are not known. [3]

Hannington Court

Image 4: Hannington Court believed to have been taken at Vancouver on 30 November 1956. Photo by Walter E. Frost, Ref. AM1506-S3-3-: CVA 447-4934 [4]

Hannington Court

Image Credits

  1. By courtesy of George Robinson
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