Albistan was a cargo ship built for Strick Line and completed in 1947. She served with that company until 1971 when she was taken to Hong Kong to be broken up.

Albistan - Location and date not known. [1]

Basic Data

Item Value
Type Cargo Ship
Registered owners, managers and operators Owners: Strick Line Ltd.
Managers: F.C.Strick & Co. Ltd.
Builders Short Bros.
Yard Pallion, Sunderland
Country UK
Yard number 498
Registry London
Official number 181919
Signal letters N/K
Call sign MABT
Classification society Lloyd's Register
Gross tonnage 5,516
Net tonnage 3,262
Deadweight 8,950
Length 429.5 Ft.
Overall Length N/K
Breadth 57 Ft.
Depth 25.7 Ft.
Draught N/K
Engines Triple expansion steam engine with cylinders of bore 26", 41" and 73" with stroke 48"
Engine builders George Clark (1938) Ltd.
Works Sunderland
Country UK
Boilers N/K
Power N/K
Propulsion Single screw
Speed 11 knots
argo capacity N/K
Crew N/K

Additional Construction Information

A contract had been placed by Australasian United Steam Navigation Co. Ltd, of Melbourne, but it was taken over by Strick Line prior to the laying of the keel.

Career Highlights

Date Event
12 December 1947 Launched
June 1948 Completed
29-31 May 1948 Completed trials
2 July 1971 Taken to be broken up at Lee Sing & Co. Ltd. Hong Kong
Albistan in Alexandra Dock Liverpool - Date not known. [2]

Service History

I am grateful to Malcolm Salter who has provided most of the information about her service history.

Date Event
3 June 1948 Albistan's maiden voyage started from London and took in Port Said, Suez, Bahrain, Kuwait, Khorramshahr, Basra, Khorramshahr, Basra, Abadan, Bahrain, Suez, Port Said, Swansea and Liverpool.
15 July 1950 Albistan, in ballast, when proceeding down river at Cork, in morning, grounded near Black Rock. It was reported that she was aground for full length on mud, making no water, and it was hoped that she would refloat in the evening. The Master had asked for a tug to attend if required, and if successful the intention was to proceed to Cobh for seaworthiness certificate. Slight damage was sustained to propeller through touching buoy cable before stranding. It was reported that vessel refloated at 18.30 with assistance of two tugs and was proceeding to Cobh for dry-docking.
17 July 1950 Vessel dry-docked, no bottom damage, machinery parts were being opened up for examination.
22 July 1950 Albistan left Rushbrooke Dock the previous day for London.
9 May 9 1951 Albistan, outwards for Persian Gulf, with general cargo, sailed from Glasgow at midnight on 8 May, and ran aground west of Whiteinch Ferry, on north bank of river. Vessel returned to King George V Dock, and hoped to sail at 13.00.
3 March 1954 Albistan, Mauritius for Liverpool, reported in the afternoon that she was hove to 100 miles north of Cabo Villano in a gale. A four-inch fracture sustained on main discharge pipe at neck of flange brazing had been temporarily repaired with a cement box.
4 March 1954 Vessel reported in the morning that she was hove to 200 miles SW of Ushant. The fracture was leaking under cement box, but had not worsened.
5 March 1954 Steamer Albistan reported in the morning: Position of vessel at 06.00 180 miles west of Ushant, weather moderating. One-inch fracture on bellows main discharge, temporary repairs made, and now proceeding towards English Channel.
7 August 1954 Albistan, arrived at Las Palmas, from Durban, with port boiler gauge mounting broken. To be renewed.
8 August 1954 New parts fitted, no survey held and vessel sailed for Greenock.
15 December 1956 Albistan, at Mauritius, had rudder trouble and was being tipped for examination. Lloyd’s Register surveyor reported rudder, with packing removed both boxes, play in locking pintle and lower pintle, about half inch slack all round. Suggested that rudder be lifted, and renew locking pintle bush and build up lower pintle to suit lower bush. The alternative was to proceed to Cape Town fully loaded for further examination. Eleven hundred tons of bulk sugar was on board for tipping purposes.
29 December 1956 Steamer Albistan left Mauritius for the UK.
18 February 1958 At 11.25, steamer Albistan, Liverpool for London, was proceeding up river, she was in collision in Woolwich Reach, with William Cory & Sons, of Barge Roads, Charlton, causing damage to dumb barges Ratlea and Apelea, both laden with coal, to sink. Dumb barge Coastway, laden with paper, sustained damage, whereby she was beached in a sinking condition at Charlton Bank. Damage to Albistan, which proceeded up river, if any, unknown.
19 February 1958 Dumb barge Ratlea was raised by Port of London Authority lifting craft at 13.30 and placed ashore at Cory’s Slipway, Charlton.
21 February 1958 Dumb barge Apelea was raised by the PLA lifting lighters at 09.30 and placed at Cory’s Slipway, Charlton.
27 August 1960 The Master of steamer Albistan, Antwerp for Basra, reported to Bahrain: Engine breakdown 116 degrees 11.5miles from Madeira Reef Light-float. Tug Schelde was informed, but was advised that no assistance was required.
30 August 1960 Vessel arrived at Kuwait.
13 October 1960 Steamer Albistan reported that while at Abadan on 23 September, damage, cause unknown was found as follows: No.2 generator piston and piston rod to be renewed, possible damage to piston valve and distance piece between cylinder and crankcase incorporating guides to be renewed.
14 October 1960 Steamer Albistan, which arrived at Mormugao on 8 October, reported on 12 October that all her generators were out of action. Permission was being sought for Avristan to berth alongside to supply power.
26 October 1960 Steamer Albistan sailed from Mormugao for Amsterdam.
6 November 1960 Steamer Albistan was delayed at Aden for boiler and generator repairs.
23 November 1960 Vessel sailed for Amsterdam.
5 July 1961 Steamer Albistan , Mormugao for Calais, which left Aden on June 30th, reported that she had stopped at 07.00 with engine trouble and resumed voyage at 10.30 after effecting repairs.
14 July 1961 Steamer Albistan put into Malta the previous day to effect repairs to main feed pump.
16 July 1961 Vessel sailed for Calais.
27 August 1961 Steamer Albistan reported late the previous day that she had stopped at 13.10 for repairs to her machinery. She expected to complete repairs at 20.00.
19 September 1961 Steamer Albistan was delayed for engine repairs at Aden.
20 September 1961 Vessel sailed from Aden for the Persian Gulf.
10 December 1961 Steamer Albistan , Abadan for UK, reported in the afternoon that she was returning to Aden for repairs to a damaged dynamo. She was expected to arrive there at 20.00.
12 December 1961 Vessel reported in the morning that she had completed repairs and had proceeded at 02.30.
24 March 1962 Steamer Albistan , which left the Tyne at 06.50 for Glasgow, put back to the Tyne at 14.26. Master reported engine trouble and vessel headed for Readheads Quay, South Shields.
25 March 1962 Vessel left for Glasgow.
6 January 1963 Steamer Albistan , Khorramshahr and Liverpool for London, reported in the morning that she had engine trouble and was proceeding at reduced speed for Milford Haven to effect repairs.
7 January 1963 Repairs to engine were not extensive but essential. They were to be carried out by the ship’s engineers with help from personnel of Milford Haven Dry Dock Co. Ltd.
8 January 1963 Vessel left Milford Haven for London.
10 June 1963 According to a protest made by her Master at Antwerp, steamer Albistan , from Khorramshahr, with a cargo of ore, on entering lock at Avonmouth on June 3rd, struck quay heavily with port side forward. The vessel subsequently left Avonmouth on June 6th, for Antwerp.
11 January 1965 During heavy rain at Dubai, on January 10th, approximately 4000 packages of general cargo from the Albistan , was damaged to a varying extent.
21 March 1966 Steamer Albistan , Glasgow for Khorramshahr, put in to Malta with boiler trouble.
23 March 1966 Vessel left Malta for Persian Gulf.
22 July 1966 Steamer City of Manchester, Beira for Ellesmere port, and steamer Albistan , Mena al Ahmadi, for Liverpool and Avonmouth, were in collision about midnight on July 21st, off Formby, Liverpool. Very slight damage was sustained by both vessels and no assistance was required. Former vessel entered Eastham Locks and latter vessel berthed in Queen’s No.2 Branch Dock, Liverpool.
31 March 1970 It was reported from Cape Town by steamer Albistan : shaft tunnel fractured and dented.
17 April 17 1970 Steamer Albistan was surveyed afloat at Cape Town on March 31st and subsequently in respect of damage in shaft tunnel, stated to have been caused by heavy weather while the vessel was en route to Persian Gulf, loaded with general cargo, including steel. Surveyor found tunnel crown between frames Nos.48 and 55 heavily set down and tunnel crown stiffeners in way fractured at the top and buckled at the shoulders, port and starboard. Temporary repairs were effected to enable the vessel to proceed on voyage and the vessel sailed on April 2nd.
23 September 1970 Steamer Albistan , Antwerp for Kuwait, passed Gravesend outward bound, developed engine trouble and returned to Tilbury Cargo Jetty.
25 September 1970 Vessel proceeded on 24 September for Kuwait.
2 July 1971 Steamer Albistan arrived at Hong Kong to be broken up by Lee Sing Co.

Image Credits

  1. By courtesy of The Allen Collection
  2. By courtesy of Malcolm Salter