Donaghadee was a cargo ship completed in 1937 and broken up in 1964, giving her a service life of 27 years. She was part of the Kelly Line fleet - the company specialised in transportation of coal and later oil.

Donaghadee after renaming to Ballygarvey. [1]

Basic Data

Item Value
Type Cargo ship
Registered owners,managers and operators John Kelly Ltd
Builders Inglis
Yard Pointhouse, Glasgow.
Country UK
Yard number 998p
Registr N/K
Official number 165161
Signal letters N/K
Call sign MMLV
Classification society N/K
Gross tonnage 662
Net tonnage 284
Deadweight N/K
Length 176 Ft
Breadth 27.9 Ft
Depth 11.0 Ft
Draught N/K
Engines Triple expansion steam engine with cylinders of bore 13 1/2", 23", 38" and stroke 27".
Engine builders Aitchison Blair Ltd.
Works Clydebank, Glasgow
Country UK
Power: N/K 86 RHP
Boiler 1 single-ended boiler with pressure 180 psi.
Propulsion Single screw
Speed N/K
Cargo capacity N/K
Crew N/K

Additional Construction Information

The Lloyds Register entry for Donaghadee for 1945-6 has the following additional information about her:

  • Machinery aft
  • 1 deck
  • Cruiser stern

Career Highlights

Date Event
5 August 1937 Launched
9 September 1937 Completed
1952 Renamed to Ballygarvey
September 1964 Broken up at Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Service Pre WW2

Donaghadee was part of the fleet of colliers built up by John Kelly Ltd. and the last coal-fired vessel they purchased; all later Kelly ships were powered by oil engines.

Service in WW2

Donaghadee took part in just one convoy according to information shown in the table below which is provided courtesy of Convoyweb - see External. Ref. #4.

Departure Convoy/Independent Arrival
Belfast Lough, May 18, 1941 BB.22 (Belfast Lough - M Haven) Milford Haven, May 20, 1941

Donaghadee also continued to transport coal throughout the war years.

Please see the Benjidog Recollections website page for Alick Sangster HERE for information about the remarkably limited armaments on Donaghadee. Alick served on Donaghadee as a DEMS gunner.

Service post WW2

According to the Donaghadee Historical Society - External Ref. #41 - Donaghadee continued her work as a collier after the war but was renamed to Ballygarvey in 1948 by the new owners (unfortunately the site does not state who the new owners were). The name change was to standardise all the Kelly ships to start with the same prefix of Bally. It is presumed that Ballygarvey continued with the transporation of coal until she was broken up in 1964.

Image Credits

  1. From The Allen Collection