Manistee was a cargo ship designed principally for carrying fruit and was completed in 1932. She saw service during WW2 and, after two changes of name and a service life of 28 years, was broken up at Newport in 1960.

Manistee - Location and date not known. [1]

Basic Data

Item Value
Type Cargo Ship (Ref)
Registered owners, managers and operators Morant SS Co. Ltd.
Managers: Elders & Fyffe Ltd.
Builders Workman Clark
Yard Belfast
Country UK
Yard number 524
Registry N/K
Official number 161884
Signal letters N/K
Call sign GRXC (as Erin)
Classification society N/K
Ship Design: N/K
Gross tonnage 5,841
Net tonnage 2,848
Deadweight N/K
Length 415 ft
Overall Length N/K
Breadth 54.7 ft
Depth 30.4 ft
Draught N/K
Engines Four cylinder steam engine with cylinders of bore 28½, 47½" and two of 57" with stroke 51" plus electric drive from low pressure turbine
Engine builders Workman Clark (1928) Ltd.
Works Belfast
Country UK
Boilers Five single boilers operating at 260 psi.
Power 1,084 MN
Propulsion Single screw
Speed N/K
Cargo capacity N/K
Crew N/K

Additional Construction Information

The Lloyds Register entry for Erin for 1945-46 has the following additional information about her:

  • Cruiser stern
  • 2 decks (Stl-weather dk-teak) 3rd and 4th decks (Stl) in holds
  • 3 lower decks for fruit cargoes
  • Fitted for oil fuel
  • She was fitted with radio direction-finding equipment and echo-sounding equipment

Career Highlights

Date Event
5 April 1932 Launched as Erin
May 1932 Completed
1941 Name changed to HMS Maplin and owner changed to Royal Navy
1946 Name changed to back to Erin but changed to Manistee when transferred to Elders & Fyffe Ltd.
25 May 1960 Taken to be broken up at Newport
Manistee as Erin - Location and date not known. [2]

Service in WW2

Manistee took part in a number of convoys during the war years in her former names of Erin and Maplin according to information shown in the table below which is provided courtesy of Convoyweb - see External Ref. #4.

Departure Convoy/Independent Arrival
Kingston Jamaica, September 1939 KJF.2 UK Ports Erin
Liverpool, November 1940 OG.46 Gibraltar Erin
Liverpool, June 1941 OB.332 Halifax Maplin
Halifax, June 1941 HX.131 Liverpool Maplin
Liverpool, June 1941 OB.334 Halifax Maplin
Halifax, June 1941 HX.133 Liverpool Maplin
Liverpool, June 1941 OB.338 Dispersed Maplin
Liverpool, July 1941 OB.346 Freetown Maplin
Milford Haven, July 1941 OG.70 Gibralter Maplin
Gibraltar, July 1941 HG.67 Liverpool Maplin
Freetown, July 1941 SL/MKS.81 Liverpool Maplin
Liverpool, August 1941 OG.72 Gibraltar Maplin
Gibraltar, September 1941 HG.72 Liverpool Maplin
Milford Haven, February 1942 OG.80 Gibralter Maplin
Gibraltar, March 1942 HG.80 Liverpool Maplin

When acquired by the Admiralty, as HMS Maplin, she served initially as an Ocean Boarding vessel. In 1941 she was fitted out as a Fighter Catapult Ship.

Service post WW2

I have been able to find little about the service of Manistee after WW2 apart from an account of a voyage by Stan Mayes in 1948 that is described with further photos on the Benjidog Recollections website HERE.

Manistee was taken to Newport to be broken up in 1960

Image Credits

  1. By courtesy of Stan Mayes
  2. From The Allen Collection.