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Brunel SeaTheShips

Welcome to the Benjidog Nautical Links Website

This site is provided in conjunction with the SeaTheShips website and was created to bring together links to websites found useful by those doing research into ships and other nautical matters. Since then additional pages have been added of general interest and for a wider range of historical research. Access the various links by clicking the buttons on the left.

All the links were validated in January 2011 but please let me know if you find a broken link so I can fix or remove it. Members of SeaTheShips can nominate links for inclusion by posting on the StS thread HERE and anyone can do so by email - see below.

The site has been online since 9 August 2010. On 19 March 2013 I added a new page of links about codes and spying after being sent some really interesting links by a young man named Mike Goodwin who has been using this site to aid his research on WW2. Thanks Mike!

Website Owner: Brian Watson - Click here to email me
Site Last Updated: 27 March 2013