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Historical Links

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Air of AuthorityWebsite dedicated to the history of the RAF and its forebears the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.
Atlantic Cable and Undersea CommunicationsSite with just about everything you could ever want to know about the history of the cables and the ships that laid them with many photos, route maps, predecessors of the cable etc. by Bill Burns
British Pathe Various old films can be viewed here including some of ships. Use the search facilities to help find what you are looking for.
City of London Libraries This URL enables you to download a pdf file containing a list of abbreviations used on Voyage Records cards to help interpret them.
Crew List Index Project The Crew List Project aims to make crew lists available for research purposes and includes information about how to access lists that have been transcribed. The scope is limited to merchant seafarers on British registered ships for the years 1861 to 1913.
Historical Directories OnlineThis site was created by Leicester University to make available online various local Directories back to the early 19th Century. Very useful in family research - particularly if your ancestor belonged to a specific trade
Historical RFAWebsite of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Historical Society with a vast amount of information and photos of RFA ships.
Internet Archives - Lloyds Registers Search Page from “The Internet Archive” to a whole load of digitised versions of very old Lloyds registers from 1799 to 1899. You can download whatever you want from here. I don’t think there is anything from the 20th Century but didn’t check - there are three pages of links.
Kent History Forum Site dedicated to the history of Kent including its ports - a very informative information and discussion board.
Lloyd's Book of House Flags and Funnels Digitised version of a 1912 Lloyd's publication - it is in colour and an excellent resource.
Maritime MattersHistory and news of ocean liners and cruise ships. Not that easy to navigate but there are some interesting articles about old liners.
Merchant Navy Nostalgia Merchant Navy reminiscences and photos covering many famous shipping lines.
Ministère de la DéfenseVast French government website for the armed forces which includes a large set of plans of old warships. The site is in French but there is a button at the top of the screen to present information in English but only part of the site is currently translated. You can navigate the French version with a bit of effort even if you do not speak the language.
Miramar Ship Index Comprehensive index of ships with search facilities - includes basic data for all listed ships. There is a small subscription which is very good value for money.
National Archives (UK)This link gives you access to the index to the National Archives. You can search for items in the archive though most of them are not available online. You could for example use discharge book no. or DOB and surname to find out what is available about a seaman. There are instructions on how to obtain copies.
National Maritime Museum Collections You can view photos and various artefacts of nautical interest in the vast NMM collection online order copies of photos and ships plans from this site
National Museum of the AtlanticThe website of the National Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax Nova Scotia. It had a great deal of information about nautical matters and detailed information about the Halifax explosion on 12/12/1917 - which is believed to have been the world's largest explosion before the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Naval and Naval Social HistoryWebsite by (I think) P Benyon containing a large number of historical documents related to the Navy from the late 18th Century until the present. Included here are regulations, lists, circulars, a map of lighthouses around the UK and first hand accounts of the interception of a slave vessel.
Naval History.NetThis site contains a great deal of information of naval historical interest from WW1 through to the Falklands war.
On This Day Hook into The National Archives providing information about historical events on today's date from Ministry of Defence sources.
Paperspast New Zealand website offering online access to several newspaper archives for the period 1839 to 1945. The service is free of charge.
Plimsoll Ship Data An invaluable resource holding scans of Llloyds Register entries for ships active between 1930 to 1945.
Ships in Service 1954Bob Sanders has been compiling lists of ships that were in service with various British & Commonwealth companies that were in service in 1954 and has so far published lists from A through to N.
Ships List (The) TheShipsList is a subscription website aimed at genealogical research. It contains over 3,000 free access pages including information about shipping companies, their fleets and individual ships.
Submarine Force MuseumWebsite of the US Submarine Force Museum at Connecticut which houses the historic submarine Nautilus (SSN 571).
Time/ImageSite under development that hosts a number of fascinating films produced by the British Council including one called 'Steel Goes to Sea' which shows the building of a ship No. 242 during WW2. Ultimately the site plans to put up over 170 films covering different aspects of life in the UK made between 1930 and 1950.
USS Hardhead (SS 365)Website dedicated to the submarine USS Hardhead and her crew. The site contains and excellent links page containing further resources about submarines and the US Navy in general.
USS James Monroe (SSBN 622)Website dedicated to the submarine USS James Monroe and her crew. The site contains an excellent links page containing further resources about submarines.