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Ship Photo Links

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Allen Collection (The)Approximately 5,000 photos of merchant navy ships collected over a 60 year period by the Allens. (Part of the Benjidog Website).
Historic Steamboat PhotographsPart of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse digital collections. An amazing collection of over 40,000 black and white photographic images of steamboats on the inland waterways of the United States, primarily the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri rivers and their tributaries.
Lovely Old ShipsGerald Ransley Clarke's photos on Bob Le-Roi’s website consists of three pages of interesting photos in this collection taken in the Thames and Medway area. Includes paddlers and flying boats.
Maritime QuestCollection of ships photos and other nautical-related information by Michael W. Pocock that includes a downloadable database
Navsource Naval History An "unofficial" site dedicated to the photographic history of the US Navy. It claims to have one of the largest collections of its type
Navyphotos A private collection of Royal Naval Warship Photographs from the Mid. 1800’s to the 21st. Century
PhotoshipsA website specialising in old ship pictures and disasters
Rhiw.comThis site about Rhiw on the Lleyn peninsular in North Wales contains many photos of ships - particularly Blue Funnel Line and Blue Star Line. Lots about the area worth looking at as well.
ShipPhotos Many ships photos you can access for personal use but nothing older than 1987. Photos may be purchased or permission obtained for use in publishing etc.
State Library of Victoria This is a vast treasure trove including many photos. As a start, from the first page presented, enter "ship photos" in the search box. On the next box, select the Pictures tab and enter some search critieria to narrow your search down. Be prepared to spend a long time in here due to the range and scope of material.
UK History Photo Finder This National Archives tool allows you to search and view digitised historical photographs of the UK and Ireland. “Starting with the Dixon-Scott collection, which holds more than 14,000 photographs taken in the 1920s-1940s, we will be adding new photographic resources in time. You can search by location and view images for free.” An interesting collection covering the UK and Ireland. Only a small percentage will relate to the ships and the sea but they are very interesting anyway.