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WW1 and WW2 Links

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Ahoy - Mac's Web LogMac Gregory's website dedicated to all 'Who went down to the sea in ships' in WW2.
British Council Film CollectionA collection of 80 films (as at May 2012), many of which were made in WW2, showing different aspects of British life. Of these at least 10 films have subjects of nautical interest including Dunkirk, shipbuilding,Trinity House, London's river and lifeboats.
Coastal Forces Heritage TrustSite dedicated to the Coastal Forces - Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs), Motor Gun Boats (MGBs) and Motor Launches (MLs) whose exploits in WW2 so stirred the public imagination
Commonwealth War Graves CommissionThis site provides access to various resources including a database holding details of people killed in various wars with search facilities to help you find the whereabouts of their graves. This includes members of the Merchant Navy.
Convoyweb This is the internet’s best resource for information on convoys and builds on the research of Arnold Hague. There are also sections on War Dead and signal letters.
Feldgrau.comThis is a very interesting site which describes itself as focusing on primary and secondary research regarding the technical, organisational and operational detils of the German armed forces between 1918 and 1945. It includes a section entitled "Kriegsmarine - The Navy 1935-1945" with information about German naval vessels and Ground units and links to other related resources.
Gettysburg Flag WorksUS website providing information about early attempts at submarine warfare and the use of submarines in WW1.
Her name was Tregenna Site dedicated to Tregenna - a ship that was sunk by German submarine U-65 whilst she was sailing in convoy HX71. There were 33 lost with just 4 survivors.
Imperial War Museum Information about the various musuems run by this organisation including sites in London, Manchester and Duxford.
Flotilla AustraliaHistorical information and pictures with a focus on Australian shipping lines
TregennaWebsite dedicated to the merchant ship Tregenna and her crew. She was lost during a WW2 convoy en route from Halifax to the UK.
National Museum of the Pacific WarWebsite of the museum located at Fredericksburg, Texas which includes information about Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz. Anyone in the area should visit this impressive museum.
Roll of HonourUK Website dedicated to the men and women who fell fighting for their country. Includes a lot of information about memorials and links to related sites. An excellent resource containing detailed information about U-boats, their crews and their victims. Covers mainly WW2 but there is also information about WW1. Includes information about Allied ships attacked, casualties etc. Another excellent source of information about the Kriegsmarine and U-Boat history.
Note: This site was offline as of December 2013 - it is not clear whether it will re-open.
The World War I Document ArchiveA rich collection of documents, photos, remembrance and links with a special section on the maritime war.