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Welcome to the Benjidog Tower Hill Website

Tower Hill has been an important place throughout Britain's recorded history. In Roman times it lay within the walls of Londinium, William the Conqueror built the Tower of London nearby and it was used as a place of punishment and execution from at least the 14th Century and probably a lot earlier. Later it became a peaceful place. By Victorian times it had become a park, and after World War 1 Trinity Square Gardens was selected as the location for a memorial to Merchant Seamen "With no grave but the sea". This started a pattern and further memorials to Merchant Seamen were added after World War 2 and after the Falklands Islands Campaign. Although a place of great significance to members of the Merchant Navy, nowadays Tower Hill is little known to the general public but in May 2013 Trinity Square Gardens was chosen as the location for a commemoration service to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic and full details can be found HERE.

I created the website in 2011 to assist those unable to get to the World War 2 memorial themselves. As many people contacted me to say they had found it useful, and as 2014 marks the commemoration of the outbreak of WW1, my personal contribution will be to document those whose names are on the WW1 memorial. The work is already underway but will take me well into 2014 to complete. Click the links on the left to access information about the history of Tower Hill, ceremonies and services held there and the memorials located upon it.

I would like to thank all those who have helped and encouraged me in developing the website.

Logo I am pleased to announce that the Benjidog Tower Hill website is now included in the UK Web Archive ensuring its availability after the site owner has moved on to a better place - or none as the case may be. The web archive, which includes a large number of sites, can be accessed by clicking the logo.

Website Owner: Brian Watson - Click here to email me
Site Last Updated: 4 August 2015 - Additional information added for Pilot and Lighthouse Services vessels (WW2 Memorial)

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