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WW2 Memorial Index of Additional Entries

The table below lists the additional entries on the memorial following the initial run of merchant ships with names beginning A through to Z. Plates 121 to 132 cover those lost at sea who served in Lighthouse and Pilotate Services, fishing vessels, and additional seafarers who were not included in the main run of plates for one reason or another. Click on the link to access the photograph of the section of the memorial dedicated you are interested in plus additional information where available.

The most significant references used in constructing the pages about Fishing Vessels were British Vessels Lost at Sea 1939-1945 - External Reference #3, and The Bosun's Watch website - External Reference #14.

Page Name of Ships
Those lost by RankMasters and Able Seamen with no associated ship shown on the memorial.
Pilots and Lighthouse ServicesLighthouse and Pilotage Services - Pilots, support vessels and light vessels etc.
Fishing Vessels Aberdeen to Bass RockAberdeen, Active, Albatross, Alonso, Aquarius, Arora, Athelstan, Audacious, Barbara Roberson, Bass Rock
Fishing Vessels Beathwood to BraconburnBeathwood, Bellevue, Ben Attow, Ben Glamair, Ben Screel, Ben Strome, Bianca, Bombay, Boy Billie, Braconburn
Fishing Vessels Bromelia to CompaganusBromelia, Caerphilly Castle, Caledonian, Carlton, Carry On, Castleton, Charmouth, Christabelle, Commander Horton, Compaganus
Fishing Vessels Corennie to Ethel CrawfordCorennie, Craigewan, Cresswell, Daneden, Dinorah, Earl Essex, Elmira, Emerald, Encourage, Ethel Crawford
Fishing Vessels Etruscan to HelpmateEtruscan, Exeter, Falmouth, Fernbank, Flavia, Gadra, Grenada, Greynight, H E Stroud, Helpmate
Fishing Vessels Hercules II to KincorthHercules II, Hopton, Horace E Nutten, Iranian, Isabella Fowlie, Joan Margaret, John Baptish, John Dunkin, Kinclaven, Kincorth
Fishing Vessels King Erik to MaisieKing Erik, Ladylove, Leach's Romance, Leonora, Little Express, Loch Hope, Lord Haldane, Lord Shrewsbury, Lucida, Maisie
Fishing Vessels Mistletoe to Ophir IIMistletoe, Naniwa, Newhaven, Nisus, Noreen Mary, Nubia, Ocean Lassie, Ocean Victor, Oona Hall, Ophir II
Fishing Vessels Oriole to River YthanOriole, Oyama, Penn, Pride, Pride of the Humber, Provider, Respondo, Rigoletto, River Ness, River Ythan
Fishing Vessels Rochester to SulbyRochester, Rononia, S D J, Salacon, Sansonnet, Soar, Strathgairn, Strathlee, Strathlyon, Sulby
Fishing Vessels Sylvia to Westfield Sylvia, The Tetrarch, Thomas Deas, Thrive, Togimo, Trinity N B, Trust, Volante, Wellvale, Westfield
Fishing Vessels Wigmore to Young HarryWigmore, William Humphries, Young Harry
Final Panels Baltistan to Queen ElizabethBaltistan, Empire Heritage, Kolskegg, Laertes, Mareeba, Narbada, Nellore, Pamela, Penang, Queen Elizabeth
Final Panels Saganaga to BuffaloSaganaga, Skipjack, Tulagi, Agamemnon, Alphacca, Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Bateau, Buersplein, Buffalo
Final Panels Couquet Mouth (Coquet Mouth) to LauwerszeeCouquet Mouth (Coquet Mouth), Empire Blanda, Empire Lawrence, Friesland, Groenlo, Hidlefjord, Ijsselhaven (Yselhaven), Isleford, Kingyuan, Lauwerszee
Final Panels Leiesten to OcanaLeiesten, Leto, Limbourg, Maas, Madoera, Malda, Mamura, Natia, Nottingham, Ocana
Final Panels Ootmarsum to SurinameOotmarsum, Prins Fred Hendrik, Ringstad, Romsey, Schie, Schieland, Sitoebondo, Soesterberg, Sourabaya, Suriname
Final Panels Terkoelai to CrusaderTerkoelai (Terkoelei), Tynehome, Winterswijk, Kongsgaard, Mount Kitheron, Georgic, Lise, Anastassia, Rudby, Crusader
Final Panels Bjornvik to Boston CityBjornvik, Alert, Aloe, Zena, Boston City.