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Mr. W. Allen and his son Frank gathered this collection of about six thousand photos of mainly Merchant Navy ships over a period of 60 years. The collection was saved from obscurity by a group of dedicated volunteers who wanted to make it available to everyone with an interest in the Merchant Navy. Click HERE to find out how the website was created.

The Allens catalogued most of the photographs and recorded details of the ships on the back and, although the first version of the website reproduced exactly what they recorded, there was a number of known errors and a lot of gaps in the data. Since the website was first launched I have been contacted by many people offering to fill in some of the gaps in the information and pointing out errors. This information is being incorporated in a major upgrade to the site which started in January 2016 but is expected to take several years due to the volume of information that has to be located and recorded. I am also taking the opportunity to provide higher definition and cleaned up images as each page is updated.

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  • Copyright will take you to information about using material from this website - The provenance of most of the photos is unknown.

The Allen Collection has been online since 2007 and the site was last updated on 13 December 2018 with updated information about Messageries Maritime and Moor Line and additional information about the vessel Cap San Diego which is now a working ship museum in Hamburg.