Legal and Copyright


The Allen Collection belongs to the Martello Tower Museum at Pembroke Dock which has given permission for the photographs to be made available in the current form for research and educational purposes only. The Museum is unable to provide advice and guidance about copyright.

Efforts to Check Copyright Ownership

The project team attempted to get the consent of copyright holders to use this material. For nearly all of the photographs in the collection there is no information available to identify the copyright owner. In the few cases where names are available, a thorough search was made using telephone directories, 118 enquiries, photographic copyright directories, People Search and Google Area Search. None of the copyright owners could be traced in this way and we believe we have exhausted all reasonable avenues.

Advice was sought from many experts including the following:

The consensus opinion of these authorities was that if any two of the following situations applied we would be deemed to have taken sufficient action to avoid infringing copyright laws:

All the above conditions have been met and the website owner undertakes to remove any photograph from the website should offence be caused.

Use of Material from this Website

Written Material

If you wish to use text from this website on another site, you are welcome to do so as long as you acknowledge this site as the source and provide a link to this Allen Collection website. Plagiarism (claiming the work of others as your own) is both loathsome and degrading.


In general: