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Welcome to the Benjidog British and Commonwealth Battleships and Battle Cruisers Website

Most of the research for this website has been done by Steve Woodward. As site owner my main contribution has been to edit and present the material - though I have made some minor additions including locating some extra photographs. Click on the Battleships Index button on the left to access information.

The website was first published in June 2010 and was completely reconstructed and redesigned in 2013 using current coding standards to enable its use with the latest generation of web browsers and to simplify maintenance.

The provenance of many photos on this website is unknown. Click HERE for copyright information.

Logo I am pleased to announce that the Benjidog Battleships and Battle Cruisers website is now included in the UK Web Archive ensuring its availability after the site owner has moved on to a better place - or none as the case may be. The web archive, which includes a large number of sites, can be accessed by clicking the logo.

Website Owner: Brian Watson - Click here to email me
Site Last Updated: 29 June 1914 - note added to Home Page about Web Archive inclusion.

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