Ilvington Court (1919)



The name Ilvington Court was used by Court Line for two ships:

Ilvington Court (1919) had a working life of 21 years, although she was laid up for some of this time. She was torpedoed and sunk during WW2. I will refer to her simply as Ilvington Court on the rest of this page.

Ilvington Court
Ilvington Court. The date and location are not known. [1]

Basic Data

Item Value
Type Cargo ship
Registered owners, managers and operators British Shipping Controller London
Builders Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd.
Yard Kowloon
Country China
Yard number 562
Registry N/K
Official number 147615
Signal letters N/K
Call sign GKJW
Classification society N/K
Gross tonnage 5,187
Net tonnage 3,222
Deadweight N/K
Length 400 ft
Breadth 52.8 ft
Depth 28.5 ft
Draught N/K
Engines Single triple expansion steam engine with cylinders of bore 27", 44" and 78" with stroke of 48".
Engine builders Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock Co. Ltd.
Works Hong Kong
Country Hong Kong
Boilers Three single-ended boilers operating at 170psi.
Power 517 NHP
Propulsion Single screw
Speed N/K
Cargo capacity N/K
Crew N/K

Additional Construction Information

The 1940-41 Lloyds Register entry for Ilvington Court has the following additional information about her:

  • She had two steel decks
  • She was fitted with radio direction-finding equipment

Career Highlights

Date Event
17 Mar 1919 Laid down as War Sniper for the British Shipping Controller London
1919 Completed for S.H. Issifoglu, Piraeus, Greece as Meandros
1920 Sold to Hellenic Transpoert Steamship Co. - Management S.H. Issifoglu and renamed Iolcos
1924 Acquired by the United British Steamship Co. Ltd. - Management Haldin and Phillips and renamed Ilvington Court
1936 Owners restyled Court Line Ltd. - same managers
26 Aug 1940 Torpedoed and sunk

Service Pre WW2

I have not found any information about the service history of Ilvington Court prior to her purchase by United British Steamship Co., and little more after that other than that she was laid up on the Tyne for several years in the 1930s during the depression.

Service in WW2

Ilvington Court took part in 11 convoys during WW2 as well as many other independent voyages according to information shown in the table below which is provided courtesy of Convoyweb - External Reference #5.

Departure Convoy/Independent Arrival
Gibraltar, Sep 5, 1939 Independent Huelva, Sep 6, 1939
Huelva, Sep 14, 1939 Independent Gibraltar, Sep 15, 1939
Gibraltar, Sep 26, 1939 HG.1 (Gibraltar - Liverpool) Falmouth, Oct 6, 1939
Independent Dartmouth, Oct 7, 1939
Falmouth, Oct 7, 1939 Independent
Dartmouth, Oct 8, 1939 Independent Southend, Oct 10, 1939
Southend, Oct 12, 1939 FN.20 (Southend - Methil) Middlesbrough, Oct 14, 1939
Middlesbrough, Nov 5, 1939 FS.32 (Methil - Southend) Southend, Nov 7, 1939
Southend, Nov 10, 1939 OA.33 (Southend - Dispersed) Barry, Nov 13, 1939
Independent Buenos Aires, Jan 4, 1940
Buenos Aires, Jan 13, 1940 Independent Rosario, Jan 15, 1940
Rosario, Jan 29, 1940 Independent Buenos Aires, Jan 30, 1940
Buenos Aires, Feb 8, 1940 Independent Freetown, Feb 29, 1940
Freetown, Mar 5, 1940 SL.23 (Freetown - Liverpool) Liverpool, Mar 22, 1940
Liverpool, Apr 27, 1940 OB.138 (Liverpool - to OG 28F) Newport, Apr 29, 1940
Newport, May 9, 1940 BC.37/1 (Barry - Quiberon Bay) St Nazaire, May 12, 1940
Independent Verdon, May 20, 1940
St Nazaire, May 20, 1940 Independent
Verdon, May 21, 1940 59.X ( - )
Casablanca, May 28, 1940 Independent Freetown, Jun 6, 1940
Independent Pepel, Jun 6, 1940
Freetown, Jun 6, 1940 Independent
Pepel, Jun 11, 1940 Independent Freetown, Jun 12, 1940
Freetown, Jun 15, 1940 SL.36 (Freetown - Liverpool) Cardiff, Jul 3, 1940
Milford Haven, Jul 13, 1940 OB.183 (Liverpool - Dispersed)
Independent Freetown, Aug 3, 1940
Freetown, Aug 3, 1940 Independent Pepel, Aug 4, 1940
Pepel, Aug 7, 1940 Independent
Freetown, Aug 14, 1940 Independent

Loss of Ilvington Court

Ilvington Court was torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine Dandolo of the Marcello Class, in position 37º14' N, 21º52'W whilst on a passage from Pepel to Glasgow. It is possible that there were no fatalities as this ship does not appear on the Tower Hill memorial and there are no entries of lives lost in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database.

Submarine Dandolo

According to - - External Reference #6, Dandolo survived the war and was "discarded" on 23 Mar 1947 - whatever that means.

Image Credits

  1. From the site owner's photo collection