The passenger liner Athenia was torpedoed on 3 September 1939 - the very day that France and Great Britain declared war on Germany. No warning was given and the submarine took no action to help the surviving passengers. There was international outrage as this kind of attack breached International agreements about submarine warfare. The Nazis denied responsibility and blamed Churchill - not that anyone believed them; the full truth only emerged during the Nuremberg Trials of major war criminals that took place in 1945-6.

In telling the story I have used contemporary press cuttings and witness statements to present a picture of what ordinary people would have known at the time. I also have included detailed information about the preparation for the International War Crimes Tribunal and evidence of the fate of Athenia from the trial transcripts. Since this part of my website went live in 2010 I have been contacted by many people who have contributed additional information and 'Survivor Accounts' - some of which are very sad.

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