Merchant Seaman

Crew Lists

There is no definitive list of the members of the crew onboard Athenia when she was attacked; various versions of the crew list have been published over the years but none have been entirely convincing.

Those of us interested in Athenia are extremely grateful to the Ronnie MacLean of Yell in Shetland who has spent a great deal of time researching the crew list which is without a doubt the most complete to date.

  • A copy of the original document can be downloaded from the link HERE [73].
  • As Ronnie's list is in pdf format it is not searchable by Google so I have transcribed it into several tables below.
  • Please note that Ronnie's document contains more information and various notes about matters he had not got to the bottom of.
  • The names of those who lost their lives are shown in BOLD text in these tables.

Deck Department Members

Name and Honours Rank Age Other Information
James Coook (King's Commendation) Master 35 Herries Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow
Barnet (Barney) Mackenzie Copland, OBE, Lloyd's War Meda Chief Officer 32 276 Strathmartin Road, Dundee
John Jamieson Emery First Officer 28 26 Robsland Avenue, Ayr
K G Crockett Second Officer 190 Baldwin Avenue, Glasgow
Colin Porteous Third Officer 28 16 Ashdale Drive, Glasgow
Alan Sharman (Dr.) Surgeon 19 Kelvin Court, Glasgow
A.D. Weir Nurse 4 Melrose Street, Glasgow
M.K. Moffat Assistant Nurse 56 Arisaig Drive, Glasgow
H. Hammond Hospital Assistant 25 Braid Road, Glasgow
Alexander Hamilton Wotherspoon Chief Purser 27 Fotheringay Road, Glasgow
Andrew Taylor Assistant Purser 103 Montford Avenue, Glasgow
W.A. McClymont Junior Assistant Purser Rumling, Norbreck Drive, Giffnock
A.J. Wilson Purser's Clerk 92 St. Andrews Street, Galashiels
Eric Bridges Purser's Clerk 12 Corunna Street, Glasgow
B. Doreton Purser's Clerk 47 Ashleigh Street, Glasgow
E.G. Sabatini Purser's Clerk 4 Dellfield Close, Watford, Herts.
David Don First Radio Officer 113 Westburn Road, Cambuslang
Donald McRae Second Radio Officer 2 Orchy Gardens, Clarkston
H.W. Ramsay Third Radio Officer Congrett Manse, New Deer, Aberdeenshire
James (Jimmie) Mitchell Carpenter 52 Clynder Street, Glasgow
Harry Logie Carpenter's Mate 28 McLellan Street, Glasgow
William Harvey (BEM, Lloyd's War Medal) Bosun 138 Milnpark, Glasgow
Robery Young Senior Bosun's Mate 16 McLean Street, Glasgow
Donald McDonald Bosun's Mate 45 Boyd Street, Glasgow
Murdo McDonald Lamps 15 Water Row, Glasgow
John McEwan Stores 19 Ancroft Street, Glasgow
Allan McLean Quartermaster 5 Russell Street, Rothesey
James Fraser Quartermaster 393 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
Joseph Crossland Quartermaster 153 Matheison Street, Glasgow
Alexander Campbell Quartermaster 91 Pollok Street, Glasgow
Angus Graham Quartermaster 28 12 Aird Point, Stornaway
George Bowman Quartermaster 958 Govan Road, Glasgow
W.J. Macintosh AB 4 White Street, Glasgow
J. McDonald AB 143 McLean Street, Glasgow
R. McNeil AB 15 Watt Street, Glasgow
D. Campbell AB 16 Pollok Street, Glasgow
Alex Mcintosh AB 18 River Row, Glasgow
F. Townsend AB 6 Stanley Street, Glasgow
John Meek AB 2 Woodhouse Street, Glasgow
D. Smith AB 7 Crown Terrace, Glasgow
J. Crombie AB Riverside, Callender
Ronald McLeod (King's Commendation) AB Market Stance, Lochmaddy, North Uist
John Herriot AB Burnside Cottage, Lochgilphead
D. Dillon Sailor 28 Clark Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow
Jack McKenzie AB 12 Brock Street, Hilton Fearn, Ross-shire
John Stoddart AB 16 Torrin, Broadfoot, Skye
Angus McKinnon AB Address unknown
Donal Niven Sailor 205 Wolseley Street, Glasgow
J. Leckie Sailor 20 Ashley Street, Glasgow
W. Baird AB 56 Glendale Street, Glasgow
Donald MacMillan AB 3 Glen Telston, Stornaway
A. MacGregor AB 32 Thornwood Terrace, Glasgow
Norman Mackinnon Sailor 24 Marvig, Isle of Lewis
John Harrity Ordinary Seaman 49 Drake Street, Glasgow
D. Cruickshanks Ordinary Seaman 92 Meiklewood Road, Glasgow
Rober Dillon Ordinary Seaman 28 Clark Street, Glasgow
Peter Lacey Ordinary Seaman 26 Plantation Road, Glasgow
James Simpson Ordinary Seaman 313 Nuneaton Road, Glasgow
William Stewart Ordinary Seaman 50 Cardwell Road, Gourock
Owen Gorman N/K N/K
Denis Dunn McCaffrey Deckhand 23 123 Rockwell Avenue, Toronto
J. McHaffie Baggage Master 71 Glenapp Street, Glasgow
D. McRae Bandmaster 21 Springvalley Terrace, Edinburgh
Bernard Kammerin Musician 33 Carlin Street, Glasgow
E. Gibson Musician 9 Willowbank Street, Glasgow
Arthur Haslan Musician Washington House, Kirkintilloch
John Thomson Musician 112 Kirk Road, Wishaw
J. Synelli Interpreter 63 Standymans Church Road, London
L. Jansen Dispenser 35 Yewtree Road, Liverpool

Engineer's Department Members

Name and Honours Rank Age Other Information
John Carnegie Chief Engineer 12 Viewfield Road, Bishopton
D. Jenkin Second Engineer 38 Dunchurch Road, Paisley
William Russell Junior Engineer 27 Cardell Road, Paisley
H. Cockburn Third Engineer 4 Purdon Street, Glasgow
J. Port Fourth Engineer 5 Uist Street, Glasgow
Thomas A. Hastie Fifth Engineer Ravelston, Chirnside, Berwick
R. Logie Junior Engineer 186 Henderson Street, Glasgow
A. Marshall Junior Engineer 112 Cornwall Street, Glasgow
Robert (Bob) Bryson MacArthur Sim Sanitory Engineer 321 Kingsbridge Drive, Glasgow
J. Bennett First Electician 15 Walker Street, Paisley
C. Donaldson Second Electrician 28 Greenleese Road, Cambuslang
Jim Clayton Cinema Operator 17 Garturk Street, Glasgow
Alexander MacCuaig Stores 56 123 Heywood Street, Glasgow
John Nelson Bekusch Greaser/Donkeyman 7 Burnside Street, Glasgow
James McConnell Greaser/Donkeyman 21 12 Ross Street, Glasgow
James Lenehan Greaser/Donkeyman 32 50 Balfour Street, Glasgow
Peter Nelson Bekusch Greaser/Donkeyman 20 Northburn Street, Glasgow
John Fraser Greaser/Donkeyman 81 McLean Street, Glasgow
Alex McAuley Greaser/Donkeyman 167 Nepture Street, Glasgow
James Elder Greaser/Donkeyman 45 18 Westburn Road, Cambuslang
F. Young Fireman/Greaser 137 London Road, Glasgow
E. Drummond Fireman/Greaser 104 McLean Street, Glasgow
Hugh Gallagher Fireman/Greaser 23 17 Burleigh Street, Glasgow
J. McConnell Fireman 12 Ross Street, Glasgow
Michael Brogan Fireman 128 Milnpark Street, Glasgow
Peter McFlynn Fireman 113 Neptune Street, Glasgow
Henry Miller Fireman 45 Cromwell Street, Glasgow
John Lenehan Fireman 23 50 Balfour Street, Glasgow
George McEwan Stoker 20 202 Baltic Street, Bridgeton
J. Meechan Trimmer 70 Lenzie Street, Glasgow
J.T. Donald Apprentice/Cadet St Helen, Cochrane Place, Largs
J.R. White Apprentice/Cadet 165 Onslow Drive, Glasgow

Steward's Department Members

Name and Honours Rank Age Other Information
Reginald Rankin Chief Steward St Lawrence H Road, Saltcoats
R. Crawford Second Steward 27 Apsley Street, Glasgow
John Kelly First Saloon Steward & Head Waiter St John Street, Glenluce
John Kerrigan Second Saloon Steward 1,281 Duke Street, Glasgow
Jack McKinnon Deck Steward 3 Merrick Gardens, Glasgow
James Hamill Smoke-room Steward 3 Arthur Street, Glasgow
Thomas Mackie Librarian 25 Holmhead Place, Glasgow
Alex Campbell Tourist Deck Steward 19 Rutland Crescent, Glasgow
William McGuire Deck Steward's Boy 4 Incle Street, Paisley
David Murray Tourist Smokeroom Steward 10 Rowantree Place, Lennoxtown
J. Grant Tourist Lounge Steward 46 Victor Street, Belfast
R. Wills Chief Steward's Writer 41 Whitworth Street, Glasgow
Peter McDonald Assistant Saloon Steward 4 Kingsacre Road, Glasgow
F. Muir Assistant Saloon Steward 37 Lochlea Road, Glasgow
B. Kemp Assistant Saloon Steward 64 McLean Street, Glasgow
Colin Ritchie Assistant Saloon Steward 71 Alldoren Street, Glasgow
James Carlin Assistant Saloon Steward 56 83 Hillhousee street, Balornock
W. Thomson Assistant Saloon Steward 20 Blackburn Street, Glasgow
J. McBain Assistant Saloon Steward 34 Vicarfield Street, Glasgow
Hugh Douglas Assistant Saloon Steward 33 Middlesex Street, Glasgow
William Fortheringham Assistant Saloon Steward 13 Moir Street, Alloa
J. Kinney Assistant Saloon Steward 205 Wolseley Street, Glasgow
G. Flint Assistant Saloon Steward 315 Crown Street, Glasgow
Edward Stitchell Assistant Saloon Steward Police Station, Lennoxtown
A. Mackinnon Assistant Saloon Steward 10 Eskdale Street, Glasgow
William Hughes Assistant Saloon Steward 10 Glentarrat Street, Glasgow
Thomas McLachlan Assistant Saloon Steward 11 Midton Street, Glasgow
Donald McKellar Assistant Saloon Steward 7 Ladysmith Terrace, Dunoon
Angus Mackenzie Assistant Saloon Steward 14 Elderpark Street, Glasgow
William Lang Assistant Saloon Steward 24 Farnaw Street, Glasgow
John Landells Assistant Saloon Steward 130 McCulloch Street, Glasgow
A. Whiteford Assistant Saloon Steward 100 George Street, Glasgow
James Blaney Assistant Saloon Steward 6 Lawrence Street, Glasgow
James Murphy Assistant Saloon Steward 13 Walker Street, Glasgow
R. Grant Assistant Saloon Steward 23 Albion Street, Belfast
James Sutherland Assistant Saloon Steward 274 Bath Street, Glasgow
Ernest Haydon Assistant Saloon Steward 30 Tormore Street, Glasgow
A. McCartney Assistant Saloon Steward 104 Mclean Street, Glasgow
James Morton Assistant Saloon Steward 490 Paisley Road West, Glasgow
J. McMullen Assistant Saloon Steward 5 Meikle Earnock Road, Hamilton
Robert Whitelaw Assistant Saloon Steward 64 Gorbals Street, Glasgow
J. McLean Assistant Saloon Steward 7 Springbank Street, Glasgow
John Kent Assistant Saloon Steward 50 7 Colbert Street, Bridgeton
P. Milmore Assistant Saloon Steward 83 Sandyfaulds Street, Glasgow
Donald McFarlane Assistant Saloon Steward 103 Laidlaw Street, Glasgow
John F. Burk Assistant Saloon Steward 545 Scotland Street, Glasgow
E.D. McDaid Assistant Saloon Steward 109 Howwood Street, Glasgow
D.M. Murray Assistant Saloon Steward 47 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow
A. McVey Assistant Saloon Steward 580 Old Shettleston Road, Glasgow
James M. McKay Head Watchman 68 Craigie Street, Glasgow
Charles William Fordyce Watchman 65 44 Couper Street, Glasgow
David Milne Watchman 6 Kirkwood Street, Glasgow
Archie Graham First Bedroom Steward 9 Edwin Street, Glasgow
H. Cameron Bedroom Steward 5 Glensie Terrace, Lennoxtown
David Murray Bedroom Steward 47 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow
John McKeown Bedroom Steward 47 Craigielea, Queen Street, Dunoon
John Cummings Bedroom Steward 13 Kayden Street, Glasgow
David Lindsay Bedroom Steward 114 Summerfield Street, Glasgow
James Elliot Bedroom Steward 17 Harland Street, Glasgow
G. Hepburn Bedroom Steward 20 Blackburn Street, Glasgow
William McIvor Bedroom Steward 251 Carnwadric Street, Thorliebank
T. Rogers Bedroom Steward 312 Keppochhill Road, Glasgow
Archie Gillespie Bedroom Steward 7 Carmichael Street, Glasgow
George McLachlan Bedroom Steward N/K
George Duncan Bathroom Steward 101 Middleton Street, Glasgow
Archibald Campbell Bathroom Steward 52 Maybank, Auchamore Road, Dunoon
Elizabeth English Bathroom Stewardess 47 Crow Road, Glasgow
Mary Hill Bathroom Stewardess 81 Coplaw Street, Glasgow
William Dawson Saloon Pantryman 161 Tantallon Road, Glasgow
George mcMillan Second Saloon Pantryman 36 Briarelea Street, Giffnock
R. Mathewson Tourist Pantryman 38 Kelvinside Avenue, Glasgow
Douglas Douglas Pantry Boy 14 Shore Houses, Port Lamont, Loch Striven
S. Williamson Pantry Boy 80 Allan Street, Dalmarnock
Martin A. Tacy Pantry Boy 61 Liberton Street, Glasgow
Henry Grear Assistant Saloon Pantryman 110 Warriston Street, Glasgow
J. Hamilton First Third Classs Steward 38 Aberdour Street, Glasgow
R. Thomson Third Class Deck Steward 75 Burnbank Road, Hamilton
N. McKinnon Third Class Smokeroom Steward 3 Merrick Gardens, Glasgow
Thomas (Tommy) McArthur Third Class Steward 24 27 Sussex Street, Glasgow
J. Reid Assistant Steward 26 Balglace Street, Glasgow
John Sorbie Assistant Steward 18 12 Hillview Place, Coalburn
Thomas McKenna Ritchie Assistant Steward 19 71 Killearn Street, Glasgow
Arthur Williamson Assistant Steward 80 Allan Street, Glasgow
D.M. McLeod Assistant Steward 30 Shieldaig, Strathcarron
D. Swan Assistant Steward 29 Maclean Street, Glasgow
Killy Codgin Assistant Steward/Kennedy Porter magherafelt, Co. Londonderry
John Brogan Assistant Steward 36 51 Barnes Road, Maryhill
Samuel Thomson Assistant Steward 45 49 Adelphi Street, Glasgow
Peter Hammond Assistant Steward 54 Maclean Street, Glasgow
A. Wilson Assistant Steward 115 Blackburn Street, Glasgow
N. Coull Assistant Steward Bertishill House, Shettleston
James Kerr Assistant Steward 62 Marburn Street, Glasgow
Michael J. McDermott Assistant Steward 33 19 Mclean Street, Glasgow
John Cunningham Assistant Steward 95 Plantation Street, Glasgow
W. Hall Assistant Steward 17 Craebor Street, Glasgow
P. McIntyre Assistant Steward 248 Seaward Street, Glasgow
G. McLennan Assistant Steward 169 Duke Street, Glasgow
Frank Daly Assistant Steward 138 Roland Street, Glasgow
Ian McPhee Donnelly Assistand Steward 26 52 Gorbals Street, Glasgow
Thomas Irving Assistant Steward 24 Fairfield Street, Glasgow
J. Miller Assistant Steward 8 Crown Terrace, Glasgow
J. Easton Assistant Steward 87 Gilmore place, Edinburgh
George Hail Assistant Steward 28 52 Mackieith Street, Bridgeton
Tommy Graham Assistant Steward 72 Carville Street, Glasgow
William Evans Assistant Steward 22 Gardner Street, Glasgow
J. Paterson Assistant Steward 153 Stockwell Street, Glasgow
G. Kennedy Assistant Steward 40 Craigton Road, Glasgow
D. McColl Assistant Steward 138 Stanley Street, Glasgow
James Muirhead Assistant Steward 1042 London Road, Glasgow
John Donnelly Assistant Steward 23 100 Kellas Street, Glasgow
John Hogg Assistant Bedroom Steward 51 166 Hospital Street, Glasgow
D. Johnstone Assistant Bedroom Steward 2 Knowe Terrace, Giffnock
John Inglis Assistant Bedroom Steward 19 Ladycampbell Walk, Dunfermline
G. Boyd Assistant Bedroom Steward 88 Agnes Street, Glasgow
Henry Bunton Assistant Bedroom Steward 33 Mill Street, Glasgow
John Robb Assistant Bedroom Steward 26 Wellshot Street, Glasgow
F. McDonald Assistant Bedroom Steward 277 Saracen Street, Glasgow
F. MacPhail Assistant Bedroom Steward 133 Aitkenlead Road, Glasgow
R. McPhee Assistant Bedroom Steward 58 Risk Street, Glasgow
A. Cameron Assistant Bedroom Steward 32 Clyde Ferry Street, Glasgow
John Cartlidge Assistant Bedroom Steward 1480 Overdale Avenue, Montreal
P. Connor Assistant Bedroom Steward 16 Naburn Street, Glasgow
Claude Barrie Assistant Bedroom Steward 153 Mountannan Drive, Glasgow
John Livingstone Assistant Bedroom Steward 594 Springburn Road, Glasgow
George Coyle Assistant Bedroom Steward 681 Argyle Street, Glasgow
J. McMillan Assistant Bedroom Steward 556 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow
W. Hogg Assistant Bedroom Steward 85 Plantation Street, Glasgow
R. Eadie Assistant Bedroom Steward 371 Cathcart Road, Glasgow
E.H. Connell Assistant Steward 202 North Woodside Road, Glasgow
Fred Evans Third Class Pantryman 288 Mathieson Street, Glasgow
Thomas Graham Assistant Third Class Pantryman Fingal House, Argyll Road, Dunoon
Johnston Joyce Assistant Third Class Pantryman 27 Balglass Street, Glasgow
J. Watson Linen Steward 90 Albert Road, Gourock
R. Heath Mess Room Steward 39 St Mungo Street, Glasgow
David Morrison Mess Room Steward 32 35 Mayfield Street, Ruchill
John Anderson Captain's Steward 136 Kintra Street, Glasgow
Neil Currie Bellboy 15 Fullerton Street, Paisley
Thomas McNeill Bellboy 257 Bellahouston Drive, Glasgow
Freddie Collins Bellboy 157 Crossloan Road, Glasgow
James Miller Bellboy 27 South Main Street, Coatbridge
George F. Benson Bellboy 11 Meadowpark Street, Glasgow
F. Barnetson Bellboy 5 Belgair Drive, Paisley
James Marshall Bellboy 15 8 Duthill Street, Govan
A. Forrester Bellboy 65 Ladykirk Drive, Glasgow
Hugh McFarlane Bellboy 102 Purdon Street, Glasgow
Charles Joseph Gilhooly Bellboy 14 3 Barnflat Street, Rutherglen
John Gay Boots 15 Harewood Drive, Edinburgh
F. White Bugler 21 Clarence Street, Paisley
John McJarrow Printer 39 47 Ravenscliffe Drive, Giffnock
J. Curdena Steward (?) Moneymore, County Londonderry
G. Hutcheson First Barkeeper 31 Kilchattan Drive, Glasgow
Philip Brown Second Barkeeper 112 Stamperland Road, Glasgow
R. Sinclair Barkeeper 534 Gallowgate, Glasgow
Frank Robinson Storekeeper 54 Commerce Street, Glasgow
Hugh Cameron Assistant Storekeeper 10 McLean Street, Glasgow
David Provan Barber 65 569 Mosspark Drive, Glasgow
John Farrell Shaw Barber 26 24 Kennishead Road, Glasgow
M. Maltman Manicurist 65 Sinclair Street, Helensburgh
Helen Provan Manicurist 569 Mosspark Drive, Glasgow

Cook's Department Members

Name and Honours Rank Age Other Information
Charles Robertson Chef 12 Seamore Place, Largs
Walter Davies Assistant Chef 107 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh
Sidney (Sid) Worrall Second Fish Cook 40 Avon Street, Hamilton
Andrew McOnie Cook 46 Burnhouse Street, Glasgow
James Robinson Soup Cook 6 Mordaunt Street, Glasgow
Charles Simpson Third Cook 313 Nuneaton Street, Glasgow
Chales Paynter Assistant Cook 32 36 Renfield Street, Glasgow
John Joseph O'Keefe Cook 34 33 Grant Street, Helensburgh
James Whitelaw Second Vegetable Cook 421 Moss Road, Glasgow
John Phelps Cook 15 Scanlon Road, Paisley
A. Hamilton N/K 2 Lewis Street, Glasgow
D. Hobby N/K 9 Grace Street, Glasgow
Alex Cardow Second Cook 9 Paisley Road West, Glasgow
C. McLaughlin N/K 97 Glenisten Street, Glasgow
Michael Dahlscrom Assistant Cook 38 Whiteferry Road, Glasgow
Francis Henry McClory Galley Hand 34 1005 Maryhill Road, Glasgow
William (Willie) Whyte Second Cook 22 8 Caithness Street, Milton
H. Williamson Assistant Cook 81 McLean Street, Glasgow
George Williams Cook 421 Moss Road, Glasgow
W. Robinson N/K 13 Sugnall Street, Liverpool
J. Thomas McGregor Assistant Cook 22 114 Brandon Street, Motherwell
James Swan N/K 21 25 McLean Street, Glasgow
Charles Chalmers Assistant Cook 13 Kirkwood Street, Rutherglen
Robert McFarlane Assistant Cook 213 Stobcross Street, Glasgow
H. Wilkin First Baker 46 Wellington Street, Greenock
B. Fyfe N/K 42 Madras Street, Glasgow
J. Lindsay N/K 9 Malvern Place, Glasgow
J. Kelly N/K 10 Hope Street, Glasgow
F. Scott N/K 17 Cromer Street, Glasgow
J. McKenzie N/K 83 Stratford Street, Glasgow
J. Main N/K 98 Cambridge Street, Glasgow
R. Currie N/K 53 Peter Street, Glasgow
J. Rutherford N/K 14 Holmes Street, Hamilton
William Graham Butcher Inglehouse, Argyll Road, Dunoon
R. Jamieson N/K 5 Crathie Drive, Glasgow
R. Donnon N/K 72 Cartvale Road, Glasgow
M. Hendrie Butcher Daisy Cottage, Victoria Road, Dunoon
A Scrimgeour N/K Hawthorn Place, Edward Street, Dunoon
Joy Love Sauce Cook 16 Sandylord Street, Glasgow
Christina P. Dunlop Chief Stewardess 5 James Gray Street, Glasgow
Marion Mackay Stewardess 8 Foyers Terrace, Glasgow
J. Robertson Stewardess 10 Parkgrove Terrace, Glasgow
Miss Margaret Johnston Stewardess 41 1253 Cathcart Road, Glasgow
Miss Janet Rogerson Stewardess Woodburn Avenue, Airdrie
J. Lorne Stewardess 578 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow
Mrs Mary McLeod Stewardess 37 Elizabeth Street, Ibrox
Miss Alison Harrower Stewardess 41 10 Shaw Street, Govan
R. Johnson Stewardess 8 Craig Road, Glasgow
Mrs Jessie Lawler Stewardess 60 45 Cornwall Street, Glasgow
Barbara Black Stewardess 14 Drive Road, Glasgow
Violet Stoddart Stewardess 10 Whitefield Road, Glasgow
Mattie Davidson Stewardess Auchenblae, Airdrie
Elizabeth Dunphie Stewardess 129 Coats Street, Coatbridge
E.T. Fulton Stewardess 37 Castlemilk Crescent, Glasgow
Rachel Reid Stewardess 6 Stable Row, Gartsherrie
Mrs S. Taylor Stewardess 263 Main Street, Rutherglen
Marion Campbell Stewardess 4 Meadow Road, Glasgow
Florence E. Collister Stewardess 5784 Tenth Avenue, Rosemount, Montreal
Hannah Russel Crawford Baird Stewardess 66 719 Galt Avenue, Verdun, Montreal

Merchant Seamen Casualties

Nineteen members of the Merchant Navy were killed in the incident as detailed in the Roll of Honour below. Information is from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Forenames Surname D.O.D Rank Service Country Cemetery/ Memorial Grave Ref. Additional Information
Hannah Baird 03/09/1939 Stewardess Canadian Merchant Navy Canada Halifax Memorial Panel 17.
James Carlin 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 56
Ian Donnelly 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 26
John Donnelly 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 23
James Elder 03/09/1939 Donkeyman Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 45. Husband of Mary Elder of Cambuslang Lanarkshire.
Charles Fordyce 03/09/1939 Watchman Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 65. Son of George and Jessie Fordyce; husband of Mary Penelope Fordyce.
Hugh Gallagher 03/09/1939 Greaser Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 23. Son of Thomas Gallagher and of Isabel Gallagher of Glasgow.
Alison Harrower 03/09/1939 Stewardess Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 41. Daughter of William and Hannah Foster Denny Harrower.
John Hogg 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 51. Husband of Sarah A. Hogg of Brantford Ontario Canada.
Margaret Johnston 03/09/1939 Stewardess Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 41. Daughter of James and Christina Johnston of Glasgow.
John Kent 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 50. Husband of Jessie Darroch Kent of Bridgeton Glasgow.
Jessie Lawler 03/09/1939 Stewardess Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 60. Wife of Patrick Lawler of Sholing Southampton.
James Marshall 03/09/1939 Bellboy Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 15
David Morrison 03/09/1939 Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 32
Michael J. McDermott 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 33
John McJarrow 03/09/1939 Printer Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 39
John McKeown 03/09/1939 Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 47. Husband of M. E. McKeown of Dunoon Argyllshire.
David Provan 03/09/1939 Barber Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 65. Son of Alec and Margaret Provan; husband of Martha Provan of Glasgow.
Samuel Thomson 03/09/1939 Assistant Steward Merchant Navy United Kingdom Tower Hill Memorial Panel 12. Age 45. Husband of Julia McCafferty Thomson. of Glasgow.