Content Overview

I recommend that you look at the pages of the website in the order they are presented in the table below. First take a look at the History page to learn about Athenia before her loss, and on return go to the Introduction page. From there, each page carries a link to the next in sequence at the bottom of the page or you can go to any page directly from the menu.


Subject Content
Introduction Background information to why the Athenia website was created
History of Athenia A history of Athenia and her service life before she was sunk
First Five Days The loss of Athenia and accounts of the next five days from contemporary sources
The Aftermath Further contemporary reports and emerging casualty information
First Hand Accounts Accounts from the crew, rescuers and survivors in their own words
Nuremberg Trials Background, preparations and lead-up to the Nuremberg Trials of 1945-1946
The Truth at Last The true fate of Athenia as revealed during the Nuremberg Trials
Remembering those lost Casualty Lists, Memorials and Memorabilia

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