The George Milligen Collection

Milligen Collection


This is about the remarkable collection of automobiles, engines, large scale model railway locomotives, steam cars, fire engines and miscellaneous other mechanical items collected by Norfolk farmer George Edward Milligen (1910-2004).

After George died in 2004, his relatives sent most of his collection for auction which has resulted in our awareness of the extent and unique nature of the collection he had put together during his lifetime. Some of the car manufacturers are very obscure and I have added background information about them where possible.

My initial interest in George started from his ownership of an Edwardian steam yacht Wendorian - originally named Stephanotis. You can find out the limited amount of information known about George's own life on the Stephanotis section of my website HERE. There is also information about George's father, shipping owner and businessman John McIlwraith Milligen, as part of the story of George's sister Vera who married a Texan cowboy and peformed on stage and in rodeo shows on the Heiress and the Cowboy section HERE.

There are pages for the different types of items in George's collection and you can provide feedback, view the visitors book, use search facilities and access other research resources I have created via the menu.

I hope you will find this collection interesting.

Brian Watson
7 October 2020

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