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LST 3519

I was on my IPad and saw the article on 3519. I was one of her commissioning crew in Montreal and in company with 3518 (Built in Vancouver) we returned to the UK, I have photo of original crew. J.D.P. Ex W/T (T.O). Jim Parkes


Ulster Sportsman

Nice to drop across your site, I was 2nd engineer on her in another life! Quite an experience. Brings back a few memories especially of quite a few nasty crossings of the Irish Sea! Nice site. Thanks. Clive Turnbull.


Duchess of Richmond

Dear Brian, I am writing on behalf of the Naval Eight/208 Squadron Association. We are a group of ex-Servicemen and women, who once served on No 208 Squadron, Royal Air Force at any time throughout its illustrious history. Our aim is to serve as a forum for former Squadron members to keep in touch, and to share in their anecdotes of their time in the Service. We publish an Annual Newsletter, and maintain a Website, which acts as a repository of these anecdotes and other articles for posterity. One of our most senior colleagues, Sid Jefford, who served on the Squadron between 1941 and 1944, sadly passed away on Christmas Day 2017. In his effects, his family found a written account of his service, which they are trying to publish in his memory. I have undertaken to help them do so, most likely as a self-published book. Sid embarked on the SS Duchess of Richmond in January 1941 to join 208 Squadron, then stationed in Libya. I am writing, therefore, to ask if we might have your permission to use the attached image from your 'benjidog' Website as an illustration in our book. Neil Meadows. Note: I was delighted to recieve a copy of Neil's excellent book in the post. A very kind gesture!


San Emiliano and Donald Owen Clarke

Hi Brian, Just a quick note to let you know that my book, Quiet Courage - Forgotten Heroes of WW II is progressing on schedule. There is now a website and also a promotional video. They have been made to promote the publication when it is released and I thought you might like to see them. The site addresses are below. You can just click on them. I'll let you know how things progress from here. The manuscript has been completed and it currently being proofread (for the 6th time). Thanks again for all your help. None of this could have been achieved without your assistance. With best wishes, Tony.


Duke of York

Many thanks Brian, Dad and Mum are staying with us and thrilled with what you have done. We have promoted your website with Dads surviving shipmates and relatives and will continue to do so. Thanks again.

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