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08/01/2020 Ben Line Brian, I served in Ben Line in the mid to late Seventies as deck Cadet through to Third Officer. I have attached the Rank Insignia for that time as I remember them. Not too sure about the Chief Steward and 1st Radio Officer as I have seen different versions. Thought it might be of interest. Great job on the web site. Best regards, Ron Clark.
14/02/2020 Opawa Hi, First thanks for your great sites. Can I point out that for the ship above there is no write up for Allan Raves although he is on the memorial plaque for that ship, also that CWGC has him being on MV Apawa Tower Hill panel 76. Thanks again keep up the excellent work. Tony.
13/02/2020 Stephanotis Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing the image. A graceful vessel now lost. I believe there are only three steam yachts of the period in existence today. Medea’s deck arrangement changed a number of times over the 20th century according to her owners and various roles. During the First World War she had a French artillery piece mounted on her foredeck. At her lowpoint while moored in British Columbia she looked more like a ramshackle barge. Today I get to see her as I write to you from my office, looking out the window. Given that we have hundreds of images of her, and not one shows her sails at work, my guess is that they were primarily insurance rather than a practical means of propulsion. Regards, Kevin Sheehan, Ph.D Manager of Collections Maritime Museum of San Diego.
26/01/2020 Stancourt Brian, Thank you so much for your email and information. Alan is delighted and despite now approaching 90 with failing sight he has pin sharp memory of his time in the Merchant navy 1946 - 54. He is full of anecdotes of the many ships on which he worked. Regards, and thanks again. David C.
09/01/2020 F.E. Thoresen Hi Brian, Many thanks for revising the entry on FE Thoresen. His niece will be pleased to see a more accurate account of her great-uncle’s unhappy war-time experience given wider exposure. Best wishes, Roger Thomas
05/01/2020 Wild Rose Hello Brian. Thank you co much for your help I have been trying for some time to find a list of the men who were drowned, on the Wild Rose. My grandfather was Evan Owen of cross street Hayle. Thank you again Evan.
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