P&O 'M Class' Passenger Ships

M Class

This is about P&O's ten 'M Class' Passenger ships Moldavia, Mongolia, Marmora, Macedonia, Mooltan, Morea, Malwa, Mantua, Maloja and Medina that were built before WW1 - principally to service the mail route between London and Australia.

My interest in merchant shipping stems from my grandfather who was a steward on Morea and sent postcards of his travels back home to my grandmother who kept them in a box. I loved looking at the postcards as a child and still have them safely in a folder. I started gathering information about the 'M Class' vessels nearly 20 years ago and have only just got around to putting my research online.

From the menu you can access an introduction to the 'M Class' ships, a page about each ship and, if you wish, provide feedback, view the visitors book, use search facilities and access other research resources I have created.

Brian Watson
11 February 2024

What's New?

  • 20 November 2020: First publication of M Class Material
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