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You can view these resources on a smartphone if you wish but you need a tablet, laptop or workstation to do justice to much of the content.

I came across John Milligen and his company whilst researching a member of his family and could find nothing about his shipping ventures on the internet apart from a few glancing references. I also discovered to my surprise that one of the ship models I was given in 2018 was of one of the Milligen colliers.

So this is an attempt to bridge the gap. I may not have found all the Milligen ships and I am sure there is much more to be learned about the history of the company. If anyone reading this can add to the information, or correct any of the errors I am sure I have made, I would be pleased to hear from you.

The Milligen pages were added to the Benjidog Historical Research Resources in July 2020. There is a page for every Milligen ship that can be accessed from the Content tab on the menu from where you can also provide feedback, view the visitors book and access search facilities.

Brian Watson
4 July 2020

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