J. Milligen & Co Ships

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Ship Name Year Other Names Fate
Ballyhaft 1952 None Sold to John Kelly 1965 and broken up 1970
Black Diamond 1865 None Sold to Woodside and Workman 1888 and wrecked 1892
Brideen 1918 Squadron, Solway Firth Sold to Brideen SS Co 1926 and broken up in 1939
Eveleen (1891) 1891 None Lost with all hands 1918
Eveleen (1920) 1920 Empire Eveleen Broken up at Troon 1957
Kathleen (1887) 1887 None Sold to North Eastern Sg Co Ltd 1899. Lost with all hands 1914
Kathleen (1902) 1902 Blisworth, Holdernidd Sold to Grand Union (Sg) Ltd 1940 and broken up 1956
Monaleen 1920 None Sold to A. Chester 1926. Wrecked 1928

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