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The content of this website has been greatly enhanced by the contributions of the people listed below.

Name Contribution
Ray Buck Information on Eagle Oil crew lists
Mac Gregory Permission to reproduce an extract from an account of survivors of the loss of Tuscan Star and their meeting with those from Viking Star.
Govan High School Permission to reproduce correspondence from crew of San Emiliano under the British Ships Adoption scheme
Tom McCluskie Additional data about San Emiliano from Harland & Wolff
Paul McDougall Additional information and photos for British Merit
Billy McGee Copy of documents relating to Neritina
Stan Mayes Information about San Emiliano, Viking Star, Winha, Cape Howe, Largs Bay, Neritina, Dollabella, Lucellum, Empire Unity, Duke of York, Fort Gloucester, Conakrian and British Merit.
Ian Stockbridge Survivor reports and other information related to the sinking of San Emiliano
Angela Waters Permission to use Information from her family history and Ex-Archduke Leopold plus photographs related to Oruba
Sidney Patterson Images used on the page for King Edward


The following references have been used in the construction of this website and are referenced here from the various ship history pages. Links to websites are highlighted.

Ref. # Source
1 Miramar Ship Index: Subscription website containing basic information about a very large number of merchant navy ships with search facilities based on ships name and official number.
2 This was a website dedicated to WW2 U boats and their exploits including ships damaged and sunk but unfortunately no longer available.
3 Website dedicated to WW2 U boats and their exploits including ships damaged and sunk. It also includes a section about U boats from WW1.
4 Convoyweb Convoy Database: An extensive and highly recommended Website that includes comprehensive information about WW2 convoys and other voyages of merchant ships and some information about ships that were lost.
5 Lloyds Register of Shipping: A definitive source of information about shipping in various editions.
6 Norwegian Website with much information about convoys and other matters related to WW2.
7 Arnold-Forster, Mark (2001): The World at War, Pimlico; Revised edition edition (4 Jan 2001)ISBN 0712667822
8 U.S. Navy Department: San Emiliano: Summary of Statements by Survivors, U.S. Navy Department document (exact reference not known - provided to the Webmaster as a photocopy)
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11 The Kirriemuir Herald Ducat, Alan: (11 June 2009): Forfar Man’s little known role in D-Day landings
12 Mariners Website: Mulberry Harbours Page (sadly no longer on line - but could return in which case I will update the link.
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41 The Second World War Experience Centre website: Page for Merchant Naval Seaman David Wilson
42 Donaghadee Historical Society: web page on the history of SS Donaghadee
43 Canada at War: Canadian website with details of Canadian casualties during various wars.
44 Website dedicated to naval history with a vast array of information about naval and marine corps casualties.
45 Picture Stockton: Online Photographic Collection website
46 The Allen Collection: Large collection of shipping photos - part of the Benjidog website
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52 Website of a group of Greek divers - people who describe themselves as "interested in the sea, shipwrecks and maritime history. Our team consists of divers, historians, naval architects and others for which the sea and ships are both their profession and their passion." Contains information on their dives and wreck photos.
53 Auke Visser's Historical Tankers site: Website dedicated to Famous T Tankers.
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55 New Zealand Shipping web site: Company Website with various photos of historical NZ ships.
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57 USS LST 173: Website dedicated to a specific LST vessel which contains information relevant to all such vessels.
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60 Crew List Index Project: Website with various information about ships and their crews.
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72 Clydebuilt Database: Website dedicated to ships built on the River Clyde
73 Portcities Southampton: BOT report on sinking of Tang Shing
74 Empress of Asia website: Website dedicated to Empress of Asia
75 Tower Hill Memorial Website: A Benjidog website about Tower Hill and its memorials.
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78 website: Subscription Legal research website which includes information about maritime legal cases
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