Homeward Bound

Departure and Arrival

After a long and eventful cruise, Moldavia departs Lisbon today Wednesday 19 August 1936 at 13:00 and is due to arrive at London (Tilbury Docks) at 12:00 on Saturday 22 August 1936.

We have about 1,030 nautical miles to cover and this last leg of the cruise will last nearly 3 days.

The Voyage Home

The voyage back to London is much shorter than the outbound leg from Southampton to Malta but there are still nearly three days to fill. The daily dancing and Lotto events continue and most likely the onboard concert described on the Onboard page HERE will have been held on the way home - no doubt after plenty of rehearsals.

The 'Events for the Week' leaflet notes the following:

  • Wednesday 19 August: 21:00 - A Treasure Hunt on departure from Lisbon
  • Thursday 20 August: 10:00 - Gymkhana, 15:00 Children's Sports, 16:30 Children's Carnival Tea, 21:00 Concert
  • Friday 21 August: 17:00 Prize Distribution, Carnival Dance, Whist Drive

The Reckoning

After the feast comes the reckoning. The notice below reminded passengers that accounts related to the excursions needed to be settled.

Reminder [1]

Greetings from P&O

At the end of the cruise, passengers were issued with a note from the chairman and directors of P&O.

Note from Chairman and Directors to passengers [1]


Tilbury Docks had been updated by the construction of a new passenger terminal (now the cruise terminal) opened by Ramsay Macdonald in 1930. Alighting passengers had just a short distance to walk to the adjacent Tilbury Riverside station from where they could get a train into London. The large building in line with the funnels of the docked vessel was the baggage hall. The one to the right of it with a turret was the station - which closed on 30 November 1992 and is now part of the Tilbury Passenger Terminal.

1934 aerial view of the landing stage and Riverside Station at Tilbury Docks from Britain from Above image EPW044225 [20]

The photo below shows Tilbury Riverside Station building from the landing stage.

Tilbury Riverside Station from the landing stage - date unknown [3]

The image below shows passenger vessels in some of the inner docks at Tilbury in 1934.

Aerial view of Tilbury Docks from Britain from Above image EPW044221 [20]

The landing stage and baggage hall were still in use in 2019 and there are large car parks nearby and coach services available for onward travel. The photo below shows a cruise ship at the landing stage in 2018

Aerial view of Tilbury landing stage [20]

The image below shows the main cruise terminal building - it is now known as the London International Cruise Terminal.

London International Cruise Terminal at Tilbury in 2019. [20]