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Alan Turing: The Enigma Website with many links to material related to Alan Turing by his biographer Andrew Hodges.
Bletchley Park Home page of the Bletchley Park National Codes Centre.
Breaking Germany's Enigma Code BBC History article by Andrew Lycett from 2011 providing an overview and further reading lists etc.
Cipher Machines and Cryptology Dirk Rijmenants has created a large website with information about many aspects of the subject with interesting diagrams and photos. One of the links on this site includes a downloadable simulation of the Enigma machine you can play with.
Codebreaking and Secret Weapons in World War II Article by Bill Momsen describing German cipher capability and weaknesses in usage that let to deciphering.
Computer History Museum Link to the museum's collections page from where you can access information about the history of early computers including those used for codebreaking.
Crypto Museum An online museum from the Netherlands with information and photos of 25 historical cipher machines and other information. There are also various other instruments including radios and telex machines. You can buy a genuine cipher machine here.
History of GCHQ The organisation's own history page.
History of MI5 Official history page of MI5.
History of MI6 Offical history page of MI6.
Introduction To Codes, Ciphers, & Codebreaking Greg Goebel has put together a comprehensive history of codes and ciphers with details of codes and codebreaking from WW1, WW2 and through to the present. Warning - it is difficult to stop once you start reading this material!
Langeleben and the Intercept Business Reminiscences from people who worked intercepting radio traffic including an introduction to the "Y" service and its history. These units gathered the raw intercept data that was processed by cryptanalysts.
Navajo Code Talkers The fascinating story of how Navajo people were used in radio communications during WW2 to confuse eavesdroppers due to the complexit of their language.
The Turing Digital Archive This website run by King's College Cambridge contains nearly 3,000 images of letters, photographs, newspaper articles, and unpublished papers by or about Alan Turing. The images were scanned from the collection of Turing papers held in the Archive Centre at King's College, Cambridge.

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