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This page contains links to sites of nautical interest that didn't fit well into the other pages.

All links on this page were checked in January 2023 but sites close or change their web addresses from time to time so if you spot any errors please let me know. Contact me via the Menu.

Link Description of Content
Battleships-Cruisers Lists and photos of the world's naval ships from the nineteenth century to today.
British Military Powerboat Team This site is dedicated to British miltary powerboats that were formerly looked after by the British Military Powerboat Trust which has now merged with the Portsmouth Naval Property Trust. It is concerned with the preservation and restoration of historic military craft. The site includes boat histories and photos.
Coasters Remembered Forum for coastal shipping enthusiasts. You can view the content but have to register to post on it.
Crew List Index Project (CLIP) CLIP has many resources to help the researcher insluding information about seafarers, Masters, owners, ships by name, ships by official number and ships by port. It includes information about smaller vessels that does not appear elsewhere.
Cyberheritage I don't really know how to describe this site other than to say that the owner Steve Johnson of Plymouth has been pulling together all kinds of interesting information for 21 years onto this low-tech but fascinating site. Hours of interest finding your way amongst photos and other information about WW2, Plymouth, aerial photos and goodness knows what. There is no real index so just dig in and see what you can find.
Equasis Website supported by EU Maritime organisations with information about current ships and shipping companies. You need to register to use it but registration is free.
Flags of the World More flags than you can wave a flag at, including shipping company flags and pennants. Wikipedia says it has 41,000 pages about flags and 78,000 images of flags. I am prepared to take their word for it.
Gallery of Transport Loss Impressive website with information about losses and accidents with photos and background information. Great place to go if you want to have a good gloat about the misfortunes of others.
Graphic Design from the 20s & 30s An interesting collection of posters from various countries. The site doesn't seem to have been updated since 2013 but is still live.
Great Ships An interesting collection of postcards and other items collected by Jeff Newman and other items of nautical interest.
House Flags Link to the NMM collection of shipping company house flags.
Internet Archive An online collection of eBooks and texts, movies, software, music etc. They claim to hold 15 million items and its all free. Should keep you busy for several lifetimes. As an example, a search on 'Ships' returned 22,349 items.
John's Nautical & Boatbuilding Page A huge collection of material including the 'The Mother of All Maritime Links' which lives up to its name.
Marine Traffic Near real-time display of marine traffic throughout the world
Marine Archaeology Sea Trust Link to the home page of this site that includes information about various research projects including some related to the British Antarctic Territory.
Maritime Timetable Images A large collection of old shipping company timetables.
Merchant Navy Association Website of the MNA.
Ocean Weather Ships Website dedicated to the ships that collected data from the Atlantic Ocean used by the Bracknell Weather Centre to produce forecasts until they were scrapped in the early 1980s. The site contains many photos, articles and other information about these vessels and the people that manned them.
Online Steamboat Museum A large collection of photos, waybills and other material including the Dave Thomson Gallery and stills from movies involving steamboats.
Paddle Steamer Preservation Society Supporting the Preservation and Operation of Paddle Steamers WAVERLEY and KINGSWEAR CASTLE.
Ship AIS Another site where you can see shipping movements around the UK in near real-time.
Ship Scrapping Information about ships scrapped, or about to be scrapped, in India, Pakistan, China, Turkey or Bangladesh since the end of 2009 to the present day.
The Danny Home site of the restored vessel Daniel Adamson with history and information about taking a trip on her.
Tugboat Intormation Information about the history of US tugboats, tug companies and their owner
Tugspotters Netherlands Website dedicated to tugs with many photos and other information in Dutch which I can't comment on as, although I spent a year working in Amsterdam, I never got beyond ordering beer and a few swearwords.

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