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Area Web Link Description of Content
Australia Australian Shipwrecks An encyclopaedia covering Australian shipwrecks and other maritime incidents in the region and information about purchasing a book version of the information which is more extensive in coverage.
Australia Navy Website of the Royal Australian Navy
Great Lakes Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping The 'Boatnerd' site has lots of information about the Great Lakes and Seaway shipping including photo galleries and ships in transit.
Great Lakes Great Lakes Maritime Collection This Great Lakes Maritime Database was initially funded by the Library of Michigan in 2005 with a collaborative grant by Alpena County Library and the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. It contains the 19th century C. Patrick Labadie collection as well as an ever growing collection of 20th century data and pictures.
Ireland Irish Shipwrecks Database A searchable database of shipwrecks on and around the Irish Coast. The material on this site has been obtained from original sources such as Admiralty and Board of Trade Wreck Returns, The Life Boat Journal, Lloyd's List and contemporary newspapers rather than from recently published books or other maritime websites.
New Zealand New Zealand Coastal Shipping Site dedicated to NZ coastal shipping in its final few years of conventional operation. By conventional they mean “small ships that looked like ships, had things called masts and derricks, put cargo in holds instead of metal boxes”
New Zealand Onehunga Site dedicated to shipping at the port of Onehunga
UK Berwick on Tweed Berwick Shipyard Site dedicated to shipbuilding on the River Tweed with comprehensive information about the yard and the ships produced there by Billy Swan of Dunfermaline.
British and Irish Shipyards British and Irish Shipyards Site complements others dedicated to shipping built on the Tyne, Wear, Tees, Clyde etc. by covering those built in other shipyards in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.
UK Essex Mersea Museum Local museum website focused on traditional local activities of fishing, oystering, wild fowling, boat building, ships and barges and local history. The site includes an excellent photo collection.
UK Fleetwood Lancs. The Bosun's Watch Site dedicated to the history, ships, people etc. of the Fleetwood fishing fleet
UK Grimsby Grimsby Trawlers Details of the trawlers that sailed out of the Port of Grimsby 1876 - 1976
UK North-East North East Maritime Trust To educate the public in relation to the maritime heritage of the United Kingdom, especially the North East of England.
UK Norwich George Plunkett's Photographs A collection of photos taken by the site owner's father over a period of 75 years including the town, the river and much more. Good quality and very interesting.
UK Portsmouth HMS Victory Official website of HMS Victory
UK Portsmouth HMS Warrior Official website of HMS Warrior
UK Portsmouth Mary Rose Museum Official website of the Mary Rose Museum
UK Portsmouth Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Website dedicated to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards.
UK River Clyde Clyde Maritime Portal Shipping movements – arrivals and departures – for vessels on the Clyde, along with listings for Cruise Ships visiting Greenock.
UK River Clyde Puffers and VICs This is part of the Clyde Maritime website dedicated to to Clyde 'Puffers and VICs' - VICs being Victualling Inshore Craft - powered lighters built in WW2.
UK River Tees Tees Built Ships This web site aims to present the vital information and the careers of all vessels built by the shipyards of the River Tees, Hartlepool, West Hartlepool and Whitby.
UK River Thames Hidden history of the Thames Information about the Thames around the Royal Docks area and access to sound recordings of local people
UK River Thames Thames Tugs Photos and information about Thames ship handling and lighterage tugs including logs of vessels that went to Dunkirk
UK River Thames Where Thames Smooth Waters Glide An impressive site with a vast amount of information and photos, past and present, about the Thames from its source to the estuary with many interesting articles and photos.
UK River Tyne Tyne Built Ships A history of Tyne shipbuilders and the ships that they built.
UK River Tyne Tyne Tugs and Tug Builders Site dedicated to the tugs, tug builders and ship owners who operated these tugs.
UK River Wear Sunderland Built Ships Vital information and careers of all vessels built by the shipyards of Sunderland and upstream sites on the River Wear, with photographs of ships and shipyards where available. It is still very much "work in progress", so far recording over 7000 vessels and their histories.
UK Scotland Maggie Law Maritime Museum This is the web site of a museum which houses the 1890 lifeboat Maggie Law in the now decommissioned lifeboat station at Gourdon between Montrose and Aberdeen. The website has information about visiting the museum and pages about local social and maritime history, poems, and orals histories by people that lived in the area.
UK Scotland Scottish Built Ships This web site aims to present the vital information and the careers of all vessels built by the shipyards of Scotland. It is very much a "work in progress", so far recording over 35,000 vessels and their histories. In addition, it is planned to add brief histories of each shipbuilder.
UK Solway Firth Solway Shipping Website dedicated to shipping in the Solway Firth including shipping movements, tide tables, weather, photos and historical information.
UK Sunderland The Sunderland site This is part of Peter Searle’s Websites - the link will take you to a section of the site about Sunderland with many pages of information about the history of Sunderland and the ships built there. Some very interesting content but be prepared to search around. Several Doxford pages are included.

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