WW2 Convoy Routes


Convoys were employed at least from the 16th Century as a form of protection and were used extensively during WW1 and WW2.

There are extensive resources on the web about convoys and this entry is restricted to explaining the prefix codes used for convoys during World War 2 - links to some of them can be found on the War Links page of this site.

Note: This table has been compiled from several internet sources that do not agree 100% so it may contain errors.

Prefix Route Comments
AB Aden - Bombay From Nov 1942
AC Aden - Colombo
AH Aruba - Halifax, NS From July to Sept' 1942. 4 convoys only
AKD Aden - Kilindini - Durban From Sept' 1943
AP UK - Middle East via Cape Summer 1940. Fast military convoy with war materials for Middle East
AS America - Freetown From March 1942, military convoys
AT New York - UK From March 1942, military convoys
BA Bombay - Aden/Red Sea From May 1941, military then later merchant
BB UK Coastal
BC Beira - Capetown July to September 1943, then AKD
BC Bombay - Colombo From September 1943
BD White Sea - Dikson Russian. From summer 1943
BHX Bermuda - Halifax Feeder. May 1940 to March 1941
BK White Sea - Kola Fjord Russian. From Summer of 1941
BRN Brazilian Coast From late 1942
BS Brest - Casablanca French. September 1939 to June 1940
BT Sydney, NSW - USA From January 1943. Military
BT Bahia - Trinidad November 1942 to July 1943 then JT
BTC U.K. coastal From June 1944
BX Boston - Halifax, NS From 1942
CA Colombo - Aden
CB Capetown - Beira July to September 1943 them DKA
CB Colombo - Bombay From September 1943
CD Capetown - Durban From November 1942
CE U.K. coastal From September 1940. St Helens to Southend
CF Capetown - Freetown From May 1941
CG Casablanca - Gibraltar From January 1943 for FT
CH Colombo - Calcutta
CJ Colombo - Chittagong
CM Capetown - Red Sea From June 1940. Military
CT UK - North America From August 1941. Military
CU Caribbean - UK From February 1943. Tanker convoys
CW UK Coastal Channel coast
CX Colombo - Maldives - Chagos From April 1943
CZ Curacao - Panama Canal From August 1942
DB Dikson - White Sea From summer 1942. Russian
DC Durban - Capetown From December 1942
DKA Durban - Kilindini - Aden From September 1943
DN Durban - North
EBC English Channel From June 1944. Eastern feeder, Operation Neptune
EBM English Channel From June 1944. Western feeder, Operation Neptune
EC Southend - Loch Ewe - Clyde From March to October 1941
ECP English Channel From June 1944. Invasion convoys
EMC English Channel From June 1944. Invasion convoys
EN Methil - Loch Ewe (Clyde) From August 1940 to Clyde, from July 1941 to Loch Ewe only
ET North African Ports - Gibraltar From November 1942
ETC English Channel From June 1944. Eastern feeder for Operation Neptune
EW UK Coastal Channel area West
FC Freetown - Capetown From May 1941
FN Southend - Methil From September 1939
FN Freetown - Natal From summer 1942
FP Brest - UK From March to June 1940
FS Methil - Southend From September 1939
FSS Bizerta - Salermo From September 1939 to end of 1943
FT Freetown - Trinidad From July 1943
FXP English Channel From June 1944. Invasion convoys
GAT Guantanamo - Aruba - Trinidad From August 1942. Former WAT
GC Gibraltar - Casablanca From November 1942. Former TF
GIBR Canares - Gibraltar Coastal
GK Guantanamo - Key West From September 1942
GM Gibraltar - Malta From July 1941. Military convoys
GN Guantanamo - New York From September 1942
GP Guantanamo - Panama Canal From July 1942. GZ from September 1942
GP Australia - East Coast From 1942
GS UK Coastal
GS Greenland - Sydney, NS
GT UK Coastal
GTX Gibraltar - Tripoli - Alexandria/Port Said From May 1943
GUF Gibraltar - US From November 1942. Fast
GUS Gibraltar - US From November 1942. Slow
GZ Guantanamo - Panama Canal From September 1942. for GP
HA Halifax, NS - Aruba From July to September 1942
HA Tripoli - Augusta From August 1943
HC Calcutta - Colombo
HG Gibraltar - UK From September 1939 to September 1942, later MKF and MKS
HK Galveston - Wey West From August 1942
HM UK coastal
HN Bergen - Methil From October 1939 to April 1940
HX Halifax/N.Y. - UK From September 1939 to 1942 from Halifax. From September 1942 to May 1945 from New York. From July 1940 entry from the North Channel, and from October 1944 from South of Ireland. From September 1939 to February 1940 additional HXF (fast) convoys. Feeder convoys HXH from Halifax, NS. HXS from Sydney, NS. HXJ from St Johns, NFL.
JC Chittagong - Colombo
JT Rio de Janeiro - Trinidad From July 1943 for former BT
JW Loch Ewe - Kola Fjord From December 1942, former PQ. Part of convoy direct to Archangel
K Casablanca - Brest From October 1939 to June 1940
KB Kola Fjord - White Sea From summer 1941
KG Key West - Guantanamo From September 1942
KH Key West - Galveston From August 1942
KJ Kingston - Europe From September to October 1939 KJF (fast), also linked with KJ
KMF UK - Mediterranean (fast) From October 1942. Military at the start. Replacing OG. From May 1943 to Alexandria
KMS UK to Mediterranean (slow) From October 1942. From April 1943 linked with OS convoys off Gibraltar.
KN Key West - New York From May 1942 to Hampton Roads. From September 1942 to New York
KP Kola Fjord - Pilottotown(Mississippi) From August 1942
KP Kola Fjord - Petsamo/Kirkenes From November 1944. Soviet convoys
KR Indian Ocean From 1944. Military convoys
KRS UK - North Africa From 1942. Operation Torch
KS Oran/Casablanca - Brest/St Nazaire From September 1939 to June 1940. French
KX UK - Gibraltar From October to November 1942 - Operation Torch
LE Port Said/Alexandria - Famagusta/Haifa/Beirut From July 1941
LMD Laurenco Marques - Durban From November 1942 to September 1943 then AKD.
LS Lagos - Freetown From April to August 1942 then TS
MC Middle East - Kilindini- Capetown From June 1940. Military.
ME Mediterranean - East From June 1940
MG Malta - Gibraltar From July 1941 to August 1942. Military
MH UK coastal
MKF Mediterranean - UK From November 1942. Fast military
MKS Mediterranean - UK From November 1942 replacing HG. Slow convoy. From May 1943 linked with SL
MT Methil - Tyne From February 1940. Replaced FN.
MW West Mediterranean - Alexandria/Malta From July 1940 to 1941. Resumed November 1942. July 1943 MWF for operation Husky
NA North America - UK January/February 1942. Military convoys. Later combined with AT
NC Oran/Algiers - Sicily July 1943. Invasion convoys for Operation Husky
NE New Zealand - Panama
NG New York - Guantanamo From August 1942
NK New York - Key West From May to August 1942 from Hampton Roads, from August - New York
NP Clyde/Scapa Flow - Narvik April 1940. Military
NS North Africa - Naples
OA Outward Bound to North America September 1939 to July 1940 from South Ireland. July 1940 to October 1940 from North Channel. Gibraltar section OAG till July 1940. From October 1940 OB only
OB Liverpool - North America From September 1939 to July 1940 from Bristol Channel. From July 1940 from North Channel. July 1941 merged with ONF and ONS. Gibraltar section OBG until July 1940
OC Australian coastal 1943
OG UK - Gibraltar From October 1939 to August 1942 and from May to October 1943, then KMS. Until July 1940 from South of Ireland then from North Channel. Combined with KMS July 1943 and for a short time with OGF.
OL Mersey/Clyde - Outward From September 1940 to October 1940. Large passenger liners only
ON Methil - Bergen From November 1939 to April 1940
ON(F) UK - North America From July 1941 fast convoys for former OB. From September 1944 from South of Ireland. From August 1944 final destination shifted from Halifax to New York.
ONS UK - North America From July 1941, slow convoy for OB. From September 1942 to 1943 final destination New York. From September 1944, South of Ireland. From March 1943 new number to avoid confusion with ON
OS UK - Freetown From July 1941 to September 1942, then again from February 1943. From April 1943 off Gibraltar together with KMS
OT New York - Caribbean - Northwest Africa From February 1943 to June 1944, tankers
PA Persian Gulf - Aden From September 1943
PG Panama - Guantanamo From July 1942 to September 1943
PG Australian coastal 1943
PK Pilottotown, Miss - Key West From August 1942
PK Petsamo - Kola Fjorde From November 1944. Russian convoys
PQ Iceland - North Russia From September 1941 to December 1942 then as JW
PW Portsmouth - Bristol Channel From July 1941
QP North Russia - Iceland From September 1941 to December 1942 then as RA
QS Quebec - Sydney From 1942
RA Kola Fjord - Loch Ewe From December 1942 for former QP. Russian feeder convoys BK.
RB St Lawrence - UK From September 1942. Transfer of passenger ships from Great Lakes to UK
RS Gibraltar - Brest From October 1939 to June 1940. French
RS Gibraltar - Sierra Leone From February 1943
RU Reykjavik - UK
S Brest - Casablanca From 1939 to June 1940. French
SB Malta - Sicily From July 1943. Invasion convoys for Operation Husky. Subdivided into SBF - Malta and SBM, SBS - Sfax
SC Sydney, NS - UK From August 1940 to May 1944, and again from October 1944.September 1942 to March 1943 assembly at New York, then Sydney again.
SG UK coastal
SG Sydney, NS - Greenland From 1942.
SL Sierra Leone(Freetown) - UK From September 1939 to October 1942 and again from March 1943. Off Gibraltar linked with MKS
SN Naples - North African ports From 1943. Fast (SNF)
SQ Sydney, NS - Quebec From 1942.
SR Sierra Leone - Gibraltar From February 1943
ST Freetown - Takoradi From December 1941. Later FL and FT
SW Suez - Durban/Capetown From 1940. WS on return.
TA UK - USA From March 1942. Military convoys, combined with AN
TAG Trinidad - Aruba - Guantanamo From August 1942. Former TAW
TAM Trinidad - Aruba - ???
TAW Trinidad - Aruba - Key West From July to August 1942 then TAG
TB USA - Sydney (Aust) From January 1942, military convoys
TB Trinidad - Bahia From December 1942 to July 1943 then TJ
TBC UK coastal From 1944. Invasion convoys
TC Canadian Troop Convoy From 1939 to 1940
TE Trinidad - eastward From November 1942
TF Trinidad - Freetown From November 1942 to July 1943
TE Gibraltar - North African ports From November 1942
TG UK coastal
TJ Trinidad - Rio de Janeiro From July 1943. Former TB
TJ Tunisia - Sicily July 1943. Invasion convoy for Operation Husky with TJF, TJM and TJS
TM Tyne - Methil From February 1940
TM Trinidad - Gibraltar From January 1943. Tanker convoy for Operation Torch
TO NW Africa - Caribbean - USA From February 1943 to June 1944. Tankers.
TR Trinidad - Recife November 1942. One convoy only, then TB
TS Takoradi - Freetown From August 1942. From April 1942 LS
TS Tripoli - Termini September 1943. Invasion convoys for Operation Avalanche with TSF and TSS
TU UK - USA From September 1943. Military
TX Tripoli - Alexandria From February 1943
UC UK - Caribbean From February 1943. Special tanker convoys
UGF USA - Gibraltar From October 1942(fast) Initially invasion convoys Operation Torch then ports in North Africa
UGS USA - Gibraltar From October 1942(slow) as per UGF
UR Loch Ewe (later Belfast) to Reykjavik (Iceland)
US Australia - Middle East From January 1940. Military
UT USA - UK From August 1943. Military
VA Vilkizky - Dikson From July 1943. Russian
VD Vilkizky - Dikson From July 1943. Russian
WAT Key West - Aruba - Trinidad From July to August 1942. Then GAT
WEP Isle of Wight to Cherbourg Dec 1944.
WN Loch Ewe - Methil From July 1940.
WP Bristol Channel - Portsmouth From July 1941.
WS UK - Middle East Winstons Specials From June 1940 to August 1943 mostly via Capetown. A few in Sept/41, June/42 and Aug/42 via the Mediterranean
X Le Verdon - Casablanca From September 1939 to June 1940. French
XB Halifax - Boston From April 1942
XC Chagos - Maldives - Colombo From May 1940
XK Gibraltar - UK From October 1942. Special convoys for Operation Torch
XS Le Verdon - Mediterranean From September 1939 to June 1940. French
XT Alexandria - Tripoli From January 1943
XTG Alexandria - Tripoli - Gibraltar From June 1943
ZC Panama Canal - Curacao From August 1942
ZG Panama Canal - Guantanamo From September 1942. Former PG
MVS No information
VWP No information
WEG UK coastal Various local coastal convoys

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