You will find links to various website related to the history of recent wars and nautical history in particular.

All links were evaluated in February 2019 but sites close or change their web addresses from time to time so if you spot any errors please let me know. My contact details are at the foot of this page.

Web Link Description of Content
Historical Links Links to various websites containing historical information of various kinds.
Associations Links to various associations with maritime connections.
Codes and Spying Links to various websites dedicated to cryptoloy, cryptanalysis and spying
Marine Artists Links to websites of marine artists and galleries offering marine art to view or purchase.
NMM Research Guides Links to the various research guides that are available online by courtesy of the Caird Library at the NMM. Many have been updated/
Ships Photos Links to websites holding large numbers of photos related to ships and shipping.
Other Nautical Links Links to various other sites containing nautical information of interest
Shipping Line Links Links to website dedicated to specific shipping companies
WW1 and WW2 Links Links to various websites with useful research information about the two world wars
WW2 Convoy Routes An explanation of the routes of various WW2 convoys based on the convoy prefix.