Reg Watson's P&O Years Postcards


My grandfather Reginald Arthur Watson (1890-1974) was a steward on the P&O liner Morea (shown above) just before WW1. My grandmother's box of postcards from his trips to Australia and New Zealand was an endless source of fascination to me as a small child. When my grandparents died, I inherited the postcards and still treasure them. I decided it was time they were catalogued and put online so that others can see them.

My world back in the 1950s didn't extend beyond London, apart from an annual week's holiday at the seaside - Bognor Regis, the Isle of Wight or Broadstairs. It never occurred to me back then that I would travel very far and, although this changed, I haven't been to any of the places visited by my grandfather on the voyages represented in this collection, and probably never will. At least I have learned something about them whilst researching this website and have at least slightly reduced my ignorance. I vaguely remember that we learned a little about Australia in Geography at school, but the lessons were so boring it must have 'gone in one ear and out of the other' as the old saying goes.

I have another collection of postcards from my grandfather's time serving in the Royal Artillery during WW1 that I will put online in due course.

I have added links to the foot of each page that will take you through the collection from an introduction to the various stages of the route from the UK to Australia. There is a page about the publishers of the postcards which can be found under 'Site Information'. If you prefer you can jump directly to a specific destination from the Content section of the menu. You can also access site information, contact me or provide feedback, view the visitors book and access search facilities.

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Brian Watson
5 February 2024