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Tex McLeod

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This is the story of the lives of two people from very different backgrounds: Vera Milligen, the daughter of a shipping company owner, and Texan cowboy Alexander 'Tex' McLeod. Tex had been in showbusiness for many years before they met and had lived a very colourful life. They married in 1939, performed together for many years at shows and in theatres across the UK, and continued separate showbusiness careers after they parted company.

As research into their lives progressed, I was amazed at just how many stars of film, TV and radio the pair had worked with - many of them very familiar to me in my younger years. It has been a 'trip down memory lane' and I have included information about a selection of artistes along the way.

I have included links at the bottom of each page that will take you through the story, or you can use the menu - which also gives access to pages where you can provide feedback, view the visitors' book, use search facilities and access other research resources I have created.

I hope you will find the story of Vera and Tex as interesting as I did.

Brian Watson
1 September 2021