WW2 Memorial Errors and Omissions


It was inevitable that during the chaos of war, some of the information about the fate of missing servicemen and merchant seamen would be recorded inaccurately. Those engaged in producing the list of names for the WW2 Merchant Navy memorial had a difficult task even though they were doing this several years after the war had ended. Over the passing years further information has come to light and is still being tracked down - in particular by Billy McGee, Archivist to the Merchant Navy Association.

Most of the data used to construct this page was provided by Mr. McGee who has spent many years fighting on behalf of those who lost their lives but who are not properly recognised. I am sure that we all wish Billy success with his continuing endeavours and I for one am pleased that his diligence and persistence was acknowledged by the award of the Merchant Navy Medal as noted in The London Gazette on 21 October 2011.

The principle followed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission regarding which seamen should be commemorated on war memorials is that they must have lost their lives as a result of 'increased war risk' and that the loss of life must be confirmed by the Registrar General of Seamen and Shipping.

Supplementary Panels

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission added panels 130-132 after the main construction of the memorial to commemorate additional losses that had come to light. The CWGC has stated that its policy is to correct omissions when it becomes necessary to re-cast panels for other reasons. This is a bone of contention for many people but I guess they can't keep re-casting the panels in view of the cost of doing this.

Panels 130-132 can be accessed from the WW2 Panel Index and the entries for individual ships from WW2 Additional Entries.


The seamen shown in the table below are recorded on the Tower Hill WW2 memorial but now that further information is known about the circumstances of their death and burials they appear not to meet the strict criteria for commemoration on this particular memorial. With one known exception, these people lost their lives during the war and no disrespect is implied.

According to Billy McGee, in some cases the CWGC has chosen not to remove a commemoration that with retrospect would not have met the strict criteria. I don't think many people would disapprove of this policy but the information now known is provided for the benefit of relatives and other researchers. The majority appear to have died from disease rather than "increased war risk". For what it is worth, my personal opionion is that these people lost their lives whilst serving their country and their sacrifice is no less.

You can access the relevant memorial panel details by clicking on the name of the vessel in which the person served.

Error Data

Surname Forenames Description Vessel Date of Death Additional Information
Anwyl William Herbert Steward Duchess Of Bedford (London) 10 June 1944 Age 48. Son of Robert and Margaret Anwyl; Husband of Hannah Anwyl, of Crosby, Liverpool. (Died at sea From "Malaria")
Arnold Herbert Peter Able Seaman Fort Michipicoten (London) 9 February 1944 Age 21. Son of Herbert Charles and Helen Alice Arnold, of Southampton. (Disappeared after being "Knocked Overboard")
Arrhenius Anning Able Seaman Soborg (Glasgow) 6 April 1942 Age 37. ("Missing believed drowned after fire onboard")
Ball Basil John Boatswain (Bosun) John Holt (Liverpool) 2 December 1943 Age 37. (Cause of death "Drowning")
Barrowclough Joshua Roy Hinchcliffe Quartermaster City Of Windsor (London) 25 February 1944 Age 34. Son of Herbert and Ann Barrowclough. (Died at sea "In his sleep, believed heart failure")
Best Arthur Henry Master Consuelo (Hull) 7 July 1944 Son of Henry and Mary Best; Husband of Nanny Tohanna Elizabeth Best, of Hull. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Blair Frederick Second Engineer Officer New Brooklyn (Liverpool) 6 February 1944 Age 53. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Blair; husband of Fanny Blair, of Great Crosby, Liverpool. (Died at sea from a "Ruptured Ulcer")
Blakiston Lionel Stewart Second Engineer Officer Bellerophon (Liverpool) 29 September 1942 Age 40. Son of James and Frances Anna Blakiston; husband of Ella Manson Blakiston, of Hoylake, Cheshire. (Cause of Death From TB At New York)
Boyle James Joseph Fireman Empire Forest (Glasgow) 6 December 1944 Age 36. Son of John and Annie Boyle, of Tomhaggard, Co. Wexford, Irish Republic. (Died at Sea From "Malaria")
Brodie Terrance Donkeyman Neverita (London) 2 March 1945 Age 56. ("Killed in a collision with another Ship")
Burdis Robert William Sailor Empire Iseult (Sunderland) 26 February 1943 Age 22. Son of Robert W. and Mary Esther Burdis, of Hebburn, Co. Durham. ("Thrown overboard by out-swinging nets")
Cain Harold Lift Attendant Queen Mary (Liverpool) 27 April 1941 Age 52. Son of Christopher Cain and of Ellen Cain (Nee Lovelady); husband of Mary Edith Cain, of Maybush, Southampton. (Died from "Heat Stroke")
Canlan Edward, B.E.M. Boatswain (Bosun) Fort George (Liverpool) 25 December 1946 Age 33. Buried Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery. Block Ll Grave 71. (Cause of Death "Drowning")
Cannell Maurice Robert Chief Engineer Officer Rockforest (London) 12 September 1945 Age 45. Husband of Mabel Cannell, of St. Annes-On-Sea, Lancs. Buried Corozal American Military Cemetery. Sec. K. Row 8. Grave 8. (Cause of Death "Brain Haemorrhage")
Cook Herbert T V Able Seaman Arundel Castle (London) 14 April 1945 Age 57. (Died at sea from "Cardiac Failure")
Davidge Ernest Leading Hand Highland Brigade (Belfast) 7-8 August 1943 Age 56. Husband of Caroline E. Davidge, of Custom House, Essex. (Cause of Death "Misadventure")
Davidson James Thomas Deck Boy British Endurance (London) 1 April 1942 Age 18. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Edgar Davidson, of Selkirk. (Died from "Head injuries due to falling in ships hold")
Davies David John Chief Engineer Officer P.L.M. Xiii (Glasgow) 15 February 1943 Husband of S. A. Davies, Of Liverpool, England. Sec. Q.C. Row 10. Lot 175B. Buried Halifax (St. John's) Cemetery. (Cause of Death, "Cerebral Haemorrhage")
Davies William Chief Officer Empire Gareth (West Hartlepool) 28 July 1943 Age 51. (Died at Sea from a "Stroke")
Dollery Orlando Alfred Baker Dunnottar Castle (London) 28 December 1943 Age 52. Husband of Estelle B. F. Dollery, of Bitterne, Southampton. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Ebdon Harry Chief Engineer Officer Manchester Progress (Manchester) 25 December 1943 Age 59. Husband of Annie Ebdon, of Sale, Cheshire. (Died at sea from "Inflamation of the Kidneys")
Edwards Thomas David Master Ocean Fame (Manchester) 20 March 1945 Age 59. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Ellis Frederick Boatswain Thurland Castle (Liverpool) 7 December 1945 Age 50. Son of George and Sarah Ellis; husband of Mary Ellis, of Grassendale, Lancashire. (Died at sea From "Haemorrhage")
Evans Samuel Thomas Second Radio Officer Uffington Court (London) 20 February 1945 Age 32. Son of Aldred and Selina Evans; husband of Catherine Evans, of Llanilterne, Glamorgan. ("Missing presumed drowned")
Fellingham H Master Fort St. Joseph (London) 10 February 1944 Age 57. (Died at sea from "Cerebral Thrombosis")
Ferrie George Third Radio Officer Hughli (London) 3 December 1943 Age 16. Son of Peter Aitken Ferrie and Annie Ferrie, of Glasgow. Buried Calcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery. Plot L. Grave 124B. (Died in hospital from "Dengue Fever")
Fibiger Louis John Chief Engineer Officer Fort Pine (Manchester) 13 July 1946 Age 55. Husband of Martha H. Fibiger, Of South Shields, Co. Durham. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Forshaw James Able Seaman Queen Mary (Liverpool) 20 June 1942 Age 45. Buried Simon's Town (Didi Valley) Cemetery. R.C.Allotment. (Died in hospital From "Pulmonary TB")
Hardy Alexander H Master War Sepoy N/A According to the Historical RFA - External Ref. #22, Mr. Harvey was not on War Sepoy when she was Bombed On 25 July 1940 and nor was T.G. Bennett who was actually Master at that time. Captain Hardy in fact died of natural causes In Northern Ireland on 30 April 1943 and is buried in The Local Cemetary. His name has been removed from The CWGC database but the plate has not been altered.
Harold Charles Baker Bodnant (Liverpool) 2 September 1940 Age 52. (Died at sea from "Pneumonia")
Harper Henry William Louis Greaser Esperance Bay (London) 3 August 1945 Age 31. Son of Henry and Annie Harper; husband of Annie Harper, of Rotherhithe, London. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure & Heat Exhaustion")
Harris Charles Edward Steward Durban Castle (London) 26 October 1945 Age 42. Son of Herbert and Fanny Harris; husband of Janet Harris, of Palmer's Green, Middlesex. (Died at sea from "Acute Heart Failure & Broncho-Pneumonia")
Heather Harry Master Empire Jonquil (London) 19 June 1940 Age 56. (Cause of death "Unknown")
Hooker Reginald Henry Able Seaman Empire Trumpet (Greenock) 28 July 1943 Age 38. Son of Henry and Martha Hooker; Husband of N. W. Hooker, of Sholing, Southampton. (Cause of death "Heat Stroke" while at the Persian Gulf)
Iredale Henry Steward Queen Mary (Liverpool) 24 June 1942 Age 47. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure Due To Heat Exhaustion")
Jenkins David Isaac Master Chippewa Park (Montreal) 14 December 1945 Age 58. Husband of C. E. Jenkins, of Maidstone, Kent. (Died at sea. "Cause Unknown, Presumed Heart Attack")
Jones Trefor Master Churruca (London) 29 March 1942 Age 26. Buried Cairo New British Protestant Cemetery. Plot E. Grave 268. (Died in hospital at Cairo from "Heart Failure")
Kershaw William John Master Atako (United Kingdom) 30 June 1944 Buried New Orleans (Greenwood) Cemetery. (Cause of death "Heart Disease")
Larsen Edgar Able Seaman British Lady (London) 20-21 November 1942 Age 54. Son of Jorgen and Karoline Larsen; husband of Maud Larsen, of North Shields, Northumberland. (Fell in dock from mole during air attack)
Leech Thomas Barkeeper Duchess Of Bedford (London) 9 November 1942 Age 35. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Leech; husband of Teresa Leech, of Waterloo, Liverpool. (Died at sea from "Coronary Thrombosis")
Lees William Edwin Fourth Engineer Officer Athelduchess (Liverpool). 4 December 1939 Son of John Edwin Lees, and of Florence Mary Lees, of Moreton, Cheshire. Buried Dunkirk Town Cemetery. Plot 2 Row 5 Grave 7. (Presumed drowned off Dunkirk)
Loughton Douglas Third Engineer Officer Fireside (London) 12 December 1942 Age 23. Son of Joseph Lewis Loughton, and of Margaret Loughton, of South Shields, Co. Durham. Awarded Stanhope Gold Medal For Bravery. ("Missing Presumed Lost Overboard")
Lucraft William John Martin Cook Kaikoura (Plymouth) 9 January 1941 Age 54. (Died at sea from Pneumonia)
Lukes John Edward Second Engineer Officer City Of Leicester (Liverpool) 8 July 1945 Age 44. Husband of Robertina Lukes, of Bexhill-On-Sea, Sussex. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Marriott Robert Paul Able Seaman Cara (Glasgow) 27 October 1941 Age 27. Husband Of V. M. Marriott, of Willesden, Middlesex. (Drowned at sea)
Mckee Stanley Robert Second Engineer Officer Pacific Exporter (London) 19 January 1941 Age 35. Son of Robert and Elizabeth Mckee, of Liverpool; husband ff Nora Winifred Mckee, of Heybridge Basin, Essex. (Died at sea following a heart seizure)
Mcmillan George Douglas Master Benrinnes (Leith) 30 May 1945 Age 30. Son of George Mcmillan, and of Magdalene D. Mcmillan, of Edinburgh. (Committed "Suicide" At Beira)
Miller William Chief Engineer Officer Clan Maciver 12 June 1941 Age 53. Son of William Miller and Elizabeth Miller (Nee Anderson); husband of Catherine Sutherland Miller, of Nancledra, Cornwall, England. Buried Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery. Sec. 1. Grave 23957C. (Died In Hospital From "Malaria")
Mills Arthur Carpenter Ormonde (Glasgow) 13 April 1941 Age 62. Husband of Leonora Mills, of Ipswich, Suffolk. (Cause of Death, Small Pox)
Mitchell John James Fireman Dalmore (Newcastle) 6 July 1943 Age 54. Buried Capetown (Maitland) Cemetery. Sec. 4. Grave 101102C. (Cause of Death "Jaundice")
Mitford Algernon Montague First Electrician Tamaroa (Southampton) 1 June 1945 Age 57. Son of J. W. and Fanny Mitford; husband of Mary Elizabeth Mitford, of Shildon, Co. Durham. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure Due To Coronary Thrombosis")
Nash Maurice Chief Steward Ocean Vesper (Cardiff) 15 December 1943 Age 47. Husband of M. Nash, of Liverpool. (Cause of Death "Haemorrhage")
Newall David Maxwell Chief Steward Mataroa (Southampton) 22 July 1942 Age 54. (Cause of Death, "Malaria")
Newman James Tubah Head Fireman Thomas Holt (Liverpool) 16 March 1942 Age 48. Son of Tubah And Mammie Newman, of Freetown, Sierra Leone; husband Of Margaret L.L. Newman, ff Hull. (Died at sea from a "Bowel Obstruction Followed By Heart Failure")
Newton James Edward Chief Engineer Officer Riley (Newcastle-On-Tyne) 18 October 1942 Age 60. Son of James and Mary Ann Currie Turnbull Newton; husband of Emma Newton, of North Shields, Northumberland. (Died at Sea From "Burns And Shock")
Norton Joseph Quartermaster Chantilly (Liverpool) 28 March 1943 Age 31. Husband of E. Norton, of Liverpool, Lancashire. Buried New York, Brooklyn (The Evergreens) Cemetery. (Cause of Death, "Pulmonary TB")
O'ryan Pierce William Surgeon Monarch Of Bermuda (London) 20 July 1943 Age 35. Son of Jerimiah Francis and Ella Shine O'Ryan; husband Of Winifred O'Ryan, of Manchester. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Died at sea from a "Pulmonary Embolism")
Page Gordon Grant Chief Engineer Officer Kumasian (Liverpool) 30 April 1945 Age 56. Son of Thomas and Ellen Page; husband of Edith A. Page, of Farnborough, Hampshire. (Died at sea from "Heart Disease")
Patten Wallace Chef Carthage (London) 28 September 1945 Age 31. Son of Charles Matthew and Augusta Johannah Patten; husband of Muriel Patten, of Sedbergh, Yorkshire. (Died at sea from "Massive Pulmonary Collapse, Secondary To Gastro Eneteritis")
Peers Thomas William Chief Steward Atreus (Liverpool) 10 July 1945 Age 54. Son of Thomas William and Annie Peers, of Liverpool; husband of Eliza Alice Peers, of Liverpool. Buried Calcutta ( Bhowanipore) Cemetery. Plot O. Row C. Coll. Grave 31-36. (Cuase Of Death, "Coronary Thrombosis")
Phayre Alexander Gildea Chief Engineer Officer City Of Worcester (Liverpool) 5 June 1940 Age 59. Son of John and Charlotte Phayre; husband of Agnes Phayre, of Woodvale, Southport, Lancashire. (Died at sea from "Excessive Worry")
Richards Joseph James Able Seaman Empire Silver (Sunderland) 6 August 1943 Age 37. Son of Joseph and Mary Richards; husband of Phyllis Richards, of Stoneycroft, Liverpool. (Died from a "Bowel Obstruction resulting in Peritonitis)
Robb John William, D.S.C. Chief Engineer Officer Glenpark (Greenock) 29 November 1943 Age 52. Husband of Isabella Lindsay Robb, of Glasgow. His Son John William also died on service. (Died at sea from "Presumed Heart Failure")
Scott James Craig Second Engineer Officer Caverock (Gibraltar) 17 March 1940 Age 63. (Killed whilst jumping from lifeboat to Jacobs Ladder. Slipped and fell between boat and ship). Please see additional information recorded against the main entry for Caverock.
Sellars Robert Nelson Purser Sansu (Liverpool) 20 November 1944 Age 43. (Died at sea from "Malaria")
Senior Joseph Chief Steward Kaolack (London) 24 September 1942 Age 52. Son of Joseph and Elisabeth Senior; husband of Jenny Senior, of Hull. (Died from a "Heart Attack following firing of guns during air raid at Gibraltar")
Shave Walter Frank Boatswain's Mate Stirling Castle (London) 10 October 1943 Age 45. Son of Harry Frank and Sarah Shave; husband Of Elizabeth Rose Shave, of Chandler's Ford, Hampshire. (Cause Of Death "TB")
Smith James Lorimer Second Engineer Officer Baron Tweedmouth (Ardrossan) 16 January 1940 Age 54. Son of John and Margaret Smith; husband of Jessie Ogilvie Smith, of Portsoy, Banffshire. (Died at sea from "Internal Bleeding". Lat. 48' 28N Long.) 08' 56W)
Smith Vincent James Greaser Llanstephan Castle (London) 16 January 1941 Age 37. Husband of Doris Smith, of South Shields, Co. Durham. (Died at sea from Dysentery)
Smith Arthur Marshall Chief Engineer Officer Manchester Exporter (Manchester) 13 July 1943 Age 60. Son of George and Elizabeth Smith; husband of Jean M. Smith (Nee Stevenson), of Stretford, Lancashire. Also served in R.N. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Steven *See below George Bain Able Seaman San Cirilo 10 December 1944 Age 31. Son of Donald Steven and of Helen Steven (Nee Waters); husband of Margaret Mowat Steven (Nee Macleod), of Dingwall, Ross And Cromarty. Buried at the time in Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery but reinterred at the Kirkee War Cemetary at Poona, India. See below for photo. Mr. Steven left the San Cirilo At Bombay on the 28th November 1944 and was submitted to St. George's Hospital, Bombay where he died at 1.45 AM Local Time on 10th December 1944 from "Enteric Fever". He was granted full War Grave status due to the fact he was covered by The Merchant Navy Pension Act Of 1942.
Stott John Tweedy Second Officer Mataroa (Southampton) 6 February 1944 Age 27. Son of Edgar S. and Alice E. Stott; husband ff Eunice M. Stott, of St. Austell, Cornwall. ("Missing at sea")
Swithenbank Henry Chief Engineer Officer Coptic (Southampton) 22 April 1942 Age 38. (Died at sea from "Cardiac Failure")
Tait John Ross Chief Officer British Honour (London) 19 February 1942 Age 31. Son of Ross and Lily Tait; husband of Beatrice M. Tait, of South Shields, Co. Durham. (Missing presumed lost overboard)
Taylor Charles Lucius Master Burnside (Glasgow) 20 August 1942 Age 44. Son of Frederick and Alice Taylor; husband of Phyllis Taylor, of Argos Hill Rotherfield, Sussex. (Died at sea from "Heart Failure")
Teall Alfred Lloyd Chief Cook Cochrane (Liverpool) 10 December 1944 Age 49. Husband of Elsie Teall, of Liverpool. (Died at sea from "Malaria")
Towers Cedric Arthur Steward Prome (Glasgow) 4 February 1944 Age 35. Block Ll. Grave 32. Buried Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery. (Cause of Death "Pulmonary TB")
Turner James Alexander Second Radio Officer City Of Barcelona (Liverpool) 8 August 1942 Age 44. Son of John James Turner and Alice Maude Turner; husband of Elise Turner, of Windsor, Berkshire. Buried Basra (Makina) Civil Cemetery. Row 6. Grave O. (Cause Of Death, "Heat Stroke")
Walker Sydney Alexander Chief Engineer Officer Barwick 8 February 1943 Husband of Lily Victoria Walker, of Greasby, Cheshire. (Cause of Death, "Heart Failure")
Warrer Adolf Martin Master Hopepeak (Newcastle On Tyne) 26 August 1943 Age 55. Husband of Lizzie Warrer, of Nordby, Fano, Denmark. (Cause of Death "Coronary Thrombosis")
Westerberg Peter Arvid Chief Engineer Officer Gemlik (Newcastle-On-Tyne) 26 April 1941 Age 53. Son of Peter Arvid and Frances Emily Westerberg, of South Shields; husband of Elizabeth Westerburg, of South Shields, Tyne and Wear, England. Buried Cape Town (Maitland) Cemetery. Sec. 1. Grave 23640C. (Cause Of Death By "Suspected Stroke)
Whelan Michael Joseph Master Bug (London) 12 February 1945 Age 65. (Died at sea from "Heart Attack")
Whelan William Greaser Empress Of Scotland (London) 9 July 1946 (Died onboard ship at Liverpool from "Sudden Cardiac Failure")
Wilding John Fireman And Trimmer Fort George (Liverpool) 21 March 1944 Age 34. Husband of Eleanor Wilding, of Huyton, Lancashire. (Died at sea from "Malaria")
Williamson Gilbert Carpenter Empire Norse (London) 20 August 1945 Age 58. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Williamson; husband of Andrina Williamson, of Edinburgh. (Died at sea. "Unknown, presumed natural causes")
Wilson Robert Purves Chief Engineer Officer Strathaird (London) 10 January 1942 Age 56. Husband of Bertha Wilson, of Bonnington, Edinburgh. (Disappeared at sea)
Woodrow John Second Engineer Officer Laristan (Newcastle-On-Tyne) 3 July 1941 Age 56. Son of William Erskine Woodrow and Louisa Woodrow; husband of Ethel Mary Woodrow, of South Shields, Co. Durham. (Died from "Severe Shock following extensive scalding")
Woolley William Allison Chief Steward San Adolfo (London) 4 March 1943 Age 47. Husband of I. G. Woolley, of Brixton, London. (Died at sea from an "Unknown Cause" )
Zamudio Joseph Rene Victor Chief Officer Dallington Court (London) 27 February 1941 Age 42. (Washed overboard)

George Bain Steven

Grave of George Bain Steven
Grave marker of George Bain Steven at Kirkee War Cemetery at Poona. [4]

Omissions in Official Documentation

The people listed in this section are those for whom Billy McGee has found no clear information about the circumstances of their death despite in most cases their deaths being recorded on memorials. I have classified these as 'Omissions' here due to the lack of information in the official records.

Omissions Data

Surname Forenames Description Vessel Date of Death Additional Information
Allan John Jamieson Chief Officer Prome (Glasgow) 15 November 1942 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Anderson Henry Mcewan Carpenter Fort Ellice (Southampton) 20 June 1945 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Bailey Charles Albert. O.B.E. Master Fort Livingstone 11 March 1946 Age 52. Son of Charles and Elizabeth Bailey; husband of Lillian Bailey, of Barry, Glamorgan. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Bennett James W. Trimmer Marianne (Norway) 12 December 1942 Age 37. ("Ship lost to enemy action")
Bowden Philip Greaser San Venancio (London) 26 June 1946 Age 50. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Boyeson George Fireman And Trimmer Fort Camosun (London) 23 September 1945 Age 47. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Breach Sydney James Third Officer Csikos (Panama) 18 April 1941 Age 22. Son of William and Constance Gertrude Breach. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Brewster Harold Taylor Steward City Of Canterbury (Glasgow) 5 February 1942 Age 21. (Death due to "Enemy Action" on the approach to Singapore)
Brown Douglas Steven Able Seaman Chant 5 (Hull) 13 October 1944 ("Killed by an explosion onboard" Off Le Havre)
Brown Thomas Chief Engineer Officer Nankin (Greenock) 13 December 1943 (Died from "Pneumonia" in a Japaneses Prison Of War camp At Tokyo)
Bruce Neilson Davie Electrician Abbeydale (London) 29 September 1944 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Bunting Donald Steward Hai Lee (Norway) 20 July 1944 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Buyers James Chief Engineer Officer Shirrabank (Belfast) 1 October 1941 Age 51. Buried Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery. Block L. Grave 202. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Cairns Robert Assistant Baker Nea Hellas (Glasgow) 9 October 1942 Age 31. Son of John and Catherine Cairns, of Glasgow; husband of Annie Cairns, of Glasgow. ("Lost overboard, presumed drowned due to enemy action")
Campbell Daniel Boatswain (Bosun) Lambrook (London) 21 September 1943 Age 40. Son of Hugh and Jean Campbell; husband of Elizabeth Campbell, of Glasgow. ("Killed by Shrapnel during enemy action")
Carroll Edmond Fireman Atlejarl (Norway) 7 July 1944 Age 62. Husband of Mary Carroll, of Kimmage, Co. Dublin, Irish Republic. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Chei Wu Ching Assistant Steward Tureby (Glasgow) 22 January 1945 Age 52. ("Killed by flying bomb" at Antwerp)
Clunies-Ross Leonard Charles Third Engineer Officer Giang Seng (Singapore) 10 February 1945 Age 58. Husband of E. C. Clunies-Ross, of Singapore, Malaya. (Died in hospital in Java as a Prisoner Of War. Cause not recorded)
Cochrane Sydney David Fawns Able Seaman R.F.A. Green Ranger 1 November 1942 Lost in S.S. Mendoza (Glasgow). 1st November 1942. Age 54. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Collen Frederick J. Able Seaman Andreas (Greece) 4 November 1942 Age 21. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Coombes Stanley William Able Seaman Sir Evelyn Wood 2 December 1943 Age 43. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Coxshall William George Second Officer Lycaon (Liverpool) 23 May 1940 Age 38. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Coxshall; husband of Cicely C. Coxshall, of Ealing, Middlesex. Master Mariner Merchant Navy. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Creese Albert William Master Hauraki (London) 31 August 1947 Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Creese; husband of Annie Pauline Constance Creese. Commemorated Victoria Cremation Memorial. Panel 1 (Cremated Springvale Crematorium) (Not Recorded In The Deaths At Sea Register)
Davidson John Young O.B.E. Chief Engineer Officer Bailey Foster (London) 21 February 1947 Age 58. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Davies L A Assistant Steward Almanzora (Belfast) 15 March 1944 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Davison Alexander Boy Marianne (Norway) 12 December 1942 Age 17. ("Ship lost to enemy action")
Eager Frederick Charles William Second Officer Varsova (Glasgow) 18 September 1942 Age 36. Son of Ernest William and Maud Eager; husband of Phyllis Eager, of Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Fenech Edward Fireman And Trimmer Inventor (Liverpool) 13 January 1945 Age 25. Son of Joseph and Michelina Fenech, of Zejtun, Malta, G.C. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Ferguson Alexander Deck Boy Manela (Glasgow) 25 May 1943 Age 19. Son of Alex and Elizabeth Ferguson, of Glasgow. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Foster Joseph S. Able Seaman Harberton (London) 2 January 1947 Age 31. Son of James William and Margaret Foster, of South Shields, Co. Durham; Nephew of Isla Mountain, of South Shields. ("Blown overboard and presumed drowned as a result of explosion from mine")
Garrity William Edward Radio Officer Shinhwa (Hong Kong) 26 November 1942 Age 44. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Goodwin James Gilbert Fireman San Casto (London) 13 October 1945 Age 34. Buried Buceo British Cemetery, Montevideo. A. 219. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Grant Henry Boatswain Esturia (London) 30 July 1942 Age 44. Son of Ralph and Tamer Grant; husband of Margaret Jane Grant, of West Harton, South Shields, Co. Durham. (Died on the SS Steamer Robert E. Lee after being torpedoed, whilst sailing as a passenger)
Guy Francis Fireman Esturia (Hull) - There is no panel on the Tower Hill memorial for this vessel. 31 July 1942 Buried New Orleans (Greenwood) Cemetery. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Hague Stanley Bowker Third Officer (Senior) Monarch Of Bermuda (London) 8 November 1942 Age 37. Husband of Marjorie Alice Hague, of Brighton, Sussex. ("Death caused by shell blast through enemy action")
Hall William Alfred Chief Officer Isleford (Glasgow) 25 January 1942 Age 35. Son of Mr. and Mrs. William Arthur Hall; husband of Muriel Joan Hall, of Southsea, Hampshire. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Hansen Asgar Chief Officer Grenaa (London) 29 March 1941 Age 26. ("Killed by enemy mine at Bellamy's Wharf, London")
Heaney David Hayes Steward Nea Hellas (Glasgow) 2 July 1943 Age 51. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Hegarty Norman Wood Third Radio Officer Fort Pic (London) 10 June 1944 Age 18. Son of John Patrick and Kate Beatrice Hegarty, of South Shields, Co. Durham. ("Died from shrapnel wound to the head during enemy air attack")
Henderson John Master Samuta (London) 8 October 1946 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Higham William Able Seaman Knowlton (Montreal) 24 June 1944 Age 19. Son of William and Margaret Higham, of Everton, Lancashire. (Killed by "Enemy Action" off the French Coast)
Hime Cecil Gordon Master John Holt (Liverpool) 6 May 1944 Age 48. Son of George and Harriet Hime, of Birkenhead; husband of Jean Lilla Hime, of Vredehoek, Cape Town, South Africa. (Died after being taken prisoner onboard U-Boat and subsequently sunk)
Hjelland Olsen Fireman Stuart Prince (London) 11 March 1943 (Died from "Injuries And Burns" received after ship torpedoed North Atlantic)
Hodson John Carpenter Mary Kingsley (Liverpool) 11 June 1943 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Irvine William Gardiner Chief Engineer Officer Orkla (Leith) 7 March 1941 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Jensen Jens Diver Confederate (United Kindom) 22 April 1941 Age 31. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Jones Griffith Gwynne Sailor Andoni (London) 12 January 1941 Jones, Sailor, Griffith Gwynne, M.V. Andoni (London). Merchant Navy. 12Th January 1941. Age 26. ("Killed by enemy action")
Kaye Henry Frederick Whitfield Chief Officer New Bedford 26 September 1942 Age 25. Son of Henry Whitfield and Esther Thoburn Kaye, of 32, Windsor Gardens, Monkseaton, Northumberland. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Keng Sung Ja Assistant Steward Tureby (Glasgow) 22 January 1945 Age 27. ("Killed by flying bomb" at Antwerp)
Kolesnik Sergei Terentevitch Chief Engineer Officer Erica Moller (London) 19 July 1943 Age 65. Son of Terente and Nadejna Kolesnik; husband of Anna Petrovna Kolesnik, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Buried Kirkee War Cemetery. 3. K. 15. (Not Recorded In The Deaths At Sea Register)
Kwai Au Young Cook Tureby (Glasgow) 22 January 1945 ("Killed by flying bomb" at Antwerp)
Ling Lu Sing Assistant Steward Tureby (Glasgow) 22 January 1945 Age 38. ("Killed by flying bomb" at Antwerp)
Macdonald Malcolm Able Seaman Sambalt (London) 28 September 1944 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Maley William Joseph Barkeeper Javanese Prince (London) 24 January 1946 Age 27. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Marshall James Master Palermo (Hull) 4 March 1940 Age 56. Husband of Beatrice Isabel Marshall, of Bridlington, Yorkshire. Formerly Captain, R.N.R. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Marsham Thomas Brabban, O.B.E. Master Orestes (Liverpool) 26 October 1942 Age 56. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mcanelly Henry Quartermaster Empire Trooper (London) 25 December 1940 Age 25. Son of James and Rose Mcanelly, of Gosforth, Newcastle-On-Tyne. ("Killed by enemy action")
Mccreadie Peter Chief Officer Dredger Ronaldshay (Calcutta) 22 October 1942 Age 38. Son of William and Elizabeth Mccreadie; husband of Helen Mccreadie, of Ardrossan, Ayrshire. ("Killed by enemy action in an air attack" At Safaga Island, Red Sea)
Mchoult Bert Able Seaman Imperial Valley (Bideford) 30 December 1944 Age 24. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mcintyre Nicholl Chief Steward Nankin (Greenock) 14 September 1942 Age 64. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mckeary Thomas Fireman And Trimmer Fort Erie (London) 9 April 1945 Age 23. Son of James J. Mckeary, and of Annie Logue Mckeary, of Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. ("Killed in explosion at Port Bari")
Mclellan Michael Radio Officer Rookley (Newcastle-On-Tyne) 11 November 1943 Age 30. Son of Allan and Flora Mclellan, of Eriskay, South Uist. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mclellan William Able Seaman Daldorch (Glasgow) 14 February 1941 Age 27. ("Killed by enemy action in Position 58' 43N 03' 12W")
Mcmullen Daniel Donkeyman Empire Thackeray (Sunderland) 4 September 1947 Age 43. Son of William and Margaret Mcmullen; husband of Catherine Mcmullen, of Everton, Lancashire. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mcneil Malcolm Senior Ordinary Seaman Empire Garden (London) 25 November 1946 Age 19. Son of Murdoch and Isabella Mcneil, of Castlebay, Isle Of Barra. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Menzies John Truran Chief Engineer Officer Helmond (Leith) 7 October 1945 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mokbel Tabet Greaser Charles L.D (Liverpool) 9 December 1942 Age 44. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Mourin Henry Brian Ross Chief Steward Baltannic (London) 24 March 1942 Age 24. Son of Violet Anne Mourin, of Southend-On-Sea, Essex; husband of Violet Irma Margaret Mourin, of Loose, Kent. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Nesbit Thomas William Caldwell Assistant Steward Empire Baffin (Greenock) 16 September 1942 Age 20. King's Commendation For Brave Conduct. Son of Bertram and Florence Gertrude Nesbit; husband of Thomasina Nesbit, of North Shields, Northumberland. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Nixon Marsden Fireman And Trimmer Fort Erie (London) 9 April 1945 Age 20. Son of Isabel Nixon, of Lane Head, Willenhall, Staffordshire. ("Killed in explosion at Port Bari")
Oddy Walter Barkeeper Mauretania (Liverpool) 23 September 1941 Age 38. Husband of Joan Oddy, of Liverpool. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Old Reginald Edwin Motor Mechanic Recovery Of Leith (Southampton) 17 July 1942 Age 26. Son of Frederick Seaborne and Martha Elizabeth Old, of Poole, Dorset. Buried Poole Cemetery. Sec. 35. Grave 13110. (Killed by "Enemy Action" in the English Channel Off Littlehampton)
O'rourke Joseph Cook Samota (London) 3 September 1945 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Palmer Arthur James Fireman Tug Cherbourgeois IV (United Kindom) 24 September 1941 Died ashore 24Th September 1941. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Parker Edward Sailor Ben Rein (Barnstaple) 17 February 1941 Age 44. Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Parker; husband of Jessie Parker, of St. Budeaux, Devon. ("Drowned in Falmouth Bay due to enemy action")
Pimley John Donkeyman Fresh Tarn (London) 20 August 1947 Age 46. Husband of Margaret Pimley, of Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Poba Maurice Cook Fort Binger (London) 18 May 1942 Age 42. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Pow David Rankin Chief Engineer Officer Empire Cabot (West Hatlepool) 25 March 1943 Age 63. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Price Samuel Chief Steward Glenbeg (Glasgow) 10 February 1947 Age 50. Son of Thomas and Margaret Price; husband of Florence Ellen Price, of Hoylake, Cheshire. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Rapa Paul Saviour Michael Donkeyman Paraguay (London) 25 April 1947 Pembroke Memorial. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Rees-Jones Lewis Caradoe Chief Engineer Officer Graslin (Cardiff) 4 April 1941 ("Died in Southend General Hospital from wounds received by enemy machine gun")
Reilly Laurence Joseph Boiler Attendant Empire Lance (London) 28 November 1946 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Rybaltovsky Boris Nicoaivich Second Officer Fausang (Hong Kong) 10 March 1944 Age 55. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Sanders Frank Chief Engineer Officer Harmatris (London) 3 April 1941 Age 60. ("Killed by enemy action at sea")
Scaife Lewis Thomas Lambert Chief Engineer Officer Templeyard - Noted Under Bendoran 19 November 1942 Died in the S.S.Bendoran as a result of the Sinking of S.S City Of Cairo (Liverpool). 19th November 1942. Age 66. Son of George and Jane Scaife; husband of Louisa May Scaife, ff Newcastle-On-Tyne. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Seaman William Charles Coxswain Motor Launch Falcon 9 April 1941 Age 31. Son of Charles and Elizabeth May Seaman; husband of V. Seaman, of North End, Portsmouth. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Swords Edward Master Clare Castle (Belfast) 26 January 1944 Age 54. Son Of Capt. Joseph Swords And Rose Swords; Husband Of Mary Ann Swords, Of Drumcondra, Dublin, Irish Republic. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Thoresen * See below F E Master Shinhwa (Hong Kong) 29 July 1944 * See below (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register) * See below
Thorup Aage Henry Fireman Tureby (Glasgow) 18 January 1944 Age 40. Son of Valborg Hulda Hansine Thorup; husband of Inger Thorup, of Taarnby, Denmark. Previously buried in the Nebk Danish Mission Hospital Cemetery. Q. 129. Buried Damascus Commonwealth War Cemetery. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Welch John William Chief Officer Norbritt (Hull) 14 August 1941 Age 32. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Welch. (Died in Foresterhill Hospital, Aberdeen from "Enemy Gun Shot")
Wells Frederick Master Baltrover (London) 14 May 1942 Buried New Orleans (Greenwood) Cemetery. (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Wells Frederick Alfred Donkeyman Fina (London) 20 May 1946 (Not recorded in the Deaths At Sea Register)
Williams James Travers Fireman Ben Rein (Barnstaple) 17 February 1941 Williams, Fireman, James Travers, S.S. Ben Rein (Barnstaple). Merchant Navy. 17th February 1941. Age 17. Son of Elias Williams, and of Inez C. Gravers Williams, of Mawnan, Cornwall. ("Drowned in Falmouth Bay due to enemy action")
Wills Richard James Able Seaman Roebuck (Weymouth) 13 June 1940 Age 25. Son of Frederick William and Louisa Wills, of Weymouth, Dorsetshire. ("Lost overboard to enemy action")

Fritz Eugen Thoresen

In 2018 I was contacted by Roger Thomas with information about Mr. Thoresen whose death had up to now been a mystery.

Roger provided the following information:

F E Thoresen [Fritz Eugen], who appears in your Omissions in Official Documentation list, was a Norwegian national who was indeed Master of the British (Hong Kong) registered SS Shinhwa. Thoresen's great-niece, Anne Ozorio, has recently received from the Norwegian National Archives a copy of a file on her great-uncle that originated in the Norwegian Consulate in Shanghai and throws a lot more light on Thoresen.

The SS Shinhwa appears to have been chartered by the UK Ministry of Transport from the outset of the European war. It was definitely under that charter on about 9 December 1941 when it was seized at sea by the Japanese Navy. Thoresen was compelled by the Japanese to dock in Amoy and the Japanese took over the Shinhwa, renaming it the Shinka Maru. Thoresen was interned in Amoy until the end of June 1942 when he was allowed to return to his home base of Shanghai. We do not know under what conditions Thoresen was interned in Amoy but it may well be that is where he contracted tuberculosis.

Norway was officially neutral but the Japanese were "pragmatic" about recognising this -- especially as Thoresen was commanding a British ship under the Union Jack. In Hong Kong a bunch of stranded Norwegian seamen attempted to organise resistance to the Japanese, prompting the Japanese to round up all the Norwegians there (including Fritz Eugen's brother Thorbjorn Thoresen) and intern them.

Fritz Eugen Thoresen became increasingly ill after his return to Shanghai and died in hospital on 15th August 1944 (see attached documents). I wonder where the CWGC got the 29 July 1944 death date from? The Board oF Trade card on Thoresen in the National Archives merely states that he died in 1944 and was a POW in Shanghai. This is not strictly true. Thoresen might have been living under some constraints but when not in hospital he was in his flat in Shanghai's French Concession.
Medical Report
Medical Report for F.E. Thoresen [87]
Death Certificate
Death certificate for F.E. Thoresen [87]

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