Panels Index for the WW2 Memorial

Finding a Ship

The WW2 panels are arranged in alphabetical order as you traverse the memorial in a clockwise direction. Merchant ships are first, then fishing vessels, then lighthouse and pilotage vessels. This arrangement has been complicated by the addition of panels at the end of the main sequence that have been added since the memorial was first built. I have incorporated the added vessels in the main alphabetical sequence for convenience.

If you are having problems finding a particular ship, the easiest way to locate it is probably to search this page using the facilities of your web browser or this website's search facility - see the menu. It may also be worth checking the 'Queries and Omissions' page - link at the bottom of this page.

Finding a Person

To find a person you think may be recorded on the memorial, use the Site Search facilities accessible via the menu.

Please bear in mind that the Tower Hill Memorial only records the names of ships and crew where at least some of the merchant seamen aboard have No grave but the sea. I have included the names of those whose bodies were recovered where possible but, if you are unable to find the person you are looking for here, I suggest you check the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website [6].

WW2 Resources

I have included views of entire panels/groups of panels followed by photos of the sections of the panels for each individual ship commemorated.

Complete Memorial Panels

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Panels 1 To 10 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from ADC527 To Ashby
Panels 11 To 20 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Ascot To British Spendour
Panels 21 To 30 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from British Spendour To Clare Castle
Panels 31 To 40 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Clarissa Radcliffe To Empire Eve
Panels 41 To 50 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Empire Eve To Fort Mumford
Panels 51 To 60 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Fort Mumford To Khedive Ismail
Panels 61 To 70 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Khedive Ismail To Monarch
Panels 71 To 80 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Monarch of Bermuda To Persia
Panels 81 To 90 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Persia To St Sunniva
Panels 91 To 100 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from St Sunniva To Stanburn (1924)
Panels 101 To 110 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Stanburn (1924) To Trevarrack
Panels 111 To 120 Views of the Panels Including Merchant Ships from Treverrack To Zealandic
Panels 121 To 132 Views of the panels including merchant Ships from Zealandic To Zurichmoor, Fishing Vessels, Lighthouse and Pilotage Services, and merchant ships/crew members added after the main alphabetical run of plates had been completed.

Merchant Vessels A-F

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ADC 527 To Adaptity ADC 527, Abbas Combe, Abbeydale, Abbotsford, Abosso, Abukir, Accra, Actuality, Adams Beck, Adaptity
Adda To Agnes Ellen Adda, Adellen, Adolphe Urban Of Belgium, Aelybryn, Aeneas, Afon Towy, Afric Star, Afrika, Agamemnon, Agapenor, Agnes Ellen
Agnete Maersk To Albuera Agnete Maersk, Aguila, Aguila, Ahamo, Aid, Ainderby, Akeld, Albano, Albert C. Field, Albionic, Albuera
Alcedo To Alliance Alcedo, Alden Gifford, Aldington Court, Alert, Alexander Kennedy, Alfred Jones, Algarve, Alipore, Allende, Alliance
Almanzora To Amicus Almanzora, Almeda Star, Almenara, Alnmoor, Alphacca, Aloe, Alva, Amakura, Amarylis, Ambrose Fleming, Amerika, Amicus
Amlwych Rose To Andreas Amlwch Rose, Ampecto (Ampetco), Ampleforth, Amsterdam (1922), Amsterdam (1930), Anadara, Anadyr, Anastassia, Anchises, Andalucia Star, Andoni, Andreas
Anglo Canadian To Antigone Anglo Canadian (Anglo-Canadian), Anglo Indian (Anglo-Indian), Anglo Peruvian (Anglo-Peruvian, Anglo Saxon (Anglo-Saxon), Angularity, Annavore, Anonity, Anselm, Anshun, Antigone
Antonio To Archangel Antonio, Antwerpen, Apapa, Appalachee, Aqueity, Arabistan, Araby, Aracataca, Arakaka, Arandora Star, Archangel
Ardanbhan To Arundel Castle Ardanbhan, Ardenvohr, Ardeola, Arica, Arinia, Ariosto, Arizona, Arletta, Arlington Court, Arthur F. Corwin, Arundel Castle
Ascanius To Asian Ascanius, Ascot, Ashanti, Ashantian, Ashbury, Ashby, Ashby, Ashcrest, Ashmun J. Clough, Ashworth, Asian
Aska To Athelcrest Aska, Asperity, Assuan, Ashphalion, Assyrian, Astra Ii,Astronomer, Atako, Athelbeach, Athelcrest
Athelcrown To Athelqueen Athelcrown, Athelduchess, Athelduke, Althelempress, Athelfoam, Athelking, Athelknight, Athelmonarch, Athelprincess, Athelqueen
Athelsultan To Audacity Athelsultan, Atheltemplar, Athelviking, Athelviscount, Athene, Athenia, Athenia, Atland, Atlejarl (Atle Jarl), Atreus, Audacity
Augvald To Avila Star Augvald, Auretta, Aurillac, Auris, Australind, Austvard, Autolycus, Automedon, Avelona Star, Aviemore, Avila Star
Avoceta To Baltallinn Avoceta, Avoceta, Avondale Park, Avonwood, Aymeric, B.H.C. No 10, B.P.Newton, Bailey Foster, Balfron, Balmore, Baltallinn
Baltannic To Barfonn Baltannic, Baltistan, Baltonia, Baltrader, Baltrover, Balzac, Bankside, Barbara Marie, Barberrys, Barbro, Barfonn
Barnby To Baron Kelvin Barnby, Barnhill (Barn Hill), Baroda, Baron Ailsa, Baron Blythswood, Baron Carnegie, Baron Cochrane, Baron Dechmont, Baron Erskine, Baron Kelvin
Baron Kinnaird To Baron Tweedmouth Baron Kinnaird, Baron Loudoun, Baron Nairn, Baron Newlands, Baron Newlands, Baron Ogilvy, Baron Pentland, Baron Renfrew, Baron Saltoun, Baron Semple, Baron Tweedmouth
Barrhill To Baynain Barrhill, Barrwhin, Barwick, Bassa, Bassano, Bateau, Batna, Baxtergate, Bay Fisher, Baynain
Beachy To Belgian Soldier Beachy, Beacon Grange, Beaverburn, Beaverdale, Beaverford, Beechwood, Behar, Beignon, Belcrest, Belgian Soldier
Belgravian To Bencruachan Belgravian, Belize, Bellerock, Bellerock, Bellerophon, Bello, Bellona Ii, Belvedere, Benalbanach, Benalder, Benavon, Bencruachan
Bendoran To Benvenue Bendoran, Beneficent, Bengore Head, Ben Hann, Benlawers, Benlomond, Benmacdhui, Ben Rein, Benrinnes, Benvenue
Benvorlich To Bintang (Hong Kong) Benvorlich, Benvrackie, Benwyvis, Berriedale, Berury, Berwickshire, Betty, Beursplein, Bibury, Biela, Bintang (Hong Kong)
Bintang (Netherlands) To Blairangus Bintang (Netherlands), Birchbank, Birgitte, Birtley, Bjorkhaug, Bjornvik, Blackhill, Black Osprey, Blacktoft, Blairangus
Blairatholl To Bonneville Blairatholl, Blairmore, Blink, Blue Galleon, Blue Mermaid, Bodegraven, Bodnant, Boma, Bonde, Bonneville
Bonnington Court To Brabant Bonnington Court, Borderdene, Boringia, Bosnia, Boston, Boston City, Botavon, Botusk, Bowling, Box Hill, Brabant
Brackenfield To Brieviken Brackenfield, Bradfyne, Bradfyne, Bradglen, Brambleleaf, Bramden, Bramora, Brandenburg, Brandon, Brant County, Brask, Bravore, Breiviken
Brendonia To British Chivalry Brendonia, Brier Rose, Brinkburn, Bris, Bristol City, Britannia, Britannic, British Captain, British Chancellor, British Chivalry
British Colony To British Freedom British Colony, British Consul, British Dominion, British Emperor, British Endeavour, British Endurance, Britisher, British Fame, British Fortune, British Freedom
British General To British Officer British General, British Glory, British Gunner, British Honour, British Lady, British Liberty, British Loyalty, British Monarch, British Motorist, British Officer
British Petrol To British Trust British Petrol, British Premier, British Prestige, British Prudence, British Resource, British Security, British Splendour, British Strength, British Triumph, British Trust
British Union To Brookwood British Union, British Venture, British Vigilance, British Viscount, British Workman, British Yeoman, Britsum, Brittany, Broadhurst, Brookwood
Broom Park To C.T.7 Broom Park, Browning, Buesten, Buffalo, Bug, Bullmouth, Bulysses, Buoyant, Burnside, Bushranger, C.T.7
Cadillac To Cambridge Cadillac, Cairndale, Cairnmona, Calabria, Calchas, Caleb Sprague, Caledonian Monarch, California, California Star, Cambridge
Cameronia To Cape St Andrew Cameronia, Canadian Star, Canford Chine, Canonesa, Cantal, Capable, Cape Corso, Cape Horn, Cape Nelson, Cape St Andrew
Cape Verde To Carmen Moller Cape Verde, Caprella, Capulet, Cara, Carare, Cardita, Carlier, Carlton, Carmarthen Coast, Carmen Moller
Carperby To Catford Carperby, Carsbreck, Carthage, Casamance, Casanare, Caspia, Castle Harbour, Castlehill, Castlemoor, Catford
Cathrine To Chama Cathrine, Cato, Caverock, Cedarbank, Celtic Star, Ceramic, Cerinthus, Cervantes, Chagres, Chama
Chant 5 To Chilean Reefer Chant 5, Chantilly, Charlbury, Charles L.D., Cheldale, Chelsea, Cherbourgeois Iv, Chevington, Chile, Chilean Reefer
Chilka To Ciscar Chilka, Chinese Prince, Chippewa Park, Christian Knudsen, Christian Krohg, Christian Michelsen, Chrobry, Chulmleigh, Churruca, Cingalese Prince, Ciscar
City Of Bagdad To City Of Guildford City Of Bagdad, City Of Barcelona, City Of Bath, City Of Bedford, City Of Benares, City Of Cairo, City Of Canberra, City Of Canterbury, City Of Corinth, City Of Guildford
City Of Leicester To City Of Venice City Of Leicester, City Of Limerick, City Of Manchester, City Of Mandalay, City Of Nagpur, City Of Oxford, City Of Pretoria, City Of Ripon, City Of Shanghai, City Of Venice
City Of Winchester To Clan Macdougall City Of Winchester, City Of Windsor, City Of Worcester, Clan Buchanan, Clan Campbell, Clan Ferguson, Clam Ferguson, Clan Forbes, Clan Fraser, Clan Macarthur, Clan Macdougall
Clan Macfadyen To Clan Macwhirter Clan Macfadyen, Clan Macfarlane, Clan Maciver, Clan Mackinlay, Clan Macnab, Clan Macphee, Clan Macpherson, Clan Macquarrie, Clan Mactavish, Clan Macwhirter
Clan Menzies To Clintonia Clan Menzies, Clan Monroe, Clan Ogilvy, Clare Castle, Clarissa Radcliffe, Clea, Clearpool, Clearton, Clifton Hall, Clintonia
Clune Park To Confederate Clune Park Clunepark), Coama, Coast Wings, Cochrane, Coimbra, Collingdoc, Columbine, Commissaire Ramel, Conakrian, Condylis, Confederate
Confield To Coracero Confield, Congella, Congonian, Consuelo, Continental Coaster, Contractor, Conus, Coptic, Corabella, Coracero
Coral To Cornish City Coral, Corbet, Corbis, Cordelia, Corduff, Corea, Corinaldo, Corinia, Corinthic, Cornish City
Cornwall To Creekirk Cornwall, Cortes, Cortona, Corvus, Coulmore, Coultarn, Couquet Mouth (Coquet Mouth), Courland, Craftsman, Cree, Creekirk
Creemuir To Cushendall Creemuir, Creofield, Cressington Court, Crichtoun, Crista, Crusader, Csikos, Cuba, Culebra, Cumberland, Cushendall
Cyclops To Daisy Moller Cyclops, Cymbeline, Cyprian Prince, Dafila, Daghestan, Dagmar, Dagmar I, Dagomba, Dahomian, Daisy Moller
Dalblair To Dalmore Dalblair, Daldorch, Dalegarth Force, Dalemoor, Dalesman, Dalewood, Dalfram, Dalhousie, Dallington Court, Dalmore
Dalriada To Davenger Dalriada, Dalveen, Darcoila, Darina, Darino, Darkdale, Darlington Court, Dartford, Daru, Davanger
Davisian To Denpark Davisian, Daydawn, Dayrose, Daytonian, Deerwood, Defoe, De-La-Salle, Delfshaven, Delius, Denpark
D'entrecasteax To Devonia D'entrecasteaux, Deptford, Derrycunihy, Derrynane, Designer, Deslock, Desmoulea, Devon, Devon Coast, Devonia
Diala To Dolius Diala, Diana, Diloma, Dinaric, Dinsdale, Dione Ii, Diplomat, Director, Dixcove, Djurdjura, Dokka, Dolius
Domala To Duchess Of Bedford Domala, Domingo De Larrinaga, Donerail, Donovania, Dorington Court, Doryssa, Dotterel, Douro, Duchess Of Atholl, Duchess Of Bedford
Duchess Of York To Dunera Duchess Of York, Duffield, Dumana, Dumra, Dunaff Head, Dunbar Castle, Duncarron, Dundrum Castle, Dunedin Star, Dunera
Dungrange To Earlspark Dungrange, Dunkwa, Dunnottar Castle, Dunstan, Durban Castle, Durdham, Dutch Lady, Dynamo, Eaglescliffe Hall, Eaglesdale, Earlspark
Earlston To Effra Earlston, Eastlea, Eastmoor, East Wales, Eastwood, Edencrag, Edith Moller, Edwy R.Brown, Effna, Effra
Egholm To Elmbank Egholm, Egyptian, Eighaug, El Argentino, El Hak, Elisabeth, Elizabeth Van Belgie, El Lago, Ellen M., El Madina, Elmbank
Elmcrest To Emile Franqui Elmcrest, Elmdale, El Mirlo, El Occidente, El Oso, Elstree Grange, Elysia, Embassage, Emerald, Emile Franqui (Emile Francqui)
Empire Ability To Empire Beatrice Empire Ability, Empire Adventure, Empire Airman, Empire Amethyst, Empire Arnold, Empire Attendant, Empire Avocet, Empire Baffin, Empire Barracuda, Empire Beatrice
Empire Beaumont To Empire Brutus Empire Beaumont, Empire Bede, Empire Bell, Empire Bison, Empire Blanda, Empire Bowman, Empire Breeze, Empire Brigade, Empire Broadsword, Empire Brutus
Empire Buffalo To Empire Cloud Empire Buffalo, Empire Burton, Empire Byron, Empire Cabot, Empire Caribou, Empire Celt, Empire Chaucer, Empire Citizen, Empire City, Empire Cloud
Empire Clough To Empire Dawn Empire Clough, Empire Comet, Empire Conveyor, Empire Corporal, Empire Cowper, Empire Cromwell, Empire Crossbill, Empire Dabchick, Empire Dace, Empire Dawn
Empire Day To Empire Engineer Empire Day, Empire Defender, Empire Dell, Empire Dew, Empire Dorado, Empire Dryden, Empire Dunstan, Empire Eland, Empire Endurance, Empire Engineer
Empire Eve To Empire Ghyll Empire Eve, Empire Explorer, Empire Florizel, Empire Forest, Empire Frost, Empire Fusilier, Empire Garden, Empire Gareth, Empire Gem, Empire Ghyll
Empire Gilbert To Empire Heritage Empire Gilbert, Empire Glade, Empire Gold, Empire Guidon, Empire Guillemot, Empire Gull, Empire Hail, Empire Hawksbill, Empire Heath, Empire Heritage
Empire Heron To Empire Jaguar Empire Heron, Empire Housman, Empire Howard, Empire Hudson, Empire Hurst, Empire Ibex, Empire Impala, Empire Industry, Empire Iseult, Empire Jaguar
Empire Javelin To Empire Lancer Empire Javelin, Empire Jonquil, Empire Kestrel, Empire Kingsley, Empire Kohinoor, Empire Kudu, Empire Lake, Empire Lakeland, Empire Lance, Empire Lancer
Empire Lawrence To Empire Merlin Empire Lawrence, Empire Leopard, Empire Light (Glasgow), Empire Light (Liverpool). Empire Lough, Empire Lytton, Empire Mahseer, Empire March, Empire Merchant, Empire Merlin
Empire Mermaid To Empire Ness Empire Mermaid, Empire Mersey,Empire Metal, Empire Mica, Empire Miniver, Empire Moat, Empire Moonbeam, Empire Mordred, Empire Morn, Empire Ness
Empire Newcomen To Empire Patrol Empire Newcomen, Empire Nomad, Empire Norse, Empire Oak, Empire Ocelot, Empire Oil, Empire Osborne, Empire Panther, Empire Path, Empire Patrol
Empire Portia To Empire Seal Empire Portia, Empire Prairie, Empire Progress, Empire Protector, Empire Purcell, Empire Ridge, Empire Rosebery, Empire Rowan, Empire Sailor, Empire Seal
Empire Shackleton To Empire Statesman Empire Shackleton, Empire Silver, Empire Sky, Empire Song, Empire Spenser, Empire Spring, Empire Springbuck, Empire Stanley, Empire Star, Empire Statesman
Empire Steel To Empire Thunder Empire Steel, Empire Steelhead, Empire Stevenson, Empire Storm, Empire Stream, Empire Sun, Empire Surf, Empire Tennyson, Empire Thackeray, Empire Thunder
Empire Tiger To Empire Wagtail Empire Tiger, Empire Toucan, Empire Tower, Empire Trader, Empire Trooper, Empire Trumpet, Empire Turnstone, Empire Union, Empire Volunteer, Empire Wagtail
Empire Wave To Empress Of Canada Empire Wave, Empire Webster, Empire Whale, Empire Wildebeeste, Empire Wind, Empire Wold, Empire Zeal, Empress Of Asia, Empress Of Britain, Empress Of Canada
Empress Of Scotland To Erviken Empress Of Scotland, Ena De Larrinaga, Englishman, English Trader, Erato, Erica Moller, Erinpura, Erna Iii, Erodona, Eros, Erviken
Esperance Bay To Euphorbia Esperance Bay, Essex, Essex Lance, Eston, Estrellano, Esturia, Etrib, Eulima, Eumaeus, Euphorbia
Eurylochus To Farfield Eurylochus, Eurymedon, Everelza, Everleigh, Fabian, Fagersten, Fair Head, Falcon, Fanefjeld, Faraday, Farfield
Fausang To Fife Coast Fausang, Federlock, Fellside, Fenella, Ferncastle, Fernside, Fernwood, Ferryhill, Fidra, Fidelio, Fife Coast
Filleigh To Fiscus Filleigh, Fina, Fingal, Finnanger, Fintra, Fircrest, Fireglow, Fireside, Firth Fisher, Fiscus
Fishpool To Fort Bellingham Fishpool, Fjord, Flimston, Florian, Flying Kite, Flynderborg, Foam Queen, Folda, Foremost 102, Fort Athabaska, Fort Bellingham
Fort Binger To Fort Franklin Fort Binger, Fort Buckingham, Fort Camosun, Fort Chilcotin, Fort Concord, Fort Confidence, Fort Ellice, Fort Erie, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Franklin
Fort George To Fort Louisbourg Fort George, Fort Good Hope, Fort Jemseg, Foart Lajoie, Fort La Montee, Fort Lamy, Fort La Reine, Fort Livingstone, Fort Longueuil, Fort Louisbourg
Fort Maisonneuve To Fort Qu'appelle Fort Maisonneuve, Fort Medine, Fort Michipicoten, Fort Missanabie, Fort Mumford, Fort Norfolk, Fort Pelly, Fort Pic, Fort Pine, Fort Qu'appelle
Fort Rampant To Friesland Fort Rampant, Fort Richepanse, Fort St. Joseph, Fort Stikine, Fowberry Tower, Fowey Rose, Frances Massey, Francol, Fred. W Green, Frederick S Fales, Friesland
Frederika Lensen To Frisco Frederika Lensen, Fresh Tarn, Fresno City, Frisco

Merchant Vessels G-L

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G.W.Humphreys to Gasray G.W.Humphreys, Gairsoppa, Gandara, Gandia, Ganges, Garlinge, Garmula, Garoet, Gasfire, Gasray
Gatinais to Giang Seng Gatinais, Gazcon, Gemlik, Gemstone, George H. Jones (Geo. H. Jones), Georgic, Geo.W.Mcknight, Geraldine Mary, Germanic, Gertrude May, Giang Seng
Glenbeg to Glenorchy Glenbeg, Glendalough, Glendene, Glendinning, Glen Farg, Glen Head, Glenlea, Glenmaroon, Glenmoor, Glenorchy
Glenpark to Gold Shell Glenpark, Glenstrae, Glen Tilt, Globe, Gloucester Castle, Glynn, Gogovale, Gogra, Golden Grain, Gold Shell
Goodleigh to Gray Ranger Goodleigh, Goolistan, Gothic, Graigwen, Grange Park (Grangepark), Granta, Graslin, Gravelines, Grayburn, Gray Ranger
Greenawn to Gretavale Greenawn, Greenland, Green Ranger, Grelhead, Grelrosa, Grena, Grenaa, Gretafield, Greta Force, Gretavale
Gripfast to Haig Rose Gripfast, Grodno, Groenlo, Guardsman, Guido, Gunda, Gundersen, Gwynwood, Gwynwood, Gypsum Queen, Hadleigh, Haiching, Haig Rose
Hai Lee to Harbury Hai Lee, Halland, Hallfried, Hamla, Hamsterley, Hanyang, Harberton, Harbledown, Harborough, Harbury
Harcalo to Harpagon Harcalo, Hardingham, Hardwicke Grange, Harlesden, Harlingen, Harmala, Harmatris, Harmonic, Harpa, Harpagon
Harpagus to Har Zion Harpagus, Harpalyce, Harpasa, Harpathian, Harpenden, Harperley, Harrier, Hartington, Hartlebury, Hartlepool, Har Zion
Hatasu to Haytor Hatasu, Hatimura, Hauraki, Hauxley, Havre, Havtor, Hawarden Castle, Hawkinge, Haxby, Haytor
Hazelside to Heminge Hazelside (1928), Hazelside (1940), Hektoria, Helena Margareta, Helen Moller, Helenus, Helka, Helmond, Helmspey, Heminge
Hengist to Highland Brigade Hengist, Henri Mory, Henry Stanley, Henry Woodall, Hercules, Herland, Herport, Hertford, Heworth, Hidlefjord, Highland Brigade
Highland Patriot to Holmbury Highland Patriot, High Tide, Highwood, Hillfern, Hindpool, Hobbema, Hoegh Silverdown (Hoegh Silverdawn), Hoihow, Hollinside, Holmbury
Holme Force to Hopepeak Holme Force, Holmelea, Holmpark, Holmside, Holystone, Homefire, Homeside, Hookwood, Hope Castle (Hopecastle), Hopepeak
Hopetarn to Hurunui Hopetarn, Hopper D, Hopper F, Horda (Hørda), Horn Shell, Horseferry, Horsted, Housatonic, Hughli, Hull Trader, Hurunui
Iddesleigh to Indier Iddesleigh, Ijsselhaven (Yselhaven), Ila, Ile De Batz, Ilorin, Ilse, Imperial Transport, Imperial Valley, Inanda, India, Indier
Induna to Inverilen Induna, Indus, Ingerfem, Ingerfire, Ingerto, Innisdhu, Inventor, Inver, Inverdargle, Inverilen
Inverlane to Jalapadma Inverlane, Inverlee, Inverness, Invershannon, Irene Maria, Irishman, Island Queen, Isleford, J B W, Jalapadma
Jalatarang to Jenny Moller Jalatarang, Jamaica, Jamaica Pioneer, Jamaica Progress, Janeta, Javanese Prince (1926), Javanese Prince (1944), Jeanne M, Jedmoor, Jenny Moller
Jersey City to Jumna Jersey City, Jersey Queen, Jessie Maersk, Jim, John Holt, Jonathan Holt, Jose De Larrinaga, Josefina Thorden, Joseph Swan, Jumna
Jura to Katha Jura, Justitia, K.G. Meldahl, Kafiristan, Kaikoura, Kanbe, Kaolack, Karri, Kars, Katha
Katvaldis to Khedive Ismail Katvaldis, Kavak, Kayeson, Kellwyn, Kelso, Kenbane Head, Kenordoc, Kenton, Keret, Kervegan, Khedive Ismail
Kildale to King Idwal Kildale, King Alfred, King City, King Edgar, King Edward, King Egbert, Kingfisher, King Frederick, King Gruffydd, King Idwal
King Lud to Knitsley King Lud, King Malcolm, Kingsbury, Kingston Hill, Kingyuan, Kinnaird Head, Kioto, Kirkpool, Kirnwood, Kitty's Brook, Knitsley
Knowlton to Kurdistan Knowlton, Kohinur, Kolchis, Kolskegg (Kollskegg), Kongsgaard, Koranton, Koranton, Korsholm, Koumoundouros, Kumasian, Kumasian, Kurdistan
Kwangtung to La Cordillera Kwangtung, Kyleglen, Kyle Rona, Kyno, La Brea, La Carriere, Lackenby, Laconia, Laconikos, La Cordillera
Lady Glanely to Lancastria Lady Glanely, Lady Of The Isles, Lady Rosebery, Laertes, La Estancia, Lagosian, Lalande, Lambrook, Lancaster Castle, Lancastria
Lancastrian Prince to Lassell Lancastrian Prince, Langleeford, Langleegorse, Langleetarn, Lapwing, Larchbank, Laristan, Larpool, Lars Kruse, Lassell
Latymer to Leopold II Latymer, Lauwerszee, Lavington Court, Leadgate, Leana, Leiesten, Leikanger, Leise Maersk, Leo, Leo Dawson, Leon Martin, Leopold Ii
Lerwick to Lindenhall Lerwick, Lesrix, Leto, Lettie, Letty, Lieutenant Robert Moray (Lieutenant Robert Mory), Lifland, Lilian Moller, Lima, Limbourg, Linaria, Lindenhall
Lindisfarne to Llanfair Lindisfarne, Linwood, Lion, Lise, Lissa, Llanashe, Llandaff Castle, Llandilo, Llandovery Castle, Llanfair
Llangibby Castle to Logician Llangibby Castle, Llanishen, Llanstephan Castle, Llanwern, Loch Don, Lochkatrine, Loch Lomond, Loch Maddy, Loch Ranza, Logician
Lolworth to Lucerna Lolworth, London Ii, London Trader, Lorient, Lorina, Louise Moller, Lowland, Lowther Castle, Lucellum, Lucerna
Lulworth Hill to Lylepark Lulworth Hill, Lunan, Lunula, Lurigethan, Lycaon, Lylepark

Merchant Vessels M-R

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MGB 2002 to Magne HM MGB 2002, Maas, Mabriton, Macau, Macgregor, Maclaren, Macon, Madoera, Madura, Magdala, Magdalena, Magne
Mahanada to Malda Mahanada, Maidan, Maid Of Kent, Maid Of Orleans, Maja, Makalla, Malabar, Malakand, Malaya Ii, Malda
Mallard to Manchester Merchant Mallard, Malrix, Mamura, Manaar (1917), Manaar (1942), Manaqui, Manchester Brigade, Manchester Citizen, Manchester Exporter, Manchester Merchant
Manchester Progress to Marconi Manchester Progress, Manchester Regiment, Mandasor, Manela, Manipur, Mano, Manon, Mansepool, Marcella, Marconi
Mardinian to Maritima Mardinian, Mareeba, Margit, Margot, Marianne, Marie Maersk, Marie Moller, Marietta E, Marilyse Moller, Marina, Maritima
Marlene to Matheran Marlene, Marsa, Marslew, Martaban, Marwick Head, Mary Kingsley, Marylyn, Mary Slessor, Mataroa, Matheran
Mathura to Melrose Mathura, Matina, Mauretania, Maurita, Mavis, Maycrest, Medjerda, Melbourne Star, Melmore Head, Melrose
Melrose Abbey to Merope Melrose Abbey, Memnon, Mendoza, Menin Ridge, Mentor, Merchant, Mercia, Merel, Meridian, Merope
Meropi to Millisle Meropi, Mersey, Mervyn, Mexico, Michael E, Michael Jebsen, Milcrest, Mile End, Mill Hill, Millisle
Milos to Monarch Milos, Minorca, Minotaur, Miraflores, Moanda, Modesta, Mohamed Ali El-Kebir, Moidart, Monagas, Monarch
Monarch Of Bermuda to Mount Pelion Monarch Of Bermuda, Mona's Queen, Monmouth Coast, Montreal City, Moortoft, Morar, Morar, Moray Firth, Mount Kitheron, Mount Mycale, Mount Park (Mountpark), Mount Pelion
Muncaster Castle to Nailsea Lass Muncaster Castle, Mundra, Muneric, Murefte, Muria, N. C. Monberg, Nagina, Nagpore, Nailsea Court, Nailsea Lass
Nailsea Meadow to Narragansett Nailsea Meadow, Nairung, Nancy Moller, Nankin, Nanning, Napia, Napier Star, Narbada, Nardana, Narkunda, Narragansett
Narva to Nerissa Narva, Natia, Navarino, Navasota, Nea hellas, Nebraska, Nellie, Nellore, Nemanja, Neptunian, Nerissa
Neva to New Sevilla Neva, Neverita, New Bedford, New Brooklyn, New Brunswick, Newbury, New Columbia, Newfoundland, Newlands, New Sevilla
Newton Ash to Norah Moller Newton Ash, Newton Pine, New Toronto, New York, Niceto De Larrinaga, Nicoya, Nigerian, Nina Borthen, Nirpura, Nitsa, Norah Moller
Norbritt to North Britain Norbritt, Nordeflinge, Norfolk Coast, Norhauk, Normandy Coast, Norman Monarch, Norman Prince, Norman Queen, Norse King, North Britain
North Devon to Nyholt North Devon, Northmoor, Nortind, Norvik, Norwich Trader, Noss Head, Nottingham, Nova Scotia, Nurmahal, Nyholt
O.A.Knudsen to Ocean Honour O.A. Knudsen, Oakbank, Oakcrest, Oakgrove, Observer, Ocana, Ocean Courage, Ocean Crusader, Ocean Fame, Ocean Honour
Ocean Might to Oilpioneer Ocean Might, Ocean Vagabond, Ocean Vanguard, Ocean Venture, Ocean Venus, Ocean Vesper, Ocean Viceroy, Ocean Voyager, Oilfield, Oilpioneer
Olga E. Embiricos to Oranjestad Olga E. Embiricos, Olga S, Olivine, Oltenia Ii, Olympier, Ootmarsum, Opawa, Oporto, Orama, Orange Moor (Orangemoor), Oranjestad
Orca to Ormonde Orca, Orcades, Oregon, Orestes, Orfor, Orford, Oriskany, Orkla, Orminster, Ormonde
Oronsay to Otterpool Oronsay, Oropesa, Oropos, Orsa, Ortolan, Ossian, Oswestry Grange, Otaio, Otina, Otterpool
Oued Grou to Pacific Coast Oued Grou, Ousebridge, Oxshott, P.L.M. 13, P.L.M. 14, P.L.M. 22, P.L.M. 27, Pacific (1923), Pacific (1915), Pacific Coast
Pacific Exporter to Paris Pacific Exporter, Pacific Grove, Pacific President, Palermo, Palma, Palmella, Pamela, Panama, Pandias, Paraguay, Paris
Parkhill to Penang Parkhill, Parracombe, Parthenia, Parthenon, Pass Of Balmaha, Patrol Vessel No. 4, Pearlmoor, Pecten, Pedernales, Pelayo, Peleus, Penang
Pennington Court to Phemius Pennington Court, Penolver, Penrhos, Penrose, Persia, Peter Maersk, Peterton, Petrel, Phasianella, Phemius
Phenix to Pitwines Phenix, Phidias, Philipp M, Piako, Pikepool, Pilar De Larrinaga, Pinewood, Pink Star, Pinto, Pitwines
Pizarro to Poolgarth Pizarro, Planter, Polgrange, Polperro, Polyana, Polyktor, Polzella, Pomella, Pontypridd, Poolgarth
Port Auckland to Port Nicholson Port Auckland, Port Brisbane, Port Denison, Portelet, Port Gisborne, Port Hardy, Porthmeor, Port Hunter, Port Jackson, Port Nicholson
Portsdown to President Sergent Portsdown, Portsea, Portugal, Port Victor, Port Wellington, Port Wyndham, Prague, Preserver, President Doumer, President Sergent
Primero to Quebec City Primero, Primrose Hill, Prince Rupert City, Prins Fred Hendrik, Prins Willem III, Privet, Profit, Prome, Puerto Rican, Punta Gorda, Putney Hill, Quebec City
Queen Anne to Radchurch Queen Anne, Queen City, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Queen Maud, Queensbury, Queen Victoria, Quickstep, Rabaul, Radbury, Raceland, Radchurch
Radhurst to Recorder Radhurst, Rahmani, Ramapo, Ramb Iv, Ramillies, Ramsay, Ranchi, Rangitane, Rask, Rattray Head, Recorder
Recovery Of Leith to Rhexenor Recovery Of Leith, Redang, Reedpool, Refast, Regent Lion, Registan, Resolute, Retriever, Reynolds, Rhexenor
Rhineland to Rio Blanco Rhineland, Richmond Castle, Ridley, Riley, Rinda, Ringhorn, Ringstad, Ringwall, Rinos, Rio Azul, Rio Blanco
Rio Bravo to Rockforest Rio Bravo, Rio Dorado, River Afton, River Humber, River Lugar, River Thames, River Trent, Robert L Holt, Robin Goodfellow, Rockforest
Roebuck to Rosewood Roebuck, Rogate, Rohna, Romsey, Ronaldshay, Rookley, Rosalia, Rosenborg (1919), Rosenborg (1914), Rose Schiaffino, Rosewood
Ross to Rowanbank Ross, Rossmore, Rosten, Rothermere, Rothley, Rotorua, Rotterdam, Roumanie, Rowallan Castle, Rowanbank
Roxby to Ruckinge Roxby, Roy, Royal Crown, Royal Daffodil, Royal Sceptre, Royal Scot, Royal Sovereign, Royal Star, Royksund, Rubislaw, Ruckinge
Rudby to Rye Rudby, Runa, Runo, Ruperra, Ruth I, Rutland, Ryal, Rydal Force, Rye

Merchant Vessels S-Z

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Saint Clair II To St Dominic Saint Clair II, S.N.A. 8, Sabor, Sacramento Valley, Sagaing, Saganaga, St Catherine, St Clement, St David, St Dominic
Ste Germaine To St Merriel Ste Germaine, St Elwyn, Saint Enogat, St Essylt, St Fergus, Saint Fintan, St Glen, St Lindsay, St Margaret, St Merriel
St Patrick To Sambalt St Patrick, Saint Ronaig, St Sunniva, St Usk, Salabangka, Salvestria, Salviking, Salvus, Samala, Sambalt
Sambo To Samuta Sambo, Sambridge, Sambut, Samite, Samlanes, Samnanger, Samota, Sampa, Samsip, Samso, Samsuva, Samuta
Samvern To San Delfino Samvern, San Adolfo, San Alberto, San Arcadio, San Calisto, San Casto, San Cipriano, San Cirilo, Sandanger, San Delfino
San Demetrio To San Nicolas San Demetrio, Sandsend, San Emiliano, San Ernesto, San Fabian, San Florentino, Sangara, San Gaspar, San Gerardo, San Nicolas
Sansu To Scalaria Sansu, Santos, San Venancio, San Victorio, Saranac, Sarastone, Saronikos, Saugor, Sauternes, Scalaria
Scapa Flow To Scottish Standard Scapa Flow, Schie, Schieland, Scientist, Scotia, Scottish Chief, Scottish Maiden, Scottish Minstrel, Scottish Monarch, Scottish Musician, Scottish Prince, Scottish Standard
Scottish Star To Sembilan Scottish Star, Scottish Trader, Scythia, Seaforth, Seagem, Sea Glory, Sedgepool, Selbo, Selvistan, Sembilan
Sembilangan To Shakespear Sembilangan, Seminole, Senta, Serbino, Serooskerk, Sesostris, Severn Leigh, Shahristan, Shahzada, Shakespear
Sheaf Crest To Shirrabank Sheaf Crest, Sheaf Crown, Sheaf Mead. Sheaf Mount, Shelbrit I, Shetland, Shillong, Shinhwa, Shinkuang, Shirrabank
Shirvan To Silvermaple Shirvan, Shrewsbury, Shrivati, Shuntien, Siamese Prince, Silveray, Silverbeech, Silvercedar, Silverfir, Silvermaple
Silverpalm To Sir Harvey Adamson Silverpalm, Silverpine, Silverwillow, Silveryew, Sinkiang, Sir Bevois, Sire, Siremalm, Sir Evelyn Wood, Sir Harvey Adamson
Sirikishna To Slemish Sirikishna, Siris, Sitala, Sitoebondo, Sithonia, Skagerak, Skarv, Skipjack, Slamat, Slavol, Slemish
Sneaton To Southern Princess Sneaton, Sneland I, Soborg, Soesterberg, Solon II, Solstad, Somme, Sourabaya, South Africa, Southern Empress, Southern Princess
Sparta To Stangrant Sparta, Speke, Staffordshire, Stanbank, Stanbrook, Stanburn (1924), Stanburn (1919), Stancliffe, Stangarth, Stangrant
Stanhall To Stockport Stanhall, Stanholme, Stanleigh, Stanpark, Stanwold, Start Point, Statesman, Stentor, Stirling Castle, Stockport
Stokesley To Strathaird Stokesley, Stonepool, Stone Street, Storaa, Stork, Stornest, Storviken, Strait Fisher, Stratford, Strathaird
Strathallan To Surat Strathallan, Stronsa Firth, Stuart Prince, Stureholm, Sulaco, Sulairia, Sultan Star, Sun Vii, Sun Ix, Surat
Suriname To Sweep II Suriname, Surrey, Susan Maersk, Sutlej, Svava, Svein Jarl, Svend Foyn, Svenor, Swedru, Sweep Ii
Swiftpool To Tacoma Swiftpool, Sylvafield, Sylvia De Larrinaga, T J Williams, Taara, Tabaristan, Taber Park, Tabor, Taborfjell, Tacoma
Tacoma City To Tasmania Tacoma City, Tacoma Star, Tafna, Tai Koo, Tai Sang, Taksang, Tamaroa, Tanda, Tantalus, Tasmania
Tasso To Thalia Tasso, Teano, Teiresias, Telena, Temple Mead, Temple Moat, Tennessee, Terkoelai (Terkoelei), Terlings, Testbank, Thalia
The Duchess To Thomas Holt The Duchess, The Lady Mostyn, The Monarch, The Viceroy, Thiara, Thirlby, Thistlegarth, Thistleglen, Thistlegorm, Thomas Holt
Thomas M To Tia Juana Thomas M, Thomas Walton, Thornlea, Thornliebank, Thorold, Thurland Castle, Thurso, Thursobank, Thurston, Tia Juana
Tiberton To Torchbearer Tiberton, Tielbank, Tilawa, Timothy Pickering, Tinhow, Tin Yat, Tjileboet, Tjisalak, Togston, Tolosa, Torchbearer
Toronto City To Tredinnick Toronto City, Torvanger, Toward, Tower Grange, Trafalgar, Train Ferry No 2, Traveller, Trebartha, Trecarrell, Tredinnick
Trefusis To Trevethoe Trefusis, Tregarthen, Tregenna, Trehata, Trekieve, Trelawny, Tremoda, Trevarrack, Treverbyn, Trevethoe
Trevilley To Triona Trevilley, Trevisa, Trewellard, Treworlas, Triadic, Tribesman, Tricula, Triglav, Tringa, Triona
Troilus To Tymeric Troilus, Troutpool, Trsat, Tucurinca, Tulagi, Tunisia, Turakina, Tureby, Tuscan Star, Tweed, Tymeric
Tynefield To Underwood Tynefield, Tynehome, Tyr, Uffington Court, Ulea, Ullapool, Ulva, Umgeni, Umona, Umvuma, Underwood
Unique To Vancouver Unique, Uniwaleco, Upminster, Upwey Grange, Uskbridge, Uskmouth, Vaalaren, Valera, Valparaiso, Vancouver
Vancouver City To Ville D'Arlon Vancouver City, Varangberg, Varsova, Velebit, Vestfold, Vibran, Viceroy Of India, Victoria City, Victor Ross, Vigrid, Viking Star, Ville D'arlon
Ville de Gand To Vulcain Ville de Gand, Ville De Liege, Ville De Strasbourg, Ville De Tamatave, Vimeira, Virgilia, Vojvoda Putnik, Volo, Volturno, Vulcain
W B Walker To Wanstead W B Walker, W C Teagle, W Hendrik, Waimarama, Waiotira, Waiwera, Wallsend, Walmer Castle, Walnut, Wanstead
War Diwan To Waziristan War Diwan, Warfield, Warkworth, Warlaby, Waroonga, War Sepoy, Warwick Castle, Waterland, Wayfarer, Waziristan
Weirbank To Western Prince Weirbank, Welcombe, Welfield, Wellpark, Wendover, Wentworth, Westburn, Westbury, Western Chief, Western Prince
Westmoreland To William Wilberforce Westmoreland, Westpool, West Wales, White Crest, Whitemantle, Whitford Point, Widestone, Wilhelmina, Willesden, William Wilberforce
Willimantic To Yewcrest Willimantic, Winamac, Windsor Castle, Winga, Winkfield, Winterswijk, Woodtown, Wray Castle, Wythburn, Yatshing, Yewcrest
Yewforest To Zealand Yewforest, Yngaren, Yoma, Yorkshire, Yorktown, Yorkwood, Yusang, Zagloba, Zarian, Zealand
Zealandic To Zurichmoor Zealandic, Zena, Zeus, Zouave, Zurichmoor

Fishing Vessels

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Fishing Vessels Aberdeen to Bass Rock Aberdeen, Active, Albatross, Alonso, Aquarius, Arora, Athelstan, Audacious, Barbara Roberson, Bass Rock
Fishing Vessels Beathwood to Braconburn Beathwood, Bellevue, Ben Attow, Ben Glamair, Ben Screel, Ben Strome, Bianca, Bombay, Boy Billie, Braconburn
Fishing Vessels Bromelia to Compaganus Bromelia, Caerphilly Castle, Caledonian, Carlton, Carry On, Castleton, Charmouth, Christabelle, Commander Horton, Compaganus
Fishing Vessels Corennie to Ethel Crawford Corennie, Craigewan, Cresswell, Daneden, Dinorah, Earl Essex, Elmira, Emerald, Encourage, Ethel Crawford
Fishing Vessels Etruscan to Helpmate Etruscan, Exeter, Falmouth, Fernbank, Flavia, Gadra, Grenada, Greynight, H E Stroud, Helpmate
Fishing Vessels Hercules II to Kincorth Hercules II, Hopton, Horace E Nutten, Iranian, Isabella Fowlie, Joan Margaret, John Baptish, John Dunkin, Kinclaven, Kincorth
Fishing Vessels King Erik to Maisie King Erik, Ladylove, Leach's Romance, Leonora, Little Express, Loch Hope, Lord Haldane, Lord Shrewsbury, Lucida, Maisie
Fishing Vessels Mistletoe to Ophir II Mistletoe, Naniwa, Newhaven, Nisus, Noreen Mary, Nubia, Ocean Lassie, Ocean Victor, Oona hall, Ophir II
Fishing Vessels Oriole to River Ythan Oriole, Oyama, Penn, Pride, Pride Of The Humber, Provider, Respondo, Rigoletto, River Ness, River Ythan
Fishing Vessels Rochester to Sulby Rochester, Rononia, S D J, Salacon, Sansonnet, Soar, Strathgairn, Strathlee, Strathlyon, Sulby
Fishing Vessels Sylvia to Westfield Sylvia, The Tetrarch, Thomas Deas, Thrive, Togimo, Trinity N B, Trust, Volante, Wellvale, Westfield
Fishing Vessels Wigmore to Young Harry Wigmore, William Humphries, Young Harry

Lighthouse and Pilotage Services

Pilots and Lighthouse Services Pilots, Argus, Denham, East Oaze No. 60 Light Vessel, Isolda, No. 75 Light Vessel, Strathearn

Those Lost Where Only Rank is Known

Link Ranks
Those Lost by Rank Masters, Able Seamen

Errors and Omissions

It was inevitable that during the chaos of war, some of the information about the fate of missing servicemen and merchant seamen would be recorded inaccurately.

Link Errors and Omissions
Errors and Omissions Details of queries, errors and omissions that have been discovered to date.

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