Legal and Copyright

Use of Written Material

If you wish to use written content from this website you are welcome to do so as long as you include an acknowledgement and a link to the source.

Use of Images

Each image on the website (other than those for memorial panels) has a numbered link which will indicate to the source.

  • Few people object to photographs being used for research or educational purpose.
  • Photos of the Tower Hill area and memorial panels on this site were taken by me except where stated. You are welcome to copy my photos for your personal use, or to include them on a non-commercial website as long as the source is quoted and a link to this site included. If you wish to use images other than mine, it is your responsibility to resolve any copyright issues that may result from your doing so.
  • If anyone can demonstrate that they own the copyright of any photograph on this site and they object to its use given the limitations stated, please contact me at the email address shown at the foot of this page and it will be removed.