Shipping Companies A-C

Allen Collection

The Allens categorised most photographs in the collection based on the shipping company owning the vessel at the time each photo was taken. I have respected their categorisation in most cases.

Company Name Company Name Company Name
Albyn Line Anchor Line Anglo Newfoundland Line
Athel Line Avenue Line Aznar Line
Bakke Line (Knut Knutsen) Bank Line Baron Line
Belfast Line Ben Line Bergesen Line
Bibby Line Billmeir Line Blue Funnel Line
Blue Star Line Bolton Line Booth Line
BP Tankers Bristol City Line British Burmese Line
British Continental Line British Electricity Authority British India Line
British Mexican Petroleum Brocklebank Line Bullard King Line
Buries Markes Line Caltex Line Canadian Pacific Line
Cape Line (Lyle Shipping Company) CGT Line Chapman Line
Charrington Gardner Locket Chevron Line Clan Line
Clyde Shipping Coast Lines Comben Longstaff
Common Brothers Cory Line (William Cory & Son) Counties Line (Counties Ship Management Co)
Court Line Cunard Line Currie Line

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