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F. T. Everard and Sons Limited was started by Frederick T. Everard to operate Thames Barges towards the end of the 19th Century - the company both built them and managed a fleet of them. Boats/ships were either named after family members or given the suffix 'ity' e.g. Amity and Annuity. Everards turned to motorised barges in the 1920s, but designs were still basic and navigational aids consisted of the ships wheel and a compass. The first vessel was apparently not fitted with a radio until 1939. Some of the 1930s-built vessels were tankers designed to carry edible oils.

During WW2 Serenity was lost to enemy action off Whitby in 1939 and Summity was hit by a bomber but later repaired. Twenty-two company employees were lost overall. Everard vessels were also involved in the invasion of Europe in 1944.

After WW2, the company carried various cargoes including coal, grain, cement and china clay plus awkward machinery and timber. There was regular trade with Scandinavia.

In 1983, just after the end of the Falklands War, the Everard cargo vessel Singularity (not represented in this collection), was photographed loading a Chinook helicopter for the Falkland Islands. Everard ships may also have taken military supplies (helicopters, explosives) to Port Stanley and Ascension Island during the war, but I have been unable to find proof of this.

By 1956 Everards had 100 ships including tankers whose size increased gradually with successive builds. The company became more involved in oil (fuel rather than edible now) and purchased and developed Cattledown Wharves in Plymouth which became the main oil terminal for Plymouth. Everards purchased a number of shipping companies over the years including Glen and Co (1961) and in the 1970s moved increasingly into ship management.

The company is still operational.


Vessel Type Launched/Completed Tonnage DWT Builder
Activity No Info 1931?
Actuality No Info 1966?
Adaptity Cargo 66,000 G. July 1945. Yard No: 425 Gross: 945 Net: 499 1191 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Adherity No Info 05/03/1942. Yard No: 439 Gross: 780 Net: 363 850 Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ltd
Agility Cargo 59,660 G. Nov 1959. Yard No: 514 Gross: 1016 Net: 448 1250 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Alacrity No Info Sept 1966. Yard No: 553 Gross: 943 Net: 428 1337 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Allurity No Info 1944?
Amenity Cargo 62,000 G. Jan 1944. Yard No: 395 Gross: 881 Net: 462 1155 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Amity No Info
Angularity No Info
Antiquity No Info
Anteriority No Info 1970. Yard No: 309 Gross: 2901 Net: 1679 5031 Clelands Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Wallsend
Annuity Cargo 108,580 Feb 1961. Yard No: 515 Gross: 1599 Net: 754 2388 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Apricity No Info
Aptity No Info 1939?
Argosity No Info Dec 1941. Yard No: 435 Gross: 873 Net: 333 850 Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ltd
Aridity No Info July 1931. Yard No: 330 Gross: 336 Net: 172 Fellows Co. Ltd. Great Yarmouth
Aseity Cargo 29,000 G. Mar 1935. Yard No: 189 Gross: 409 Net: 214 502 George Brown & Co. Ltd. Greenock
Assurity No Info April 1956. Yard No: 500 Gross: 2238 Net: 1062 2600 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Atomicity No Info 1947?
Atonality No Info 1950?
Attunity No Info 1950?
Audacity No Info 23/02/1943. Gross: 656 Net: 292 800 George Brown & Co. Ltd. Greenock
Aureity Cargo 37,408 G. 09/09/1941. Yard No: 436 Gross: 813 Net: 333 825 Grangemouth Dockyard Co. Ltd
Auspicity No Info 1944?
Authority No Info May 1928. Yard No: 161 Gross: 616 Net: 274 650 George Brown & Co. Ltd. Greenock
Averity No Info Feb 1944. Yard No: 366 Gross: 401 Net: 211 450 Furness S.B. Co. Ltd. Haverton Hill - on - Tees
Awardity Cargo 23,600 G. April 1937. Yard No: 407 Gross: 479 Net: 233 635 Joseph L. meyer. Papenburg, Germany
Candourity No Info
Commodity No Info July 1943. Yard No: 713 Gross: 470 Net: 225 570 W. J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd. Northwich
Frederick T. Everard No Info Oct 1954. Yard No: 488 Gross: 2535 Net: 1215 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Georgina V. Everard No Info 1955?
Gillian Everard No Info
Grit No Info
Speciality No Info 1951?
Spirality No Info 1939
Spontaneity No Info 1949?
Stability No Info

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