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The correct name is the Hain Steamship Co. Ltd. It originated with Edward Hain a trained accountant from Cornwall with a family background in tramp shipping, and John Readhead - the son of the owner of a shipbuilding company in South Shields. They took delivery of their first tramp ship in 1879 and by 1901 they had 22 ships - each with its own company. The Hain Steamship Co. Ltd. was formed to manage the fleet. The company used a naming standard of prefixing ship names with Tre - very fitting for the Cornish background of Hain as a very large number of place names in Cornwall start with Tre (tre means town in the Cornish language).

By 1913 the fleet had increased to 36 tramp ships with another 5 on order. During WW1Sir Edward, as he had become, lost his son during the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 and suffered a breakdown during an air raid in 1917 and died later that year. The company had lost 16 tramps by the end of the war.

After the death of Sir Edward, the company was bought by P & O who sold on 50% of it to the British India Steam Navigation Company. Hain then acquired the Mercantile Steamship Company Ltd. which was put into voluntary liquidation in 1923 and its ships transferred to the Hain fleet. The fleet increased further in the 1920s and in the 1930s depression a number of ships were laid up whilst others were chartered to P & O. The company survived but lost 27 ships during WW2.

Some ships were replaced after the war, but the trade was poor. Even though most ships were making a loss by 1958 Hain took delivery of a number of new ships - its last in 1962. By 1963 P & O decided there was no future for British tramp shipping and amalgamated the Haim and Nourse fleets and in 1964 they became part of a new company Hain-Nourse Management Ltd.

In 1971 the last Hain vessels were transferred to the P & O General Cargo Division, and by 1975 had received 'STRATH' names.


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Hain Line Ships (1):
Trebartha (1920) to Trelissick
Trebartha (1920), Trebartha (1962), Trecarne, Trecarrell, Trefusis, Tregarthen, Tregenna (1919), Tregenna (1949), Trelawny, Trelissick
Hain Line Ships (2):
Tremayne to Trewyn
Tremayne, Tremoda, Tremorvah (1919), Tremorvah (1954), Treneglos, Trevalgan, Trevose, Trewidden, Treworlas, Trewyn

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