Java China Line


The history begins with the mail packet service contracts in the Netherlands East Indies. In 1902 with the aid of the Dutch Government, three Dutch shipping companies started a new service from Java to China and Japan as the Java China Japan Line (JCJL). In 1907 the line to China and Japan was divided into two separate lines, one to China and the other to Japan which gave a better profit to the company. At the start of WW1 JCJL owned nine ships.

In 1920 JCJL provided capital and two ships to the N.V. Vereenigde Nederlandsche Scheepvaartmaatschappij, but there was a depression in the freight market and the JCJL withdraw them. The Java Pacific Line was temporarily stopped but reopened in 1927 without JCJL. The Wall Street crash of 1929 was the beginning of a big depression in the thirties and, with JCJL making losses, many ships were scrapped.

After 1936 the cargo and passengers markets were recovering and the company expanding the fleet again but this stopped when Holland was invaded by Germany early in WW2. The Dutch colonies in the Far East were still free and several ships were chartered to the Ministry of War Transport and when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941, Holland and its colonies declared war on Japan. After the war JCJL took over an Empire ship and two Victory ships from the American surplus fleet.

In 1947 the company was granted the prefix Koninklijke (Royal) and the Koninklijke Java China Paketvaart Lijnen (KJCPL) or Royal Interocean Lines was born. A new building program started in 1948 with orders for two passengers ships and two cargo passengers ships.

KPM was merged with KJCPL when Indonesia became independent in 1965 and in 1967 the fleet consisted of 77 ships. Four passengers ships were sold in 1968 and only cargo ships were ordered after that. By 1977 KJCPL was brought under the Nedlloyd banner and disappeared into history.


Vessel Type Launched/Completed Tonnage DWT Builder
Straat Agulhas No Info 1969?
Straat Chatham No Info 1962?
Straat Clarence No Info
Straat Colombo Cargo 379,629 G. 1962 Gross: 7553 Net: 4170 9860 NV Mch & Schps P. Smit Jnr. Rotterdam
Straat Cook Cargo 378,000 G. Oct 1956 Yard No: 960 Gross: 5324 Net: 2387 7250 Boele's Schps & Mach Bolnes.
Straat Cumberland No Info
Straat Honshu No Info 1968?
Straat Luanda Cargo 327,000 G. 1958. Yard No: 113 Gross: 5921 Net: 3071 7516 NV Werf 'Gusto' Scheidam
Straat Madura Cargo 378,000 G. Dec 1956. Gross: 5234 Net: 2438 7250 De Merwede' Hardinxveld
Straat Malakka Cargo 513,995 G. 1939 Yard No: 635 Gross: 8315 Net: 4716 9188 Vander Geissen Scheepswerven, Krimpen
Straat Nagasaki No Info 1972?
Straat Singapore No Info 1957?
Straat Van Dieman Cargo 552,390 G. March 1959 Yard No: 624 Gross: 9607 Net: 5463 12250 NV Mch & Schps P. Smit Jnr. Rotterdam
Tjiliwong No Info 1959?
Tjiluwah No Info 1951?
Tjimanuk No Info 1959?
Tjinegara No Info 1951?
Tjitarum No Info 1959?
Tjitjalenka No Info 1939?
Tjikembang No Info 1914?
Tjitjalenk No Info

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