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Samuel Kelly set up business on Queen's Quay Belfast in 1840 - initially as a "grocer and commission coal merchant". By 1861 Kelly owned his first ship, and from then until the 1980s, the Kelly Fleet carried the names of Kelly and Belfast around Europe with "Kelly's Coal Boats" becoming part of language in Coastal towns around Britain. The ships serving with distinction during two world wars.

When Samuel Kelly died in 1877 aged 57, control of the business passed to his 37 year old son John Kelly after whom the present day parent company John Kelly Limited is named.

In 1911 the firm became a limited company and, a few weeks later, took over the rival company Wm. Barkley and Sons Limited. This was the beginning of a process of growth and acquisition which resulted in the company becoming the most prominent solid fuel importer and distributor in Northern Ireland.

The business prospered under John Kelly who built a substantial trade using the fleet to bring coal to Northern Ireland. The company diversified to take account of trends in domestic heating and entered the oil business with their first road tanker in 1983. Steady growth followed with the oil business being introduced to other coal depots until Kelly Fuels became one of the largest oil distributors in the province. In 1993 Kelly’s merged with Lanes Group Limited, another significant player in the oil and solid fuel markets and used the name "Kelly Fuels".

In 1997 the acquisition of Bruce Lindsay Coal, based in Edinburgh and the Highlands of Scotland made Kelly Fuels the second largest solid fuel distributor in the U.K. The company continues to grow.


Vessel Type Launched/Completed Tonnage DWT Builder
Achill No Info 1890?
Ailsa No Info 1894?
Aran Island No Info 1895?
Ballybeg No Info
Ballyclare No Info 1920?
Ballydene No Info
Ballydonnel No Info
Ballydougan No Info
Ballygally Cargo 36,550 G. 1923? Gross: 695 Net: 282 835 Scott & Sons Ltd. Bowling.
Ballygarvey Cargo 36,992 G. Sept 1937. Yard No: 998 Gross: 662 Net: 284 828 A & J Inglis & Co Ltd. Glasgow
Ballygilbert No Info
Ballygrainey Cargo 36,723 G. 1936. Yard No: 988 Gross: 661 Net: 287 845 A & J Inglis & Co Ltd. Glasgow
Ballyhaft Cargo 45,223 G. Nov 1952. Gross: 851 Net: 341 900 G. Brown & Co. (Marine) Ltd. Greeneock
Ballyhenry No Info
Ballyhill Cargo 45,223 G. April 1954. Gross: 847 Net: 346 900 G. Brown & Co. (Marine) Ltd. Greeneock
Ballykelly Cargo 54,155 G. Nov 1937. Yard No: 144 Gross: 867 Net: 451 1212 John Lewis & Sons Ltd. Aberdeen
Ballykesh No Info 1935?
Ballykinlar No Info
Ballykirk Cargo 54,155 G. 1934? Gross: 869 Net: 460 1112 John Lewis & Sons Ltd. Aberdeen
Ballylagan Cargo Jan 1955. Yard No: 423 Gross: 1307 Net: 612 Austin & Pickergill Ltd. Sunderland
Ballyloran Cargo 7,000 G Dec 1958. Yard No: 874 Gross: 1092 Net: 475 A. Hall & Co Ltd. Aberdeen
Ballymore Cargo 73,987 G. Nov 1950. Yard No: 475 Gross: 1142 Net: 572 1597 Goole SB & R Co. Ltd. Goole
Ballymoney Cargo 74,574 G. Sept 1953. Yard No: 376 Gross: 1342 Net: 646 1700 James Lamont & Co. Ltd. Port Glasgow
Ballymena Cargo 75,475 G. June 1956. Yard No: 380 Gross: 1356 Net: 639 1700 James Lamont & Co. Ltd. Port Glasgow
Balmarino No Info
Bantry No Info 1904?
Bellavale No Info
Blacksod No Info 1894?
Carrowdore No Info
Carrickmore No Info
Causeway No Info
Castlehill No Info 1920?
Comber No Info
Coleraine No Info 1920?
Corteen No Info 1920??
Cushendall No Info
Donaghmore No Info 1925??
Fermanagh No Info
Greenisland Cargo 06/12/1900. Gross: 282 Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Troon
Kilrea No Info 1912?
Lagan No Info
May No Info 1927??
Melissa Cargo 1908? Gross: 520 Ailsa Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. Troon
Moyallon No Info 1926??
Oaktown No Info 1902??
Oranmore No Info 1895??
Stramore No Info 1925??
Tamnamore No Info 1925??
Tynan No Info 1919?

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