Lauritzen Line


Founded in 1884 in Copenhagen Denmark, J. Lauritzen was initially a trading company dealing in building material, and later fertiliser and coal. In 1888 with the commissioning of the 450 ton Uganda, the company changed course for good and entered the merchant shipping industry. Over the years, J. Lauritzen has been involved in different types of shipping consistently focusing on niche sectors.

The company still operates in the global marketplace, and is engaged in ocean transport of perishable commodities (NYKLauritzenCool), petrochemical gases (Lauritzen Kosan), dry bulk cargo (Lauritzen Bulkers), crude oil, oil products and chemicals (Lauritzen Tankers).

The fleet consists of more than 200 vessels representing specialised reefer vessels, gas and dry bulk carriers as well as products tankers, which are owned or on time charter. In addition, J. Lauritzen is also engaged in land based activities (LauritzenCool Logistics) and provides integrated transport solutions to the refrigerated transport (reefer) market.


Vessel Type Launched/Completed Tonnage DWT Builder
African Reefer Cargo / Passenger 125,000 G. 1935 Gross: 1731 Net: 819 2420 Helsingors Jernskibs Msk. Akt.
Anita Dan No Info
Arabian Reefer Cargo 233,250 R. Aug 1957 Yard No: 106 Gross: 4862 Net: 2500 5850 Aalborg Vaerft A/S Aalborg
Argentinean Reefer Cargo 184,000 G. June 1945. Gross: 2808 Net: 1486 3355 Aalborg Vaerft A/S Aalborg
Brita Dan No Info 1961?
Belgian Reefer No Info
Brazilian Reefer No Info
Berta Dan No Info
Bella Dan No Info
Chilean Reefer Cargo / Passenger 127,000 G. 1935 Gross: 1739 Net: 1100 2500 Helsingfors A/S, Elisnore
Chilean Reefer No Info
Egyptian Reefer Cargo / Passenger 151,000 G. 1936 Gross: 3130 Net: 1559 3629 Odense Staalskibsvaerft, Odense
Erika Dan Cargo 150,000 G. April 1958 Yard No: 604 Gross: 2648 Net: 1333 3225 Werft Nobiskrug, Rendsburg.
Frida Dan No Info
Hedda Dan Cargo 500,090 G. 1944. Yard No: 315 Gross: 5188 Net: 3046 7856 Pennsylvania Shipyards Inc. Beaumont, Texas
Helga Dan Cargo 252,000 G. July 1957 Yard No: 866 Gross: 4040 Net: 2096 5050 H.C. Stulcken & Sohn, Hamburg
Jelva Dan No Info
Jutta Dan No Info
Kista Dan No Info
Laura Dan Cargo 148,000 G. 1933 Gross: 1511 Net: 792 2360 A/S Nakskov Skibsvuerft. Nakskov.
Linda Dan No Info 1936??
Lydia Dan Cargo Feb 1954 Yard No: 84 Gross: 2081 Net: 922 3525 Nya A/B Gavle Varv & Verks, Gavle, Sweden
Magga Dan No Info
Perla Dan No Info
Persian Reefer No Info
Peruvian Reefer No Info
Rutha Dan Cargo 1955 Yard No: 114 Gross: 3325 Net: 1754 3880 Aalborg Vaerft A/S Aalborg
Thora Dan Cargo 252,000 G. Dec 1956 Yard No: 860 Gross: 4041 Net: 2096 5050 H.C. Stulcken & Sohn, Hamburg
Tunisian Reefer No Info

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