Miscellaneous Ships P

This page contains ships with names beginning with the letter P belonging to various companies for which there is not yet a separate page and no other classification was given by the Allens. Eventually it is hoped that most of them can be assigned to pages for their respective companies.


Vessel Company Type Launched/Completed Tonnages DWT Builder
Pacific Abeto P. T. Perusahoan Pelayaran Arafat, Jakarta Cargo 619,300 G. Dec 1950. Yard No: 474 Gross: 8491 Net: 4504 11125 Greenock Dockyard Co. Ltd. Greenock
Panseptos Chyrsovalantou Shippng Corp. Cargo / Passenger 513,307 G. Sept 1963. Yard No: 1149 Gross: 7700 Net: 4350 8115 Lithgows Ltd. Port Glasgow
Pass of Glenogle Bulk Oil SS C. Ltd. Tanker 1944?
Patricia Swedish Lloyd Passenger
Patriotic Belfast SS Co. Passenger 1911 Gross: 2254 Harland & Wolff Ltd. Belfast
Paul Rickmers Rickmers Linie No Info 1955. Yard No: 265 Gross: 7910 Net: 4486 11220 Rickmers Werft, Bremerhaven
Pebble No Info
Perelle O. Dorey & Sons Ltd. Cargo 71,000 G. 06/11/1945. Yard No: 187 Gross: 1047 Net: 569 1360 John Lewis & Sons Ltd. Aberdeen
Peter Hawksfield No Info 1918?
Petertown No Info
Philippe - L - D No Info
Pioneer Myth American Pioneer Line No Info 1954?
Piraus Afrikanische Frucht Compagnie Cargo / Passenger 217,195 G. 08/12/1954. Yard No: 682 Gross: 2658 Net: 1442 2880 Deutshe Werft AG. Hamburg
Polaris No Info
Pontwen W. & C. T. Jones, Cardiff No Info 1914?
Princess Elizabeth No Info
Princess Ena M. Langlands & Son No Info 1892 Gross: 781 McIllwaine & McCall Ltd. Belfast
Princess Louise M. Langlands & Son No Info 1888 Gross: 867 D & W Henderson & Co. Glasgow
Prinz Johan Willem Frisco No Info 1948?
Protoapostolos Protoapostolos Cia. Nav. Cargo 603,680 G. June 1956. Yard No: 814 Gross: 6159 Net: 3235 9300 Wm. Doxford & Sons Ltd. Sunderland

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