Nedlloyd Line


The history of the various Nedlloyd companies is extremely complex. Just some of the companies are Nedlloyd Kroonburgh, Nedlloyd Bulk, Nedlloyd Charters, Nedlloyd de Haas, Nedlloyd HSM, Nedlloyd Lines, Nedlloyd Mammoet, Nedlloyd Neddrill, North Sea Ferries, SMIT LLOYD.

Over the years many shipping companies were taken over by the Nedlloyd companies. Most of the documentation available on the Internet is in Dutch and even to work out which of the 29 ships in this collection belong to which Nedlloyd company would be difficult.

Over time Nedlloyd incorporated even major companies like P & O and ultimately became part of the Maersk Group in 2005.

It was decided to simply list the ships under Nedlloyd Line as did the collectors.


Vessel Type Launched/Completed Tonnage DWT Builder
Nedlloyd Adelaide No Info 1973?
Nedlloyd Carwell No Info
Nedlloyd Clement No Info
Nedlloyd Eems No Info
Nedlloyd Elbe No Info
Nedlloyd Franklin Cargo 530,154 G. Dec 1963. Gross: 9367 Net: 5602 12195 Verolme Scheeps-Werf, Alblasserdam
Nedlloyd Frazer No Info 1963?
Nedlloyd Freetown No Info
Nedlloyd Fremantle No Info 1964?
Nedlloyd Hong Kong No Info 1968?
Nedlloyd Kapelle Cargo 728,038 G. June 1958 Yard No: 785 Gross: 10891 Net: 6368 12850 G. Vander Giessen & Zonen ,Krimpen.
Nedlloyd Karakorum No Info
Nedlloyd Katwijk No Info
Nedlloyd Kimberley No Info 1971?
Nedlloyd Kingston No Info 1971?
Nedlloyd Kobe No Info 1964?
Nedlloyd Korea No Info
Nedlloyd Kyoto No Info
Nedlloyd Lek No Info
Nedlloyd Main Cargo / Passenger 612,544 G. Feb 1962. Gross: 9735 Net: 5615 11550 Rotterdamsche Drydock. Moats.
Nedlloyd Mersey Cargo / Passenger 606,234 B. March 1959 Yard No: 790 Gross: 9732 Net: 5634 11500 G. Vander Giessen & Zonen ,Krimpen.
Nedlloyd Mississippi No Info 1958?
Nedlloyd Serooskerk No Info 1960?
Nedlloyd Steenkerk No Info
Nedlloyd Talbot No Info 1967?
Nedlloyd Waal Cargo / Passenger 732,640 G. Oct 1959 Yard No: 793 Gross: 10897 Net: 6403 12513 G. Vander Giessen & Zonen ,Krimpen.
Nedlloyd Wallekerk No Info
Nedlloyd Westerkerk No Info
Nedlloyd Willemskerk No Info

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