The photographs are mainly organised according to the shipping company owning the vessel at the time the photograph was taken.

There are exceptions where the Allens just recorded the name of the ship without further information, classified the ships according to type or failed to record any information at all. These are accessible from the links further down the page from the main content.

The Allens had only limited access to information about the ships but made a pretty good job of recording information in the circumstances. Many people have contacted me since the site went online with additional information and I decided to enhance and correct the data collated by the Allens. Given that there are over 5,000 photos in the collection this is a mammoth task and will take some years.

Note: The links below are colour-coded. The purple links are to pages where I have updated the information; the black links are to pages with data as recorded by the Allens.

Shipping Companies Starting with letters A-C

British India Line
Clan Line
Coast Lines
Cunard Line

Shipping Companies Starting with letters D-I

East Asiatic Line
Elder Dempster Line Elders and Fyffes Line Ellerman Line
Ellerman Papayanni Line Ellermans Wilson Line Esso Tankers Everard Line
Federal Line Furness Withy
General S.N. Line (GSNC) Glen Line
Hamburg America Line (Hapag) Hansa Line
Harrison Line Holland America Line
Houlder Brothers
Isle of Man Line

Shipping Companies Starting with letters J-P

Java China Line
Kelly Line
Lampolt and Holt Line Lauritzen Line
Maersk Line Manchester Line (Manchester Liners)
Nedlloyd Line
New Zealand Shipping Co.
Osaka Line (OSK) Overseas Tankships Line P and O Line
Pacific Line Palm Line Port Line

Shipping Companies Starting with letters R-Z

Railway and Sealink Reardon Smith Line Regent Line Ropner Line
Rotterdam Lloyd Line Royal Mail Line Royal Netherlands Line Royal Packet Line (KPM)
South America Saint Line Scindia Line Scottish Shire Line (Turnbull Martin)
Shell Tankers Shipping Corporation of India
Silver Line Skou Line (Ove Skou International)
Stephenson Clarke Line Strick Line
Texaco Line Union-Castle Line
United Netherlands Line (VNS)
Watts Watts and Co White Star Line
Wilhelmsen Line

Ships Classified Alphabetically

Misc. Ships A Misc. Ships B Misc. Ships C Misc. Ships D
Misc. Ships E Misc. Ships F Misc. Ships G Misc. Ships H
Misc. Ships I Misc. Ships J Misc. Ships K Misc. Ships L
Misc. Ships M Misc. Ships N Misc. Ships O Misc. Ships P
Misc. Ships Q Misc. Ships R Misc. Ships S Misc. Ships T
Misc. Ships U Misc. Ships V Misc. Ships W Misc. Ships Y
Misc. Ships Z

Ships Classified by Type/Non-Indexed Vessels

Colliers Liberty Ships Tugs Warships
Non-Indexed Vessels