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Subject Contributor Content
A Career at sea Barrie Wilson A career leaflet for school leavers - date not known
Anthony Bernthal Anthony Bernthal Experiences of a British India Deck Cadet in the 1960s. (Included in the Benjidog Recollections website)
Partition of the Indian Sub-Continent Tom Kelso An account of the involvement of British India ships in transporting people moving between parts of the Indian sub-content at the time of its partition into India and West/East Pakistan in 1947.
B.I. Beginnings Fred Waddington An essay by Fred Waddington on the history of British India with special reference to ships Rajula, Sir Harvey Adamson and Amra
Captain Carré John Cole An account of the British India ship Rohna caught in a cyclone in Madras harbour and a very narrow escape that the ship's Master put down to Divine Providence. (Included in the Benjidog Recollections website)
Fazilka James Slater and Fred Waddington The story of what may be the greatest ever repair at sea as the Engineering crew repaired a shattered drive shaft whilt the vessel was at sea.
The Four 'D's of the British India Line James Shaw James describes the four post-war passenger ships Dumra, Dwarka, Dara and Daressa built for British India's India-Persian Gulf trade and recalls a passage made in 1976 in Dwarka, the last survivor of the quartette.
Footprints on the Sands of Time Michael Grey Michael reflects on a family photo of his uncle's time on a small British India vessel and how times have changed.
The Great HK Typhoon of 1937 Fred Waddington (unconfirmed) An account of the havoc caused by a typhoon that hit Hong Kong on 2 September 1937 with many photos of the grounded vessels.
Itinda Captain B.M. Leek An affectionate description of Itinda in her heyday.
Kenya Captain John W. Cole Article about Kenya with plans and many photographs.
Kenya and Uganda James Slater James describes the service histories of the post-war British India ships Kenya and Uganda including the service of the latter as a hospital ship during the Falklands War.
A Master and his Ship Captain F.A.J. Downer Captain Downer describes his seagoing career and position as Master of Nevesa to the editor of Sea Breezes in 1969.
Postcards Richard Crow A collection of postcards featuring B.I. Ships.
Richard Crow Richard Crow An account of a British India Officer and his experiences in the Far East over a long period. (Included in the Benjidog Recollections website)
Uganda Captain J.D. Coxe An account of the Last Days of Uganda including her final journey to the breakers in Kaohsiung.
Captain Vivian Lockyer Wiles J.B. Hollingworth Captain Wiles career reconstructed by his grandson from letters he sent home. It includes his service with British India starting with sailing ships, and his experiences during WW1 during which he served on various ships including seaplane carrier and kite balloon ship HMS Campania. (Included in the Benjidog Recollections website).
Your Life at Sea with BI British India 1960s British India recruitment brochure aimed at school leavers.