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This site celebrates Court Line ships and is dedicated to those who sailed in them - particularly during the dark days of World War 2. I hope that reading the history of these ships will encourage you to share my deep respect for the sacrifices made the seamen of the Merchant Navy during times of war who have never been given the official recognition they deserve. Without the supplies brought by convoys and independent voyages, Britain would not have survived. During WW2, these men ran the gauntlet of lurking U-boat wolf-packs and many ships and seamen were lost.

To date nobody has produced a book about Court Line, although Norman Middlemiss did devote a chapter to the company in one of his books - External Reference #4. This site attempts to redress the lack of information about Court Line and is the result of several years research and input from the many people who are acknowledged on the Contributors page. I am particularly grateful to my late friend Stan Mayes who inspired me to create this site and for the information and photographs he provided about his trips on Dallington Court.

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