Sources and Acknowledgements

External References and Links

The following references have been used in the construction of this website and are referenced here from the various ship history pages. Links to websites are highlighted.

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  36. Mersea Museum Website: Website of a local museum which includes a section about shipping.


The content of this website has been greatly enhanced by the contributions of the people listed below.

Name Contribution
Janine Anderson Photographs of Ovington Court
John Bateson Photographs and information about Arlington Court (1962)
Jack Cann Photograph of Ovington Court
Chris (Surname N/K) Photograph of Halcyon Loch after renaming Woodburn
Kris Dunham Information about radio equipment on Arlington Court (3)
A.Duncan Provision of photographs of several ships
David Gerrard Photos of Halcyon Breeze after renaming Derwentdale
Gulliford Collection Photo of Geddington Court (3)
Kees Helder Photos of Halcyon Cove
Fred Henderson Provision of Brief Company History page
George Robinson Contribution of several photos as acknowledged in individual pages and help with photo identification
Tim Hudson Additional information on Halcyon Loch
Allan Jackson Permission to use material from the “Facts About Durban” website related to the stranding of Ovington Court
Pete Jenner Provision of photo of a shore pass issued on Wellington Court
"Jesper" Provision of photo of Halcycon Days
Roger Jordan Additional information about the two Aldington Court ships
Clive Ketley Provision of data about Court Line ships and many photos that I had been struggling to find and as indicated on individual pages.
Chris Malvern Provision of photos of several ships
Stan Mayes Information about Kensington Court and provision of photographs
Bruce McCartney Photograph of Errington Court (4)
Billy McGee Information about seamen lost during WW2
George Mortimer Photo of Halcyon Breeze after renaming Derwentdale
Bjeorn Pederson Photo of Dorrington Court (1) as Romsdalsfjord
John Powell Provision of data extracted from Lloyds Register and photos of Lavington Court (1940) and Lorca
Thomas J Quirke Provision of image of Arlington Court (3)
Alan Richardson Photos of Cressington Court (4) and Arlington Court (3)
Mike Rochfort Photograph of Ovington Court
“Scorcher” Photo of Jevington Court (1)
Giorgio Spazzapan Photos of Arlington Court (1905) and Mersington Court
Stuart Smith Provision of photos of several Court Line ships as indicated on individual pages
Paul Strathdee Provision of photo of Darlington Court
Gordy Ross Photo of Nollington Court
William L. Day Photos and information regarding Bonnington Court