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I started this part of the Benjidog website in 2008 with the recollections of my old friend Stan Mayes whose seagoing career started on Thames sailing barges. Sadly he has now crossed the bar but his memory lives on. Since then I have added the stories of others - many of them accounts of ordinary people who found themselves in extraordinary circumstances in times of war or because of unexpected events in their lives.

I have also done original research into the lives of various people who I found of interest while investigating various topics documented on other parts of the website and have added links to their stories to the index.

I am often contacted by people tracing their family history and who regret not asking their relatives about their experiences - especially what part they played in WW2. If you have a story about your relative that would be of interest, please contact me and I will be pleased to add it.

Access the stories from the Index which gives a brief summary of each item. From the menu you can also access site information, provide feedback, view the visitors book, access search facilities and find out about other resources on the website.

Brian Watson
8 August 2023

What's New?

  • 6 November 2020: Updated page for Jack Wells and added photos from his family
  • 13 September 2021: Amended to improve readability on mobile devices, site style changes and improved images
  • 5 July 2022: Site rebuilt and additional information and images added
  • 14 February 2023: New layout and further improvements to readability on mobile devices
  • 8 August 2023: New page for Captain William Frank Bramhill

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